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LIME cuts top Police Wiretap Executive: Donald Austin

If these walls (or Mr. Austin) could talk…

The man who knows more than anyone else about police and other wiretapping of phones, emails and text messages at Cable & Wireless Caribbean has been gently sacked with a large severance and a “consulting” contract designed to keep him loyal and silent. Continue reading


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Royal Barbados Police Blow It Again – Abandoned Baby’s Dad Waits Months While The Police Did Nothing

Too Bad We Can’t Rely Upon Our Barbados Police

barbados-police.jpgLast August 29th, a newly-born baby boy was abandoned by his mother at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. The child was left unattended near an elevator. The mother left the country for her native Guyana after telling the father that the child died at birth. When the father, who is a resident of Barbados, read in the newspaper about the abandoned baby he came forward and claimed the child as his.

The Royal Barbados Police Force became involved because of the child abandonment, and they started what can now be laughably termed as “an investigation”.

The baby’s father provided a DNA sample to the Royal Barbados Police Force a few days later on September 8, 2008 and then waited for the results so he could claim his son.

And he waited.

And waited.

And waited some more.

He waited a total of four months…

Until he realised that the DO NOTHING OFFICERS of the Royal Barbados Police Force were lying to him. They hadn’t done a damn thing. They hadn’t yet submitted the samples for testing.

So the father had to arrange for DNA testing himself at an independent laboratory – which he would have been happy to do in the first place except that the DO-NOTHING POLICE told him that they “had to handle the tests officially.”

According to our source, once the father realised that he had to take action himself the paternity results from the independent laboratory took all of eight days. That’s all.

When will the Royal Barbados Police Force become a Professional Law Enforcement Organisation?

That’s easy. The RBPF will be come a professional organisation when two things happen: 1/ Officers in all ranks are paid a living wage, and 2/ The current senior leadership is replaced with REAL LEADERS.

From the Nation…

DNA test proves baby’s dad


BABY JOHN DOE should soon have a new name, and a new home too.

That is because paternal instinct has finally paid off for a young Guyanese father living in Barbados.

Five months of playing a waiting game finally came to fruition last week, when he learnt that a newborn baby boy left abandoned at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) last August was positively his son.

The man had delivered a saliva sample to Royal Barbados Police Force officials on September 8 to determine if he was in fact the father. But the prospective father’s attorney Samuel Legay decided it would be more expedient to have an independent laboratory in Barbados conduct the DNA tests to prove the child’s paternity. Results of that independent test came back last week, proving the Guyanese is father of the child, who is now almost six months old, and in the care of the Child Care Board, having initially spent more than two weeks under observation at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital after being discovered….

… continue reading this disgusting story of police incompetence at the Nation (link here)


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BFP Joins Call For Boycott Of LIME – Cable and Wireless

“Early in the New Year Barbados Underground proposes to instigate a Boycott LIME Day. At that time we will encourage LIME subscribers in Barbados to protest to LIME in a tangible way i.e. non-payment of bills for one month, transfer  of service where practicable to the competition, send emails and telephone calls to Customer Care/Contact Centres, write to the Public Counsel/Fair Trading Department etc.”

… from the BU article TeleBarbados Upgrades Broadband Service

Limited Internet, Many Expenses

LIME by Cable & Wireless: Limited Internet, Many Expenses

TeleBarbados Upgrades Broadband Service – Why Not Give Them A Try?

Our friends over at Barbados Underground blog have been complaining since forever about the poor performance of LIME (formerly Cable & Wireless) both technically and in customer service. Consumer advocate pit bull Chris Halsall has also been critical of the inability of LIME to deliver a quality product at a fair price.

Now that TeleBarbados has upgraded it’s broadband service to the ARRIS WiDOX solution that “provides fixed wireless solutions from a single tower to cover large geographic areas, thus eliminating the need for high infrastructure costs in rural environments” many Bajans will have the option of dumping the unreliable LIME internet. Some Barbados Underground commenters are reporting excellent satisfaction levels with TeleBarbados.

LIME – Cable & Wireless Deserves To Be Punished For Failing To Act On Murder, Rape And Arson Threats Too!

Since 2007, LIME – Cable and Wireless has been made aware of numerous threats to murder, rape and arson political opponents of the Barbados Labour Party government that were made using LIME’s internet service. On multiple occasions, LIME also received sufficient information to enable them to identify the people who were making the threats. LIME has not only the ability to identify the thugs who are making the threats, they also have the legal ability to monitor the internet traffic to make sure they are 100% correct – even to catch the culprits in action.

Barbados Free Press joins the call for a boycott of LIME – for reasons of consumer advocacy and also because the management at LIME are supporters of the political thugs of the Barbados Labour Party – who continue to use LIME’s internet service to threaten political opponents with murder, rape and arson.

LIME could have monitored the internet accounts being used to make the threats, turned over the exact identities of the thugs making the threats, and then SHUT DOWN THE INTERNET ACCOUNTS BEING USED.

The threats continue to this day and LIME allows them to continue. They have not shut down the internet accounts of those responsible.

And we’d like to point out that we’re not just talking about threats here: hotelier, journalist and critic of the BLP government Adrian Loveridge was threatened with arson and THEN THERE WAS AN ARSON at his business.

Yes, the corrupt Royal Barbados Police Force did nothing because they are owned by their government masters and have no idea what “Rule of Law” means – but that does not excuse LIME for being government lapdogs too.

Barbados Free Press joins the call for a boycott of LIME – for reasons of consumer advocacy and also because the management at LIME are supporters of the political thugs of the Barbados Labour Party – who continue to use LIME’s internet service to threaten political opponents with murder, rape and arson.

Further Reading

COVER-UP: Royal Barbados Police Force Ignores Violent Threats To Businessman


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