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Another Kidd ex-wife tells all. Betrayed Be: Jack Kidd “deadbeat dad, doesn’t have an ounce of decency.”

Que the vengeful wife: Take Two!

As we said in our February 6, 2007 article Lives of The Rich and Unfaithful In Barbados: Holders Plantation House and Those Wacky Kidds!

“It is all sooooooo very exciting when a dumped wife craves revenge so much that she’s willing to violate the privacy and marriages of her own children just to satisfy her own selfish desires!”

THAT was in response to Wendy Kidd (mother of supermodel Jodie Kidd and makeup tycoon Jemma Kidd) telling the world about her unfaithful husband Johnny Kidd shacking up with a girl younger than his daughters. (Wendy knew something was up when she found Viagra in her husband’s suitcase packed for a “business trip”.)

Now we are treated to daughter-in-law Be Kidd doing the same thing to polo player Jack Kidd and their children. She even had the Daily Mail take a photo of all the children to put in the article. Well, if you’re going to be a vengeful ex-wife ya might as well go all the way! (Daily Mail article here)

I guess too much money can be a curse sometimes. No worries ’bout hey… I wouldn’t leave my woman for anything.

Besides… I couldn’t afford to!

(Just kidding dear. Oh, no.. I’m not Kidd-ing. Really didn’t mean it that way my love!)


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Super Model Jodie Kidd Wants To Save The Beaches – But Not In Barbados

Jodie Kidd - Former Barbados Beach Brat

Jodie Kidd - Former Barbados Beach Brat

This is not an article that is critical of Jodie Kidd or her family in any way. God knows the Kidd family have done many good things ’bout hey not the least of which is the festival at Holders. No, I haven’t been, but it has also been a while since I’ve had a gin and tonic at Sandy Lane or at the polo ponies for that matter. (wink, wink – nudge, nudge)

Anyways, I read that Jodie (who is now a “B list” rather than “A list” celebrity) is doing something to help save Europe’s beaches through the Corona Beer “Save The Beaches” campaign.

And yes, they mean Save the European beaches.

As Jodie told the press: “I grew up on the beach in Barbados and I spend a lot of time on British beaches and beaches all over the world. I have noticed the amount of s**t that gets washed up on them and I think this is a great campaign to sort them out.” (Metro article here)

I think an upscale, filthy-rich society babe like Jodie meant to say “stuff” or “waste” on the beaches, but I digress…

We Have So Many Celebrities In Barbados – Can We Have Some Say A Few Kind Words To The World?

Barbados must have more rich celebrities per square inch than any other place in the Caribbean. Why, hardly a day goes by that some Google alert doesn’t come in saying that this famous and/or rich person is in Barbados or headed to or from or cheated on their spouse there. With that kind of a pool of prospective endorsers, I have to ask why we don’t see our rich and famous folks making more frequent and positive statements about Bim.

Perhaps the government could approach some rich and famous folks for a few “I like Barbados” statements? Heck, when they get into trouble in their home countries with drugs or drunken driving we never refuse them entry here. Barbados should be asking for some quid pro quo!

Now… where is that gin and tonic darlin’? Is my polo pony ready? Damn, I’ve spilled my drink all over keyboard. I hope it doesn’t a;slji asdklpoiu, e;lk dadc i as;lkn234oikhcc,m asc ,  adosicp8ukjwerl,d,


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