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The Man On My Left

The Man On My Left

When they broke my legs I didn’t cry
Had no more fears of the pain they could apply
Yesterday I was a hopeless thief but not today

He changed my outlook from 7 things he had to say
At that moment when He was hoisted in the crowd’s clear view
Very loudly He said “Forgive them, for they know not what they do”
Eyes focused on a lady He said “Woman behold thy Son”

Young man “Behold thy mother!” and to them he was done
Over to His left another thief pleaded that if He
Used to be the real Savior then He should save himself then we

Fear thou not God? I asked him, even here where we stand
Our punishment is justly deserved but not this guiltless man
Remember me, I told Him, and He told me for being this nice
Surely, “Today shalt thou be with me in paradise”
And at that moment I felt relieve’
King of the Jews, Savior of the world had given me a reprieve
Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani” and soon afterwards He said “I thirst”
No more to be done “It is finished” and He seemed worst

My Lord in His last breath, last words and shouting it
Exclaimed, “Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit”

By Khaidji


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Google: “Christianity is Bullshit”, “Islam is…”

Mentioning Islam censored because people are afraid of Muslim violence

Google’s search engine is always ready to assist by filling in what it “thinks” you might be looking for. As an example go ahead and type “Christianity is” and Google will offer several suggestions, such as “Christianity is”…



“not a religion”


“a cult”



“a lie”

Now type in “Islam is” and see what happens.

That’s right, nothing happens. Google doesn’t dare fill in the sentence with a negative about Islam. Why not? Well, Google says it’s a software glitch.

To that, we say, “Google is bullshit”

Shades of the Movie “2012”

We saw the movie “2012” a while ago and although we’ve seen worse movies I can’t think of any right now because the memory of wasted money at the theatre is still fresh in my mind.

Ok, the acting was bad and the plot flaws were many, but the disaster epic had great special effects especially at the end of the world (which incidentally happens through a world wide flood). We see the destruction of all the great religious landmarks in the world, including the Vatican, Buddhist temples, Notre Dame, Westminster Abby, the White House and Wall Street.

All the religious landmarks except for Muslim landmarks, that is. Director Roland Emmerich says that he didn’t dare include the destruction of Mecca or any other Muslim symbols out of fear that he would be targeted by “a fatwa”. (Guardian: Emmerich reveals fear of fatwa axed 2012 scene also Sci-Fi Wire: What even Roland Emmerich won’t destroy)

Emmerich didn’t even have the courage to say “Muslims”, he said that a “fatwa” would target him.

Be careful what you say about Islam: or the adherents of the “Religion of Peace” will kill you

As for me, I’m really really tired of being told that I must modify my behaviour so that I don’t “offend” Muslims. I’m really really tired of being told that we must change our personal and societial standards so that followers of Islam can maintain their many many standards that govern everything from when to beat their wives to how to take a shit. (There is an entire process laid out that dictates how Muslims should have a bowel movement. Which foot to move first, then second, which way to turn etc etc etc. It’s hilarious. Check it out by locating it on Google if you can!)

Don’t mind the language folks. If Google can say “Christianity is bullshit” on millions of computers then I can say “Islam is a fascist political system that has as its goal the domination of the entire world, including Barbados.”

And… “Google is bullshit”


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Confused Barbados Underground Blog Forgets What Season It Is…


Merry Christmas To You Too, David!

The ongoing efforts to purge “Christ” from “Christmas” and to replace this traditional Christian holiday with some lukewarm pablum of a national holiday loosely based upon traditional Christmas colours and symbols but not saying the actual “C” word has found a new co-conspirator in Barbados Underground. David’s new banner proudly proclaims “Season’s Greetings” in Christmas colours and symbols.

If David desires to wish our Muslim friends all the best as they celebrate Eid ul-Adha tomorrow, December 8th, then he should perhaps post an Islamic verse about helping the poor etc.. If he wishes to wish Happy Chanukkah to our Jewish friends, then he should consider doing so around December 22nd – and maybe put up a photo of the children playing the dreidel game (“Only with pretzels, of course – bubee can’t stand the children playing for pennies!” says one of my old friends).

And if David wants to wish Christians all the best of their religious holiday called Christmas, then he should do so instead of insulting them by communicating that the word “Christmas” is too foul or volatile to say aloud.

Last year I passed through Kolkata, India for the first time in the month of December and was amazed to hear “Away In A Manger” being played in the huge Spencer’s store – with the words “… little Lord Jesus lay down his sweet head” clearly audible. After seeing Jesus totally eradicated from British and American retail stores, I was fascinated to hear the Christmas hymn being played in a country where religion is like dynamite and people die every day because they are unlucky enough to walk down the wrong street while being of a certain religion and not another.

“You are playing Christmas hymns that say Jesus.” I said to one of the attendants.

“Yes, Sir. It is Christmas” was the reply.

Yes, indeed.



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