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Can’t hardly wait for Elan Trotman’s Love and Sax!

Barbadian Jazz Saxophonist has new album

Trust me on this guys – if you can’t make it happen while snuggling up and listening to Elan Trotman’s new CD Love and Sax… it’s never going to happen!

We’ve followed Bajan son and sax wizard Elan Trotman since his Memories album and it just keeps getting better and better. Check out his website and listen to some fine, fine music here.

Plan for the weekend…

1/ Clean up place.

2/ Lay in some smooth Merlot ’cause that’s what she likes. Doan be cheap!

3/ She likes lamb, so okay. It’s expensive, but she likes it. Rosemary, garlic, mint. Check.

4/ After dinner, put on Love and Sax. Add wine. Take your time guys. About when Elan starts playing the seventh track “Turn Down The Lights”, well… the rest is up to you.


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Bajan jazz star Elan Trotman doing well – on tour and teaching

We’ve followed sax wizard Elan Trotman for more than a couple of years and were pleased to see his CD release This Time Around last summer. Yesterday we came across an article in a Boston newspaper that says when Elan is not on tour he teaches music in the local elementary schools. I wonder if those kids have any idea of just how lucky they are to be instructed by someone with so much talent.

You can visit Elan’s website here and sample his music. If you like his sounds, buy his CD and support a son of Barbados.

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Barbados Nation News Story: Caucasians Attend Concert

The largely Caucasian audience went wild from the time Blunt ran/ skipped onto the stage and they carried on like that for most of the show…

… from the Nation Newspaper article Crowd Rocks To Blunt

Nation Newspaper Reports “Largely Caucasian Audience” Rocks To James Blunt At Barbados Jazz Festival

So when was the last time that the Nation reported on the race of the audience attending a concert in Barbados?

Will this piece of information now be included in every concert review in the island’s largest newspaper?

Did the writer of the Nation article intend to be controversial? Did the editor intend to be controversial? Probably not, but that just shows how much of a double standard exists in Barbados.

Folks outside of Barbados probably don’t realise how charged that word “Caucasian” can be on the island. For an example of how “Caucasian” is used as a racial slur, read BFP’s Negrocrat Controversy: Barbados Environment Minister Uses “Caucasian” as Racial Slur

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