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Jamaican drug smugglers plead “Guilty” in Barbados. The Devil responds…

The Devil went down to Jamaica

by Nevermind Kurt

I cannot imagine swallowing or shoving two pounds of herb into my body, driving to the airport in Jamaica, going through the whole check-in / security thing, waiting, boarding, flying and arriving in Bim. I don’t care how much they pay me, it’s not going to happen. I know how desperate some folks can be though, and I know how others take advantage of them – or force them – to do things they don’t really want to do.

The masterminds always walk free, but the little people do the time and pay the price.

Eight Jamaicans pleaded guilty today in Barbados court to smuggling ganja in their body cavities. The eight are part of the 30 or abouts passengers given a “close inspection” upon arrival at Grantley Adams Internationals Airport. They are about to do up to three years in Dodds Prison and that is no easy go – nevermind matter what some say.

Drug mules are the Privates. Who are the Generals?

Think about the logistics of stuffing twenty or thirty drug mules all at once and getting them onto an airplane bound for Barbados. Think about the recruitment. Think about the enemas the day before. Think about the pickup in Barbados and drug retrieval. Accommodation, meals, controls on movement, security. Flight back. Payment. Distribution. This was a big operation.

Good for the Bajan authorities who identified and arrested this lot – but where are the bosses? Where are the money men and organizers in Barbados? Why aren’t they being arrested?

Why no big-ups arrested? The answer is a no-brainer: the mules won’t talk because to do so would be to pronounce their own death sentence in Dodds.

Some folks say “Just herb, wat the harm?”

I don’t believe that herb is the problem. It’s the criminal system behind the herb that steps in because the drug is against the law. Like Chicago in the 1920’s – there wouldn’t have been any Al Capone without Prohibition of alcohol.

Was Peter Tosh right? “Nevermind. Legalize it”

Should we legalize it? That’s a big big question. I may have inhaled a bit of smoke myself in the past. I didn’t kill or rape anyone, so I can see that the problem is not the herb itself. It is the criminal activity that results from the illegality of grass. That’s my opinion and others at BFP (like Marcus and Robert) disagree on that most vehemently. “Vehemently” See? I can still pull out the $25 words when I think hard so I must have a few brain cells left. Robert’s Beefeater Gin is probably worse overall.

You know my name is Nevermind Kurt. Why “Nevermind”? Why “Kurt”? Why the photo of him with my name?

Nevermind. Now you know part of who I am, or rather, once was. 😉

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OUR THANKS: to BFP reader UB for suggesting the YouTube video!


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