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49 years of Independence: 49 reasons to strike…


49 years of Independence: 49 reasons to strike…

by John Bajan
•    Late payment to mothers of child support money
•    Inability to get Four season start
•    Poor bus service
•    Lowest sugar crop first time ever
•    Poor road conditions
•    Speaker of the house issue
•    Laying off of public workers
•    Raping of the NIS
•    No solution to CLICO
•    No charges to CLICO directors   Continue reading


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University of the West Indies student asks for Words of Inspiration


Dear Barbados Free Press,

I’m a struggling 21yr old. I read your blog daily and I’m intrigued, yet saddened, by the amount of bullshit we, Barbadians deal with.

I believe more so than ever that the approach to economic stability isn’t through traditional policy but through a reinvigorated industry…of sorts.

I’m a student at the [soon-to-be] defunct University of the West Indies.

Quite literally, I find no solace in the idea of investing so much resources in a degree from the institution. As a young person, I believe that I need to go against the norm in order to sustain a comfortable living on this island.

I think I’m going well so far but I seek to challenge the diverse faculties of your readership.

How do I maintain a good thing without fucking it up?

James (last name withheld by BFP)

BFP’s Robert replies:

Dear James,

I am hardly the person you should be asking for advice, but Marcus is gone somewhere better and Cliverton is probably still hungover at 2pm, so I am the one who opened your email. Continue reading


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