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Ground Zero Mosque design: falling Stars of David are not symbolic of Jewish defeat. Honest.

Let’s see if I have this correctly…

No symbolism in the location of a mega-mosque on the site of a building damaged in the 9/11 attacks. No symbolism in the design showing falling Jewish Stars of David. No symbolism in the design that has a bend that seems to invoke the image of two buildings. No symbolism in the outside design, especially at night, that seems to invoke light and dark patches resembling smoke.

And it’s built by moderate, tolerant Muslims who do not wish to see Sharia law imposed on the United States and the rest of the west.

And in an obvious (even if obliquely delivered) threat, the Muslim leader behind the project says if it’s not built there will be violence.

Oh. Okay. You can all go back to sleep now. Nothing to see here. Move along, folks. Move along.

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Will Rihanna Be In Danger When Performing In Malaysia?

umbrella-rihanna-bible-242When the Islamist fundamentalists decide that a woman is too sexy or too anything, violence is nearly always a possibility.

This time the target is Rihanna who is due to perform in Malaysia. She has agreed to conform to the dress and behaviour regulations, but that’s not good enough for some.

Is our girl in danger?

Ian Bourne has the story at the Bajan Reporter (link here)


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