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Muslim supremacists take down Maldives government – Great news for Barbados tourism!

Democracy and Western Tourism ending in The Maldives

President Mohamed Nasheed resigns, announces Maldives “unable to maintain peace and security.”

The President of The Maldives was forced to resign today (February 7, 2012) as the Islamist vision for the country triumphed. The police force sided with Islamic hardliners and rebelled against the first democratically elected government in decades. (CNN: Maldives president resigns after police revolt)

President Nasheed had faced strong criticism in recent months from opposition groups calling for Islam to play a greater role in the running of the country.

In January hundreds of rioters in the capital city of Male said that the Maldives government was under the influence of “Jews” and “Christian priests” to weaken Islam in the country. Last December the government shut hundreds of resort spas as “Un-Islamic”, but that wasn’t enough for the hardliners who said that booze and “lustful music” were the next targets.

All this despite that The Maldives relies almost exclusively upon tourism as the engine of its otherwise barren economy. Sure…take away spas, beer, pork, bikini and offer to renew tourists’ wedding vows with ceremonies that insult them… That sounds like a real plan for tourism success in The Maldives!

But as we pointed out in previous stories, this is good news for Barbados. The Maldives, a group of over 1,100 tiny coral islands, is often compared with Barbados as a vacation and retirement destination. Although far-removed from each other geographically, both countries compete for the same United Kingdom and European travelers.

We think that the choice just became clear for British and European tourists:

Barbados or The Maldives? Let me think about it…

Barbados: Friendly people, great beaches, wonderful food, the best rum in the world and we don’t flog unmarried women for having sex or imprison Christians for possessing a bible.

Honey… forget about the Islamic paradise of The Maldives… book two weeks of party, sun, rum and sex in Barbados – and don’t forget we want to see the changing of the sentries at The Garrison and do some coastal fishing with Shaun Sandiford.


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