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BLP & DLP Governments’ stupid refusal to pay Al Barrack cost Bajans $35 million dollars

Government’s motto: “Delay, delay – never pay.”

by Nevermind Kurt

We read in today’s Nation that “Minister of Housing and Lands Michael Lashley says his ministry is working feverishly to have contractor Al Barrack paid the more than $70 million owed to him.”

If memory serves, the truth is that Barbados once owed Al Barrack ‘only’ about $34 million dollars for the Warrens office building debacle. The Owen Arthur BLP government refused to pay, went to arbitration and lost large – ending up owing about $50 million dollars after a 2006 judgment.

“For the next two years the BLP government refused to pay, deciding instead to beat Al Barrack through the simple Bajan tactic of lawyering him to death and waiting for him to die.”

The BLP government’s story was that the country couldn’t afford to pay the lump sum and Mr. Barrack was unreasonable for refusing to take a ‘very fair offer’. Mr. Barrack described the ‘very fair offer’ as a dollar now and a dollar a day for the rest of his life. For the record, Mr. Barrack’s version is probably closer to the truth than the government’s.

The clock kept ticking and the interest compounded frightfully as interest does when it’s not being paid. Ask any Bajan fool who has missed a credit card payment – it’s not a pretty sight.

Enter the DLP

The Thompson DLP government inherited the mess when they won the election in 2008, but they too decided that the answer was to keep Al Barrack at bay with years of false negotiations punctuated with court battles to keep him from selling the assets of the National Housing Corporation. Minister Lashley says the government tried to ‘give’ the Warren’s office complex to settle with Barrack, but the truth is the government fought for years to prevent that happening and then changed its mind when the economy tanked and took the building’s value with it.

What’s changed now? Why is the government suddenly appearing so contrite and anxious to keep Al Barrack hopeful? I’m not sure if this is another delaying tactic, or the government has heard the rumours that Barrack is about to go ‘nuclear’ on the international legal scene and that he has found the financial backers to do it.

The times, they are a’changin

As we recently saw with a legal conflict involving the Grenada Airports Authority (GAA), ‘globalism’ is a many-edged sword that sometimes allows people to seek justice internationally when they cannot find justice in their own countries. In Grenada’s case, a Taiwan bank obtained a US Court order that allowed them to seize all the fees normally paid to the the Grenada Airports Authority by airlines flying to Grenada from the USA.

BFP said in a previous post

“Can you imagine what would happen if some court in New York or London ordered airlines to pay all Grantley Adams airport fees to the court over the Al Barrack debt? How about port fees for cruise ships too?

Wuhloss! That would put the mongoose in with the chickens! If that happened you can bet the government would settle with Al Barrack right away – and that just shows how bankrupt our government is: both financially and morally.”

Maybe our master Bajan economist Owen $ Arthur can chip in some money from one of his offshore bank accounts. After all, it’s only fair that he assist to pay off a financial mess that he and his government initially created.

Nevermind Kurt


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Why Al Barrack will never win against the Barbados Government: The Fix is In!

UPDATED: June 13, 2012

“CONTRACTOR AL BARRACK HAS declared war on Government, saying Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler’s unfulfilled promises had convinced him it was not serious about paying him.

An angry Barrack, who was awarded $34 million by the law courts six years ago after suing Government over the completion of the Warrens Office Complex, said yesterday he was tired of being turned around, and would now do whatever it takes to recover every cent he and his creditors are owed – with accrued interests, $75 million.”

… from the June 13, 2012 Nation News article Fed Up Barrack

Barbados is broke and cannot, will not, pay a court-ordered judgement to building contractor Al Barrack. Mr. Barrack is ruined because there is no real rule of law ‘pon this rock. Successive Barbados governments ignore or obey the courts as convenient and right now it’s not convenient to pay Al Barrack the 70 million dollars as the court ordered.

So Mr. Barrack is in back in the papers saying he has “declared war on the government.” Yes… THAT should teach the Barbados government a lesson! LOL!

The real lesson here is that if you do business with or on Barbados, you’d better pray that everything goes well when it comes time to pay – because the courts don’t matter. It’s all about the cartels. Mr. Barrack thought he was favoured to get a huge government contract without an open bidding process, but it was all a set-up.

Says the Barbados government to Al Barrack… “Thanks, sucker!”

Original story first published April 5, 2011…

Al Barrack says “Don’t trust the Barbados Government!”

by Nevermind Kurt (with Cliverton)

Poor Al has a message for businesses and foreign investors:

Beware when you do business with the government of Barbados, because the court is the government and the government is the court.

The Government of Barbados screwed building contractor Al Barrack $65 million dollars. That’s what the Barbados court ruled. Al built the new office complex at Warrens, but when previously unknown caves raised costs, the Barbados government didn’t live up to their side of the deal. That’s what the Barbados court found as it ruled against the Government of Barbados and determined that Barbados owed Al sixty-five big ones. That’s with an “M” for “million”.

But then…

“Oh? You want the money?” said the same court, “That’s a different matter.”

Poor Al is now reduced to writing letters to world leaders. As if they care and as if those leaders would side against an offshore banking centre like Barbados. A big chunk of the world leaders probably have funds flowing through Bridgetown ‘an their own countries don’t know.

You think they are going to side against Barbados, Al? Continue reading


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Relocation of Endangered Parrots Delayed by Barbados Ministry of Environment

Only one zoo in North America outside of St. Vincent and Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary has managed to breed rare St. Vincent Amazon parrot.

Endangered St. Vincent Amazon parrots in limbo as Barbados Government stonewalls transfer to offshore refuge

Officials at the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary are still waiting for a response from the Barbados Ministry of Environment regarding a proposed transfer of the Sanctuary’s endangered St. Vincent Amazon parrot collection to an offshore location.

Recent break-ins, wildlife poaching and pollution are forcing the Sanctuary to seek temporary safe-haven for the collection.  The parrots at Graeme Hall are the national bird of St. Vincent, and the only such population in Barbados.

Earlier this year one of the St. Vincent parrots was found dead after being assaulted by intruders.  Unpredictable water quality, security and other factors are major concerns for the internationally-recognized St. Vincent breeding programme in Barbados. Continue reading


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Medical transcription business collapse raises questions

UPDATED: April 18, 2012  (Pinned at top. Scroll down for newer content)

We’ve heard some conflicting rumours that the lawsuit against Robert Harvey is 1/ “About to be launched” or 2/ “languishing and won’t be going forward.”

Two years after the collapse, one would think that if a lawsuit was going to happen it would have happened by now. Can any of our readers assist? Has anyone heard anything more?

UPDATED: September 14, 2011

Lawyer contacts Barbados Free Press about potential lawsuit

Barbados Free Press today received an email from a lawyer asking for further details on this story in preparation for a potential lawsuit against Robert Harvey and some companies.

Would the lawyer please contact BFP through your regular email (not from your mobile device) so we know it’s really you.

Thanks! (barbadosfreepress AT yahoo.com)

Invest Barbados spins the story to save face

Last week Robert Harvey, the president of Transcription Relief Services (TSRi), quietly flew into Barbados from the USA, fired his remaining 24 employees and shut down the joint private-government business that launched only 18 months ago.

Today, Invest Barbados CEO Wayne Kirton (photo left) says that the project is “on hold” and will be revived when the demand for medical transcription (MT) services returns. According to Mr. Kirton the failure is all about “the recession”, low demand for the service and nothing else.

Barbados Free Press believes that Invest Barbados is in damage control mode. We’ve discovered there is much more to the story – much more. Continue reading


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Moody’s downgrades Barbados bond rating to brink of junk (This doesn’t sound good to us)

Our grandchildren will still be paying for Cricket World Cup

Reality Check: Our grandchildren will still be paying for Cricket World Cup

How much did that Cricket Party cost us?

Priority: A Hundred Million Dollars For A Few Weeks Of Cricket

Priority: Hundreds of Millions borrowed for a few weeks of cricket

Was it half a billion or a billion? I’ve forgotten, and I’ve forgotten what fun it was too!

Barbados Gets A Downgrade

Barbados may have gotten a high quality of living stamp but its bond rating was yesterday downgraded to the brink of junk.

Moody`s Investors Service on Tuesday lowered the Barbados government bond rating to the brink of junk territory, stating that the nation`s government debt has more than doubled. Barbados` bond rating was lowered to Baa3, or just one notch into investment grade.

Moody`s expects the island`s debt to exceed 100 percent of its economic output, compared with 65 percent in 1999.

… continue reading this article at Caribworldnews.com

How many hundred million tax dollars wasted?

How many hundred million tax dollars were wasted?


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