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The morning after strikes Cliverton – slowly…

I think I saw a friend and his wife at Oistins last night. At least I think it was his wife – if it wasn’t he’s in trouble now!

Truth is I’m not sure about much at Oistins on Friday night. For some reason I’m a little slow this morning and my head hurts so bad. I didn’t drive so doan worry about that but I did overindulge a bit. Ok, more than a bit. Didn’t see any pink elephants or a talking Lizard King but there was a big girl at the next table that kept smiling at me. She’s not here this morning so that worked out better than it could have. Oh… my head. Coffeeeeee. Must drink more coffee.

No way I’m going to make it to service today. Auntie Moses has given up on me I know but she loves my anyway. Cruising the net on this Saturday morning and let’s see what we can see…

Police Brutality

In The Nation we have Damien Randolph saying that the police stamped on his toe for the offense of giving advice to a minibus driver. He doesn’t want to complain through the Police Complaints Authority and who can blame him? No sense wasting your time Damien.

Here’s a question: Have the Police Complaints Authority ever found against an officer? Don’t know, just asking!

Joe’s River Lives!

Then we have Ian Bourne reporting another incidence of Police heavy hand when an officer stopped journalist Bourne from taking photographs at a serious accident scene. Says Ian…

“On my way home from Oistins came across a huge accident on Bay Street outside Shell Banyan’s, took a few pic’s – will develop and acquire full details, but had to race home, as Police tried to stop me from taking photos, LOL!

Joe’s River lives, eh?”

Yup. That’s the RBPF for you. They don’t believe in freedom of the press and they hate being held accountable for anything. That organisational culture comes right from the top. I didn’t see Ian at Oistins last night, but again I don’t remember too much at all so I could have seen him, but he wouldn’t recognize me. Shame, really but that is reality ‘pon de rock.

Ian put up a post at The Bajan Reporter: BREAKING NEWS – Barbados Cops try to stop Bajan Reporter from revealing early hour Bay Street accident

Row for Freedom – Against Human Trafficking

I see that six women are about to row to Barbados from the Canary Islands to raise money and awareness about Human Trafficking.

Good for them! I wonder if Barbados Health Minister Donville Inniss will be on hand to meet and congratulate the team when they arrive? Minister Inniss profited from online porn websites and exploitation of young women for years so he’s well aware of the issue.

And speaking about online pornography – next week we’ve got another installment in the Donville Inniss porn king story and it’s pretty bad. How bad could it be after we showed that Inniss profited from teen pornography and pregnant women pornography? Let’s put it this way… “woof, woof.”

That’s it for my folks. Going back to bed. Will never drink again. Honest.


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Barbados Health Minister silent on US global child porn arrests

“How does Donville Inniss know that each of the teenagers performing online sex acts at Orgasm.com is not under the legal age?”

Where does “child porn” end and “teen porn” begin?

In the wake of the arrests of 72 persons around the world for creating and trading in online child porn, we’d like to ask Donville Inniss, our current Minister of Health, how he knows that each one of the teenagers doing porn at OrgasmLive! is not under the legal age?

Mr. Inniss is a profiteer of the online porn industry through a Barbados company: Fiesta Catering International, Inc.. Fiesta has the “Orgasm” service mark and Mr. Inniss is Fiesta – or at least was until a few weeks ago when he started scurrying around trying to remove his name from the public records after BFP started a new series of articles.

We still have all the screen photos though, so we don’t expect Mr. Inniss will challenge us on the truth of our featured stories. Mind you, if he or anyone else wants to respond and contest any of the facts we present, we’ll be happy to print the response right here to the same audience and with equal prominence. If we’re wrong about anything we’ll certainly issue a correction and an apology.

Donville Inniss remains silent and so does the Barbados news media

In a free society with a healthy news media, reporters would have been crawling all over this story after Barbados Free Press showed them where they can find the facts online in the public records. Any elected politician in North America or the UK who was revealed to have business connections to online porn would be greeted with dozens of journalists asking for a statement.

Not so in Barbados. Mr. Inniss remains silent about our articles and so does the lapdog news media.

Are the teenagers under age? Does Donville Inniss check on this?

The teenagers we are asking about perform live sex acts on the internet for money. Orgasm.com recruits them over the internet and they work from their homes or other locations around the world. Some of them look very young to us – way too young – and indeed the Orgasm.com website says they are specially selected to be the “freshiest hot teens”:

“In our teenage sex porn only the freshiest hot teens are selected, and they love to play and show off their young tight pussies for attention…”

… from the Orgasm.com website – registered service mark by Fiesta, a Donville Inniss associated Barbados company.

So how about it, Minister Inniss? How do you know that each one of the teenagers performing public sex acts under the “Orgasm” service mark is actually over the legal age to be employed by a company that you profit from?

Further Reading

BBC: US charges 72 over global child porn operation

BFP July 2, 2011: Barbados news media covers up Health Minister’s teen porn connections

BFP July 10, 2011: Barbados Human Trafficking: Conflict of Interest in Government?


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Barbados Health Minister says “Happy Independence Day!”

Further information can be found in our story Barbados Health Minister Donville Inniss: King of Pregnant Women Porn?


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Barbados news media covers up Health Minister’s teen porn connections

“Is it fear, complicity or both that keeps Barbados journalists from reporting major stories that everyone already knows about?”

Barbados Free Press has been reporting on Health Minister Inniss’ online porn industry connections for over a year. Mia Mottley tried to raise the issue during the 2007 election campaign, but the press made a joke of it because all she could come up with (or dared to come up with) was NakedNews.com.

WARNING: Graphic proof online for anyone to see

There is so much more information than NakedNews.com available online for anyone to see. There was probably a whole lot more but some of it is being covered up and erased lately. Don’t worry folks! Barbados Free Press started looking at some of the Health Minister’s porn websites months ago. We’re not professional journalists, we’re ordinary Bajans – but what we came up with puts the entire Barbados news media to shame. Anyone can do what we did and see what we saw using Google etc.

Where else in the West but Barbados are journalists too frightened to follow up on stories of government Ministers’ corruption and consorting with slime?

The answer is “Lots of places: like Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Haiti, Chile, Honduras and Guatemala…”

Some might say how dare we compare Barbados with those places, and to those we reply… if it isn’t fear, then what is it that keeps the Barbados news media from reporting when a Government Minister lives in a house on expropriated land? Why did the news media not report that the Public Prosecutor set the police to arrest and strip search his young female tenant at 2am for back rent? Why did the Barbados news media refuse to cover the story of a government contractor charged with kickbacks and bribes in another country? What about the secret withdrawal of bribery charges against Police Sergeant Paul Vaughan? Why wasn’t that story done?

Police thug roughs up Barbados journalist Jimmy Gittens

Our Barbados journalists know what happens if the police don’t like you photographing an accident or crime scene: Police Superintendent “Poop-for-brains” Broomes take or break your equipment and erase the photos if you’re lucky. If it’s not your lucky day police beat you and drag you off with no authority in law except brutal force. Rule of law is what the man with the gun says it is. “Little Britain” ??? I don’t think so!

Soon the journalist will appear in the newspaper smiling and shaking hands with the Commissioner of Police – if he or she knows what is good for them.

So we understand why the Barbados news media are cowards. We understand why the news organizations paid tribute in tens of thousands of dollars for asking how former Tourism Minister Noel Lynch became a millionaire on a government salary.

We understand.

Barbados news media refuses to cover Donville Inniss porn industry, money laundering story!

But we don’t respect the Barbados news media. Yellow cowardly puppies who piss themselves when a real story comes their way. They piss themselves and sit there all day waiting for a doggie biscuit called government advertising rather than report serious questions about where the millions of dollars in online porn money is going. (Check Switzerland guys – we found it online, we got the credit card bill and we’re nobodies! We’re not “journalists”… and neither are you, you pee-in-your-pants pathetic excuses for news reporters.)

I can’t tell you how disgusted I am that not one Barbados news outlet has duplicated our very easy to find online sources, done a little research and asked Donville Inniss or the Prime Minister why our Minister of Health is associated with websites that serve up naked teenagers sticking household items in places that God didn’t design with that in mind.

“Barbados News Media: Cover the story or shut down, you pee-in-your-pants cowards.”

The world of Teen Online Porn by Health Minister Donville Innis

“The name of this work is Orgasm.com®. Copyright © 2000-2011 Halo 9, Ltd. All rights reserved. Orgasm.com® is a registered service mark of Fiesta Catering International, Inc. and is used with permission. *The claim that orgasm.com is the favorite tube site of any celebrity, politician, farm animal, family member, religion, or really anyone at all, is complete bullshit. In fact, for all we know, the people that are jokingly mentioned under our logo are only into transexual amputee scat porn (not that there’s anything wrong with that).”

Okay folks. You want to know how Donville Inniss is involved in all this? No problem! Get yourself a coffee or a tonic an’ gin because you are going to need it sooooooo badly before this is over. Fuh True!

First, go to the website orgasm.com. Read the fine print. See how the Orgasm trademark is licensed by the owner: Fiesta Catering in Barbados?

Who Is Fiesta Catering?

That’s easy: do a whois search on Fiesta Catering and back comes Donville Inniss.

Who owns the trademark “Orgasm” of the website? Ha! Fiesta!

Where does the money go?

That is something we will get to next week. Much more to follow but I have to go to work now.


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Barbados Health Minister says Happy Canada Day!

Want to know more about the profitable Barbados Online Porn Industry?

I guess we have the answer to that question we asked about a year ago: “Has Barbados Health Minister Donville Inniss truly left the porn industry behind?”

The answer is…   Continue reading


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Barbados Health Minister Donville Inniss: King of Pregnant Women Porn?

“One of the saddest things I’ve ever seen is Orgasm.com’s pregnant woman porn section. How does Donville Inniss feel about these desperate young girls – making money for him like this?”

by Wild Boy

For several years Barbados Health Minister Donville Inniss has refused to come clean on his profiteering from online porn and the denigration of women. He admitted to “Naked News” but the Bajan media made it a joke to defuse the fact that a DLP Candidate and then Member of Parliament and Health Minister made money from online porn for years.

Is Donville Inniss still making money from online porn?

Ask him. The answer is either “yes” or “no”.

click photo for large (mature content, sorry.)

Barbadian voters deserve to know, and after reading this post and the ones that follow they will want to know. Fellow DLP members will want to know too, and they will want to know RIGHT NOW because that next election is on the horizon.

There is big money being made from this multi-billion dollar online porn industry – and some of that online porn has the name “Donville Inniss” attached to it.

Making money is soooooo easy when young bodies are the product. Or old bodies “MILFs” as the website of Mr. Inniss calls them. Just take a Barbados company, choose a catchy name for a website like “Orgasm.com” and host the website offshore. Throw in a Jamaican connection to confuse the hell out of the voters and the tax departments, make some of “membership” fees paid to a Swiss payment processor and soon you’ll be on your way.

Oh yes… we be talkin big money paid to Switzerland for many years. The WayBack Machine and some screen copies provide the proof. Hey… maybe we even paid our money to enter the world of Fiesta Catering porn! Maybe we did that over a year ago. Or maybe last week…

We don’t want to get into too much detail but I’ll tell you that we have researched it well. Let’s hear the denials before we let go with more. Let’s start small and see what happens. Maybe we’ll drip, drip, drip a new website every couple of weeks and top it all off with some recorded video of some of the desperate young women making money for Fiesta Catering International, Inc.

“The name of this work is Orgasm.com®. Copyright © 2000-2011 Halo 9, Ltd. All rights reserved. Orgasm.com® is a registered service mark of Fiesta Catering International, Inc. and is used with permission.”

Who is  Fiesta Catering International Inc. ?

Go to http://www.domaintools.com/

Insert “FiestaCateringInternational.com”

Registrar: MONIKER

Donville Innis info@fiestacateringinternational.com
Fiesta Catering International Inc.
Harbour Industrial Estate Building #8
St. Michael, BB

click photo for large (mature content, sorry.)

Minister Inniss: It’s time to level with Barbadians…

Name all the websites and businesses. Name the companies. Explain why payments were processed in Switzerland for a company registered in Barbados. The money went to a Swiss bank account! Tell us how your name came to be on the registered papers.

Tell us when you left it all. Tell us that the current papers showing your name Donville Inniss with internet porn are false or in error. Tell us that your friends and family members have nothing to do with Fiesta Catering and that they are not carrying your share for you and protecting your public image.

Maybe we made a mistake here, Mr. Inniss. Maybe there is a different Donville Inniss in Barbados whose name appears on these papers with your same corporate address. Tell us. We’re willing to listen.

Hello? Hello?

Minister Inniss, we wouldn’t care in the least if you were a private citizen…. well, that’s not really true. We care about human trafficking and girls forced into prostitution. We care about desperate young mothers doing what they feel they have to do just to survive.

Watch the videos, Mr. Inniss. Look at their eyes. The sadness. The desperation. The despair of young pregnant women and girls who need to eat.

Minister Inniss: Orgasm.com still has your name associated with that vile business. Pregnant young women driven by desperation to do terrible things on video to eat and keep a roof over their themselves and their unborn babies.

Minister Inniss: It is time to account to the peoples. It is time to renounce evil.

Watcha gonna do?

The Trail of EVIL…

Donville Inniss, Democratic Labour Party

“Looking for some pregnant sex? We’ve tons of free pregnant sex in our pregnant porn category. Who says a pregnant chick can’t be sexy? With their swollen breasts and glowing hot skin they’re just screaming to have sexual intercourse and we filed it for our Pregnant Porn collection. Orgasm.com has all the sexy knocked-up chicks doing it in all styles, for your satisfaction. These lactating lovelies have lush ripe breasts and love to have sex while pregnant. Indulge yourself while horny couples get hot and heavy in our pregnant porn. They won’t let their swollen bellies get in the way of them having a good time! These are wild, hormone-driven babes desperate to get some. If there isn’t dick around, no worries, these hot pregnant babes will just pleasure themselves with fingers and dildos or even get together with other pregnant ladies for some preggo lesbian time. So many pregnancy sex positions so little time! Hot young girls who are on the verge of becoming milfs are showing off what they got and showing how sexy pregnant can be in our hardcore free pregnant porn. These pregnant sex videos feature some of the craziest and insatiable preggo bangers on the net! Feeling thirsty? Well no worries because this preggo sex will satisfy both your physical thirst and your sexual thirst. All pregnant sex positions, doggy, anal, oral, side by side, take the controls and lead her to her orgasm destiny! Drink your calcium and fuck it too. Who loves pregnant women sex? We do, we do! Cumshots, creampies, threesomes, these hormonal honeys do it all. There is nothing hotter than a pregnant woman except a horny pregnant woman. See how they became pregnant in the first place! Just because they are pregnant doesn’t mean they have to wait another 9 months for cock! Get your dick in these girls before they pop!”


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MP Lashley – Sex and homosexuality on TV: bad. Fellow government Minister’s internet porn business: No Problem!

SexSearch.com – Health Minister Inniss made money from this business

“We believe that Minister Inniss’ business history makes him unacceptable to represent and lead the people of Barbados.

Minister of Family Stephen Lashley says that too much sexuality and promotion of homosexuality is reaching our young people through home television. Well, before Minister Lashley starts cleaning up the world he might want to take a good look closer to home.

Fellow DLP Member of Parliament and Minister of Health Donville Inniss made a ton of money in the online sex industry, but Minister Lashley doesn’t seem to be concerned about his friend’s vile business history and slimy associates. Whatever we see on television is NOTHING compared with the degradation of women and loss of human dignity that characterizes the shameful business that Minister Inniss chose for himself before being embraced by the DLP as an “ideal candidate”.

We believe that Minister Inniss’ business history makes him unacceptable to represent and lead the people of Barbados.

Further Reading

Caribbean 360: Too much sex on TV, says Minister of Family


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