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German Student Kevin Glinka asks BFP readers questions about Gerald Bull and HARP

Hello Barbados Free Press,

I am a Student of Physics from Germany and I have been interested in Gerald Bull’s Project HARP for quite some time. But I have known Barbados for quite some time before, namely when there was the film about Thor Heyerdahl’s “Ra II” boat expedition on TV, which landed, as you surely know, in Barbados. Later I read about the four British who tried to cross the Atlantic by their Balloon “Small World” in 1958 but had to ditch and sailed in their boat-shaped gondola to Barbados where they arrived in early January 1959.

When I then did some research on Barbados, I also found Gerald Bull and HARP, and also your blog and a forum where the project was discussed. I liked that you reported on the project, but I did not like some of the posts in the Comments and in the other forum I mentioned. Concerning that forum, people claimed that the 16″ gun has been moved to Antigua (whereas it is still clearly there as your pictures and this one: http://www.panoramio.com/photo/3309540) or somebody claimed a military use of the gun and another one claimed that the final shot fired an Barbadian flag to Canada. The latter thing is impossible, as the gun has no azimuth drive.

Did you experience HARP for yourself or are you, like me, too young to have it seen yourself? I would like to talk to people who experienced it, as Bull is dead since 1990 as we know, and Dr. Charles Murphy (the BRL chief) died in 2003. If I remember correctly, somebody wrote in the comments to your article, that he still got two Martlet projectiles sitting in his garden. Is there more HARP evidence on Barbados? Is the launch control center in Paragon House still existing?

Best regards and a Happy New Year,
Kevin Glinka

— Kevin Glinka

Student of Physics for a B.Sc. at the University of Osnabrueck
Project Vortex Project Leader

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We Missed The Anniversary Of Gerald Bull’s Murder – Barbados HARP Supergun Once Reached For Space From Our Island


On the evening of March 22, 1990, Dr. Gerald Bull got out of a car in Brussels, Belgium and headed back to his apartment.

Gerald Bull got out of the elevator and walked toward his apartment.  From the shadows another shadow stepped, holding a silenced pistol.  Three shots were fired into the back of Gerald Bull and, after he fell, two more into his head for good measure.  Gerald Bull was dead.

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“Super Gun” Inventor Felled By Assassins – Were They American, Israeli or Others?

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