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Harlequin wins lawsuit against Padraig O’Halloran by proving Dave Ames is unfit to manage your money

Harlequin & David Ames: Knew sales agents were lying to investors.

Harlequin & David Ames: Knew sales agents were lying to investors.

David Ames: Stupid? Crooked? …or smart like a fox?

Would you trust your money to a man so foolish that he paid tens of millions of dollars to a building contractor without signing a written contract?

Would you trust your financial future to a man who ‘managed’ investors’ money by holding million-dollar promotional events while not bothering to ask how toilets at the resort could flush if they weren’t hooked up to any sewerage lines? Would you trust a man who was such an idiot that he failed to monitor expenditures vs. observed results on a 100 million dollar project?

An Irish court has just awarded Harlequin Property a rather shameful victory – for in order to achieve victory in the civil lawsuit, Harlequin had to show and admit how much of a trusting idiot is their glorious leader, Dave Ames.

“Harlequin said between 2008 and June 2010 £8.5million was diverted from £34million paid to the contractor to develop the first phase of its flagship resort Buccament Bay, in St Vincent.

The court heard during a 31-day trial there was no written contract and money was diverted into personal accounts of Mr O’Halloran to fund lavish purchases, including a wedding, private jet, a racecourse in St Lucia, a car franchise business and renovations to a rented property on the Sandy Lane estate in Barbados.

Harlequin said during construction shells of the buildings went up but they were not connected to essential infrastructure like sewage, water and power leading to the resort opening late and on a smaller scale.”

“(Judge) McGovern said it was “extraordinary” there was no written contract for such a large development and that turned out to be a “very poor” decision by Mr Ames…”

… from the Basildon News article Harlequin Property wins civil fraud case against former resort builder

Dave Ames establishing a defense against Ponzi charges?

Charles Ponzi never worked for Harlequin... but he could have!

Charles Ponzi never worked for Harlequin… but he could have!

According to the Basildon News, Harlequin and Ames took about 6,000 deposits from investors for off plan resort accommodation at six planned resorts, but built just 300.

Couple those figures with a total failure to account for missing millions of dollars, and you have what is commonly called a ‘Ponzi Scheme’, named after the patron saint of fraudsters: Charles Ponzi. Wikipedia explains ponzi this way… Continue reading


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How Harlequin damaged Barbados reputation

Does this look like a vibrant healthy construction site to you?

January 2013: Does this look like a vibrant healthy construction site to you?

“Our government gave Ames and Harlequin the benefit of our country’s reputation – and when the Harlequin house of cards falls, it will be the reputation of Barbados that is harmed the most.”

Barbados H Hotel 3

There are so many Caribbean islands with the same Carib sand, sun and water. So many Caribbean islands with friendly people and special cultures not found on other Caribbean islands. Each island nation has its own cultural flavour, its own beauty and its own special offerings to attract tourists and offshore investments.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll keep on saying it: there are other Caribbean islands more beautiful, more unspoiled, more private and certainly cheaper to visit than Barbados. Why then, do people come to Barbados and keep returning? What is it that we have that brings the world’s elites here instead of some other Caribbean islands?

Security and safety is a big issue. Although Barbados has fallen down on the job lately, we’re still a whole lot safer than say, Jamaica, the Bahamas or even Bermuda. We’ve lost some ground, true, but we’re still way ahead of so many other islands in terms of tourist safety.

But the big asset we have that differentiates us and attracts the tourists and investors is the perception that Barbados is a stable society where good laws protect investors, tourists, retirees, and citizens. This is so important, and has been front and centre in Bim’s long term success. Without this perception that Barbados is a land of laws, we are no better and probably worse than some of the competition.

And then came Harlequin.

When Barbados allowed Mr. Ames and his bunch of brigands to sell from plans without putting deposits into a trust account: we allowed Mr. Ames to ride upon our good reputation. We allowed Mr. Ames to collect money based upon the public knowledge that Barbados is a safe society, where people are protected by good laws. Continue reading


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Harlecon.net = Dead blog?

We’ve noticed that not a new word has been published on the controversial blog Harlecon.net in over three weeks, and there hasn’t been an original post in almost a month.

Have the authors of Harlecon.net made their point? Is there nothing left to tell? Are the whispers of lawsuits in the works giving pause? Or… is it simply the end of the year and everyone has a martini in their hand?

Whatever the reasons, Harlecon.net is as lifeless as the ex-wife of my old African Studies professor. I know about her because Professor “K” made her the butt of numerous jokes every class.

Harlecon: Where are you?



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HarleCON website targets Harlequin Hotels & Resorts

“Welcome to Harlecon

Once upon a time, there was a double-glazing salesman from Essex who saw an opportunity to make money from selling properties overseas.

The business started off with a small development in Saint Vincent, but rapidly turned into a multi-million pound property group. Unfortunately, not much of the property that has been sold has ever been built.

This site aims to show what has happened to the money taken is what may well prove to be one of the biggest Ponzi schemes ever operated in the UK.”

How long will HarleCON.net last?

Someone has established an anonymously published website that purports to provide insider details about people and business dealings of Harlequin Hotels & Resorts.

The website’s name of HarleCON.net is registered through an anonymous proxy service in Arizona, USA and went live on October 31, 2011.

The first major article was published on Saturday, November 5, 2011 and makes an interesting observation that Harlequin Air doesn’t have enough capacity to meet the advertised claims. I read the article and I see the author’s point.

Some other interesting articles on this website are…

Where are purchaser deposits really going????? And who is benefitting?????

Harlecon Air, Ames your plane is too small.

Harlequin, It’s Agents and the Fraudulent Misrepresentation

A Message to Dave Ames Chairman Of Harlequin

Background on Dave Ames

How Purchasers find that they are locked into the Harlequin Product

The Caribbean Key Players (Construction Past & Present)

Harlequin Management Services (South East) Limited

The Resorts and Development Companies

Other companies

And from Harlequin itself…

Harlequin Air to make waiting times a thing of the past


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