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Harlequin’s H Hotel: Latest photos of an eyesore that spoils Barbados

Harlequin Barbados Disaster 39

Harlequin Barbados Disaster 500

by St George’s Dragon

As promised I went to take a few photos of the Harlequin H Hotel today.

The site has obviously suffered less than Merricks, presumably because it is in a more populated area. It looks as though it was secure until fairly recently, although when I went it was possible to walk straight in from the boardwalk side of the site as someone has ripped the site hoarding door off its hinges.

There are still a few items of plant and materials on site, although nothing of any great value.

Such a shame. So many people have lost money just to create an eyesore that spoils Barbados.

A lovely view for the tourists from the beach boardwalk!

A lovely view for the tourists from the beach and boardwalk! Click photo for larger view.

Editor’s Note: The exposed rebar is salt-drenched and rusted, with salt-laden water dripping down into the concrete. How long before no self-respecting structural engineer would approve further work? Has that time already arrived? Do we have an architects or engineers out there to comment?

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Harlequin Barbados H Hotel – latest photos show stopped project, no workers

2013March H-Hotel 2

(click photo for large)

Sign still says “Harlequin Hotels & Resorts – H Hotel Opening 2013”

Barbados Free Press has been posting H-Hotel project photos since February 2012. The sign used to say “Opening 2012”, but they changed that to 2013 earlier this year. If Harlequin intends to open its Barbados H Hotel this year, the invisible construction workers at the site had better get cracking!

Here are the most recent two sets of photos with the dates imprinted bottom right corner – 8:45am Thursday January 31, 2013 and 2:30pm Monday March 4, 2013. The only difference seems to be that the earlier photos show a worker or two, whereas there were no workers visible at the site on Monday, March 4th at approx 230 PM.

Remember folks – these photos were taken during working hours on working days – on a Thursday at 8:45am and a Monday at 2:30pm. Where are the workers? Where are the trucks coming and going? Why are the gates closed? Where is the machinery? Where is the construction noise, foremen with drawings and teams of masons, welders, concrete finishers?

This doesn’t look like a healthy, vibrant construction site to us – it looks more like a project that has run out of money.

To be fair, Harlequin posted a blog that shows some work happening at the site and in our photos we see some new columns and changes here and there. But look at the photos starting in February 2012 and now 15 months later – We don’t see healthy progress or the kind of activity necessary to open in 2013.

Harlequin: You tell us if we’re wrong and we’ll print your side of the story. Were our eyes deceiving us with not one man on the site last Monday?

And here are photos from a year ago. Is this really acceptable, vibrant progress? Harlequin… over to you!

Barbados H Hotel 3

BFP’s H Hotel Photo Articles – You be the judge!

March 23, 2012

August 3, 2012

October 13, 2012

January 26, 2013

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