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Tourist: Barbados locals “all amazing friendly”

Barbados Virgin 747-400

But then Grantley Adams Airport Security gave these visitors something else to remember…

I have just returned from Barbados after spending 14 nights there. I found the locals all amazing friendly, however on our departure security found disposable lighters in my handbag which they removed, no big deal. Then they found a gold dunhill lighter in my husband’s manbag and confiscated that too.

“Did airport security properly log and deposit the valuable gold Dunhill lighter, or was it pocketed and stolen?”

(A question by BFP’s editor Marcus)

I pleaded with the supervisor to allow us to take as his father left it to him when he died, but she refused. I asked if we could post but she said no there are no post boxes, yet there was outside our departure gate. I asked if I could back through to get my luggage and put in the main suitcases, but she was having none of this.

So leaving the island left a rather bad taste with us. We were told it’s probably on the streets right now being sold. So please anyone having anything like a good lighter do not carry on you. Once we went through into departure I refused to buy any duty free goods as I would not spend another penny there.

Yours truly

Sharon Gay


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Calling Security at Grantley Adams International Airport. Hello? Hello?

I took this picture while waiting on my ride at arrivals area.

The taxi van is being jump started by the taxi car. This seems to be a regular thing. Just to be clear the car has jumped the curb completely and is up on the floor of the passenger waiting area.

One can’t help but wonder in todays climate of security concerns at airports worldwide if this had happened at the curb at say JFK or Heathrow where someone had driven up onto the passenger waiting area and parked for 10 minutes – what would have been the outcome? At Grantley Adams airport security was nowhere to be seen.

Only in Barbados! Good to be home.


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