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Bushy Park – Truth and Concerns

NBC Brian Williams Lied

Editor’s Note: We received this post anonymously, and like anything you read here at BFP or in the mainstream press you should keep your mind open and at the same time remember that BFP is an anonymous website. The blogs are still the wild west when it comes to accuracy… it might be true, it might not be.

It’s like this… blogs are the same as watching News Anchor Brian Williams on NBC News or Dan Rather at CBS: what they say might be true, or it might not be. Same same…

Bushy Park Truth and Concerns

by anonymous

After reading two articles in the press late last year regarding the new Bushy Park facility I think it is time that Barbadians hear the full truth about this development, my understanding is…

  1. The Government of Barbados and by extension the PEOPLE of Barbados own the land.
  2. Investors (SOME STILL TO BE IDENTIFIED) have erected buildings on said land presumably with a contract. Surely the details of said contract should be available to the public seeing that the land is owned by the TAXPAYERS of Barbados.
  3. Mr Stephen Lashley, Minister of Sport has confirmed that part of this contract stipulates that the facility shall be leased to other SPORTING organisations at a reasonable rate after discussion with the primary shareholder, that being Government.
  4. Who are the real investors in the new facility at Bushy Park?
  5. Why has PERMANENT branding been allowed, which prohibits competing entities from branding their products even if they sponsor an event there? Case in point – LIME is not allowed to advertise because DIGICEL is already there .
  6. Is Bushy Park Motor Sport Inc (BPMSI) a shareholder in the new development and if not what gives them the right to charge fees for the useage of the track?
  7. Is it true that the revenue from the Top Gear festival went directly to BPMSI?
  8. Is it true that there is a law suit pending with regard to the use of the RALLY CROSS name being used without permission at the said Top Gear event?
  9. Is it also true that a certain individual has threatened to dig up the track if his demands are not met?
  10. As majority owners at Bushy Park should Government not have a representative on the Board which administers the facility?

How is it possible for BPCI to employ and I assume PAY:

General Manager
Business Manager
CEO which position was not advertised locally

… when they only had two events last year and only have one event planned for this year?

Barbadians need answers to these questions and more as it seems in today’s world MONEY does all the talking.


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Barbados Meteorological Director: Stupid taxpayers don’t need to see Doppler weather radar online

(click for large view)

Another government official tells Bajans they have no right to see what they pay for.

During a recent interview with Barbados Today, the acting director of the Barbados Meteorological Department politely told Bajan taxpayers to stick it where the sun doan shine.

Bajans have been “continually calling” for the Doppler radar of the Barbados Meteorological Department to be accessible via the internet, but according to Mr. Hampden Lovell, the information that Barbados taxpayers are presently able to see online from Martinique radar is the same as they would see from Barbados anyway.

And (says Lovell) without proper training, why… we stupid ordinary folks might misinterpret the data that we see! So, we have to be trained before he could possibly think about letting us actually see the radar information that we pay for.

“Mr. Lovell says Barbados taxpayers can get all the information they need from Martinique weather radar? No problem! Fire Lovell’s ass and his staff – who seem to have forgotten that they work for us, not the other way around.”

…Barbados Free Press co-editor Cliverton after a goodly tot of Mount Gay’s finest.

It’s all sooooooo complex, you see!

Too complex for Bajans anyway. Martinique and other governments put their weather radar information online, but their people are so much more intelligent than Bajans ever could be, so they are allowed to see the data without training. Continue reading


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