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Brian Andre Kirton makes me feel so guilty! (‘nuther pink gin darlin’ !)

Can the House of Angostura be a sin?

I must be getting older. Here I sit on a Sunday night – supremely content with my life, my wife and my children. Shona fixed me up with a rather zesty pink gin that I suspect is a triple. Not a double, but a triple. (What a terrible thing to do to your man. I must punish you most severely later this evening, my love. 🙂 )

Sip… don’t drink or I’ll be sorry.

Those Trinis… it’s all their fault.

Do I overindulge?

I’m cruising around the web on a Sunday night and about #54 on the list I visit Business is a Lifestyle by our old friend Brian Andre Kirton.

And he’s all incensed about how some folks drink too much… smoke too much herb and generally do what they want because their weakness is near and available. He says The abyss of failure by overindulgence.

I won’t say that Brian is wrong. ‘e’s probably right.

It’s a weakness. A sin. It probably kept me from success or more success.

But… Darlin’… bring me another pink gin.

Ta babe!

Lord knows you’re heading for the big four zero – 40 – but you look gorgeous tonight.

Kids are asleep, right?



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