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Do Freemasons worship Satan as the “Great Architect of the Universe”? Tony Jordan says so and many Barbadians agree

Freemason symbolism in Rihanna’s music and videos?

Most of the Freemasons I’ve met let folks know that they consider Masonry as something less than a religion, but more than an ordinary community group like Rotary or Lions. They certainly wouldn’t see anything sinister in being a Mason or they wouldn’t be part of The Craft. But are these ordinary folks being duped? Are they being tricked into worshiping ‘The Old One’ as Auntie Moses would say. (Auntie warns everyone not to say ‘the name’. Say anything else but don’t call ‘the name’. Well, that’s Auntie for you.)

Last Wednesday and Thursday nights, over seven hundred Bajans gathered at the Sanctuary Empowerment Centre to pray and listen to a series of talks called Secrets of Freemasonry – opened by Tony Jordan, a well-known anti-Freemasonry crusader.

A few years ago our old friends at Keltruth Blog ran an extensive series of critical articles looking at Freemasonry in Barbados, its origins, practices and Masonry’s influence in the Royal Barbados Police Force. I was surprised by some of what I read and came to the opinion that the Masons are a multi-layered hierarchy akin to a gentleman’s club at the entry levels, but with some strange and hidden goings on at the higher levels, and a history of leadership and influence in governments around the world. I once saw a piece on Masonic symbols and symbolism evident in the design and construction of Washington, DC and it really impressed me. I can’t remember if that particular article was at Keltruth blog, but I’m sure someone will find it and post it as a comment on this article.

Ian Bourne at The Bajan Reporter also reported on the supposed connections between Rihanna and Freemasonry, and the Masonic symbolism in her music and videos. (I can’t find the link but if Ian or someone wants to post it I’ll update this article.)

What do you think folks… Bajan Freemasons: dupes? Satan worshipers? misunderstood? Better than seven hundred people at the Sanctuary Empowerment Centre think they know the answer…

‘Jordan also explained that most members in Barbados only rose to the position of master and were therefore unaware of the satanic elements of masonic lodges, whose stated tenets were brotherly love, relief and truth.

Only those in the higher echelons of the lodges, from the 31st to 33rd degree, were aware that satanic worship was at the core of their rituals and that Lucifer was worshipped as the Great Architect of the Universe, he added. “They [masonic lodges] serve the same master: the Father of All Lights, Satan . . . . The rites seek to parallel much of what is in the Bible,” he told enthralled listeners.

Read the full story at Caribbean360.com Freemasonry renounced by hundreds of Barbadians


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Who is Monnow Man and why does he believe in the Interdimensional Hypothesis?

Monnow Man is half Bajan, so he can’t be all bad.

We stumbled onto Monnow Man when he linked to one of our stories and we liked what we read over at his blog. It looks like a place where a person could get a little “I didn’t know that” or “Isn’t that interesting?” hit in the morning.

Like learning about the “Interdimensional Hypothesis”. I had to look that one up.

Here’s a bit of what Monnow Man says about himself…

Who is this man?

People like boxes to put you in, so, choose from the following:

  • half English, half Barbadian chap now living just over the border in Wales and loving it so much he went to  Welsh evening classes.  No, Wales isn’t part of England. It’s part of the UK.
  • father of two beautiful girls and husband to a lovely Swabian.
  • a Freemason.  None of the myths about us are true 🙂
  • a fan of the Interdimensional Hypothesis.
  • an unashamedly middle-class, sometime urban, BBC Radio 4 -listening liberal intellectual.
  • a former public (that’s “private” to those of you outside the UK – don’t ask) schoolboy. All of the myths about us are true 😉

You can see what Monnow Man has to say about life at MonnowMan.com

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Was Black Freemason and Abolitionist Prince Hall born in Barbados?

Murder victim Fred Parris former Prince Hall Grand Master Freemason

An upsurge in search queries from New York about murder victim Fred Parris made us curious about the famous free black leader and abolitionist, Prince Hall.

Victim Fred Parris (photo left), the brother-in-law of Barbados Governor General Sir Clifford Husbands, was elected in 1995 as the 52nd Grand Master of the Prince Hall Masons of New York State. Mr. Parris was murdered Wednesday, December 8, 2010 while out for his morning walk and sea-bath at Brighton Beach. Police say that robbery was not the motive.

Prince Hall: Escaped Barbados slave, Boston slave or born free?

In researching the “Prince Hall Freemasons” that obtained a Warrant for Charter from the Grand Lodge of England in 1784 and formed African Lodge #459, we came across conflicting accounts of the birth place and origins of Mr. Prince Hall, one of the founders of Black Freemasonry in the United States. Continue reading

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