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Maldives vacation paradise: Moderate Muslims jail Catholic for bible, rosary

Why Barbados is better than Maldives: Reason #257

Maldives Police raid home: find Catholic Bible, rosary, Christian prayers, photo of Mary on computer.

contributed by Tony

The Maldives are often compared with Barbados as a vacation and retirement destination. Reading the magazine articles and watching the Travel Channel, you’d think that the Maldives is some sort of paradise for those two staples of the travel industry: “newlyweds and nearly-deads” (Retired people).

Maldives jails Christian for possessing bible, photo of Mary, rosary beads

If you’re thinking about a vacation or retirement in the Maldives though, you might want to consider that non-Muslim religious books, prayers, videos, photos and other non-Muslim religious items are prohibited. As in all Muslim-majority countries, there is no freedom of religion.

One Catholic teacher just discovered that the moderate tolerant Muslims of the Maldives will report you for having a photo of Mother Mary. Then the police will search your home and drag you away to jail for a couple of weeks. Call it ‘Islam in action’ or ‘Reality under Islam’.

Maldives Vacation Tip: Don’t get caught in your hotel room or on the beach praying to Jesus, Mary, Buddha or Brahman. Things will go very badly for you.

If you want to get married in the Maldives, unless you are a Muslim you could end up in jail. Not to forget that the Maldives Constitution prohibits anyone except Muslims from becoming citizens.

Why would any Christian, Jew, Hindu or Buddhist even consider vacationing, retiring or working in the Maldives? That’s like vacationing in Nazi Germany or Stalin’s Russia.

Barbados is Better

Come to Barbados where you can swim, surf, party, relax and enjoy life: whatever your religious belief. Whether you pray on Friday, Saturday or Sunday (or any other day for that matter!) you’ll always find a congregation that will welcome you.

And if you want to sit on the beach and pray or read your Bible, Koran, Buddhist chants or any other religious book – feel free to enjoy your time without the worry that you’ll be arrested.

We have freedom of religion in Barbados.

Catholic jailed in the Maldives over a Bible and a rosary

by Nirmala Carvalho, AsiaNews.it

October 7, 2011

Shijo Kokkattu, a 30-year-old teacher, was betrayed by his colleagues because he accidentally left a picture of Our Lady and some Marian songs on a school computer. Islam is state religion in the Maldives, where there is no freedom of worship. For Sajan K George, president of the Global Council of Indian Christians, religious intolerance and injustice are the “worst form of persecution”.

Mumbai (AsiaNews) – Shijo Kokkattu, an Indian Catholic from Kerala, has been languishing in a Maldives prison for more than a week because he had a Bible and a rosary at his home. Both items are banned on the archipelago. Continue reading


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Christian God, Muslim Allah… same deity?

Bajan Reporter publishes image of Jesus giving the finger.

Will Bajan Reporter now publish images of Muhammed and Buddha doing the same?

Our old friend Ian Bourne at Bajan Reporter is a bit upset with Barbados Free Press. Ian believes we’ve been “hating on all Muslims” – because we occasionally print articles about, for instance, how young Muslim students in Barbados Muslim schools are taught and believe that stoning and amputation of hands are acceptable punishments in a free and democratic society like ours. Continue reading


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Violent Muslims beat UK teacher “for teaching other religions to Muslim girls”

Fractured skull, knife wounds for World Religions teacher in East London Girls’ School

The violent Jihad by the world’s most dangerous totalitarian, political and religious ideology continues. After these four adherents to the religion of peace get out of jail the UK might not be able to send them back to where they came from. You see, although it is not stated one way or the other in the newspaper, there is every chance that they were born in the United Kingdom. Our own “Homegrown Terrorists” as they say.

Time to stop immigration from Muslim countries NOW.

Four men launched a horrific attack on a teacher in which they slashed his face and left him with a fractured skull because they did not approve of him teaching religion to Muslim girls.

Akmol Hussein, 26, Sheikh Rashid, 27, Azad Hussain, 25, and Simon Alam, 19, attacked Gary Smith with a Stanley knife, an iron rod and a block of cement.

“The evidence from what was said on the probe points overwhelmingly to a religious motive for this attack.”

Submitted by MUF Manchester United Fan


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Barbados Nation News editorial: Freedom of religion in Egypt not worth mentioning

UPDATED: February 4, 2011 Bridgetown

We received the following message from Reyhana Patel, who is a member of the UWI Cave Hill Islamic Society (If she is the same M. Patel. I might be wrong but I thought I saw her at a public meeting)…

“How about posting this link up? This should contradict your Egypt article posted online. I’m willing to schedule a debate last week of March 2011 or first week April 2011?

Obviously, if i don’t hear from you I’m assuming you are unwilling to take part and learn about the Muslim community which proves the point of every Barbadian that the Barbados Free Fress is just out to attack the Muslim community.”

Washington Post – The Egyptian revolution: An interfaith movement


BFP’s original article…

“Christians murdered by Egyptian Muslims? Let’s not spoil the celebration by mentioning that, okay?”

by Nevermind Kurt

The Nation newspaper has joined the myopic mass media celebration of the revolts in Tunisia and Egypt as being staged by people crying for “greater freedom and democracy.”

Says a Nation editorial…

“The freedoms which we take for granted, such as the right to associate in trade unions and political parties, and to exercise our freedom of expression to criticize the head of government and members of cabinet, so long as we keep within the law, are sometimes taken for granted, but these recent events (in Egypt and Tunisia) ought to be a reminder to us that the price of freedom is eternal vigilance.”

Freedom of Religion? Freedom from Religion? Not worth mentioning.

Here the dishonest silence of The Nation stands naked and exposed, for there is no mention of freedom of religion in the editorial. The Nation editor knows that there is no freedom of religion in Egypt, and that there will still be no freedom of religion after Mubarak is deposed. If anything, the murders and oppression of Christians and non-Muslims will increase as the Muslim Brotherhood assumes a formal role in government. Continue reading


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Forced into Marriage? You have friends at… Leave Islam Safely

The UK’s Forced Marriage Unit can also help people from Commonwealth countries

Forced marriage is an abuse of human rights and a form of domestic violence; sometimes it can also be child abuse. If you are being forced into marriage, or fear it might happen, there are friends who will help you make a master plan to retain or regain your freedom and then work with you to make it happen.

If you are thinking of leaving Islam, be wary, be careful.

Do not tell your Muslim friends or family. The Qur’an commands your death for leaving Islam (4:89 calls for the murder of renegades from the faith), and Muhammad is explicit in a hadith: “If anyone changes his religion, kill him” (Bukhari). Many, many ‘honour killings’ have been committed for “crimes” that are in Islamic law considered far less serious than leaving Islam.

UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office Forced Marriage Unit

Forced Marriage Unit website

Telephone: 020 7008 0151 (or 0044 20 7008 0151 if you are overseas)


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Afghan Christian charged with becoming a Christian. Faces death penalty.

If not for freedom, someone please remind me why British troops are fighting in Afghanistan.

by Nevermind Kurt

Please remind me why the West is spending billions and billions of dollars and the lives of thousands of our young if not to free Afghans. Please explain how the West can continue to pump money and lives into that dark hole and allow these kinds of human rights abuses under the authority of an Afghanistan government that the West put in place.

Please tell me what the definition of “victory” is. Please tell me when the war in Afghanistan will be won, or lost. At this point, I almost don’t give a damn. Let the savages have at each other. If they overstep their border or attack the west, nuke ’em. If someone has a better plan, please let me know!

“According to Westerners closely following his case in Kabul, Sayed Mossa is likely to be charged with espionage and with conversion to Christianity, or apostasy—crimes that may be punishable by death under Islamic law. The court session may be televised, officials have said, and it is likely that Mossa will be asked to renounce his faith.

Mossa was arrested in late May 2010 as part of a crackdown against Afghan converts to Christianity that followed a television broadcast of several baptisms. He has been held in a prison in Kabul under worsening conditions and has been subjected to daily beatings, torture, and sexual abuse. Court-appointed legal counsel, all Muslims, have refused to take his case because he is considered an apostate. Officials from the International Committee on the Red Cross, where Mossa worked for 15 years, visited him twice, and he has received other Western visitors, including representatives from the U.S. embassy. They confirmed that Mossa had been tortured and successfully pressured the Afghan government to move him to another prison, away from other prisoners. That took place Oct. 29, 2010…”

… from the WorldMag article Mossa’s day in court


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Wikileaks – tens of thousands of secret war docs on internet show betrayal by “moderate” Muslim allies

Pakistan Intelligence Agency actively assisting Afghan Taliban

Pakistan receives over a billion US dollars every year in aid from the USA alone, yet its intelligence service meets regularly with Taliban soldiers and terrorists to guide their actions, including assassinations of Afghan government members.

That is just one of the revelations in a treasure trove of tens of thousands of stolen US military and intelligence services documents that have been posted at WikiLeaks.org

The New York Times, The Guardian and the German magazine Der Spiegel were provided with the documents weeks ago and today have their stories up in coordination with WikiLeaks. The owner of WikiLeaks has been on the run from various authorities for a month now.

If you only learn one thing from the WikiLeaks revelations, learn this: Continue reading


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Muslim Honour Killing In Canada: Three Daughters & “First Wife” Murdered By Father, 2nd Wife, Son

Murder Trial Update: October 22, 2011

The murder trial is in progress in Kingston, Canada where the court has been told that police wiretapped the family auto after the discovery of the four drowned women in a submerged car.

The father is alleged to have been tape recorded saying…

“May the devil shit on their graves,”

“They committed treason themselves. They betrayed humankind. They betrayed Islam. They betrayed our religion…they betrayed everything.”

“I say to myself, ‘You did well.’ Were they to come to life, I would do it again.”

“There is nothing more valuable than our honour.”

National Post: “I would do it again” Court hears horror of alleged honour killing

Canadian Press: Family saw slain girls as treacherous for having boyfriends, court hears.

Our original story published July 24, 2009…

"Sister" Turns Out To Be Wife Number Two

19 Year Old Daughter Was “Rebellious Young Woman”

Father was “disgraced” by behaviour of his three daughters, so…

Worldwide, Muslim honour killings of women and girls are so common that if North American or European papers were to cover every reported case there would be little room left on the front page for any other stories. But when a Canadian father, his second wife and a son plot weeks in advance to murder the family’s three teenage daughters and wife number one – well, that makes the news. Continue reading


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