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Barbados Finance Minister says taxpayers’ money to be recovered on Four Seasons sale. Do you believe him?

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We don’t believe Chris Sinckler… Do You?

Chris Sinckler says that the Government of Barbados is about to sell the disastrous Four Seasons project and that Bajan taxpayers “should be walking away from it with all of its monies intact.”

I’ll believe that when I see the books and the reports that you know we’ll never see. Bajan politicians and governments don’t allow public accountability when it comes to massive losses resulting from government foolishness.

I don’t believe Minister Sinckler. There have to be losses to taxpayers. This fiasco has been going on too long and there’s too much public money into it… We just don’t know how much of our public money is into the Four Seasons because the government doesn’t allow us to know. Former Prime Minister David Thompson said that the Four Seasons project was “extremely risky”. Now his old political friends are saying it’s no problem.

Why is the truth and transparency so difficult to find on this island?

That’s easy: because the political elites like it that way so they won’t pass Integrity Legislation or Freedom of Information.

Do you believe Christ Sinckler?

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Four Seasons high profile buyers sue for deposits as Barbados NIS invests $60 million

Aidan Heavey, Lucian Grange file lawsuits in Barbados Supreme Court

One day, two headlines

From The Independent…

Tullow Oil chief sues developers as work on Caribbean resort is halted

TULLOW Oil chief Aidan Heavey is suing the developers of a luxury hotel and villa complex in the Caribbean after construction stalled following the credit crunch…

…The Irish Independent has learned that Mr Heavey and Universal Music’s Lucian Grange have both filed legal actions at the Supreme Court of Barbados; Mr Heavey and Mr Grange are demanding to recover deposits they put down for luxury homes at the planned resort.

The site now resembles “a half-built ghost estate”, according to some Irish tourists who recently visited the area…

The Supreme Court of Barbados confirmed to the Irish Independent that it has received a series of lawsuits over the stalled project, which has angered many local Barbadians who fear taxpayers may have to pay for any bailout if it fails. (Full story at The Independent)

From The Nation…

NIS funds going to build hotel

Every cent of the $60 million to be invested by the National Insurance Scheme (NIS) in the Four Seasons project will be used to construct the luxury hotel.

Furthermore, Professor Avinash Persaud, who is heading efforts to restart the stalled project, insisted that Barbados’ debt to gross domestic product (GDP) would not be affected in any way by the NIS investment in the hotel and villa project.

Persaud made these statements on state-owned Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation yesterday as he responded to public concerns about Government’s involvement in the West Coast entity. (Full story at The Nation)


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