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DLP – BLP legacy? “Twenty years ago we had everything going for us and we blew it.”

Graeme Hall Watershed: DLP government voted to develop the last green space between airport and the city

After we’ve sold all the land, what’s left?

by Peltdownman

Look, it’s like this. Over the past 15 years, Barbados’ so-called prosperity has been based solely on our selling of land to foreigners, and looking after other people’s money.

Barbados is a “do-nothing” country. The level of inertia in both government and the public service is staggering. The country is dominated by party politics, which itself has nothing to do with the betterment of ordinary citizens, but is based on who can pocket the most out of what is available. The list of matters on which no action has been taken by either party when in government is endless, and it cannot only be put down to indolence. It has to be because vested interests are at stake. I would be happy for someone to give me another explanation.

“PRIME MINISTER OWEN ARTHUR last night defended the sale of Barbadian land to foreign investors, saying the country had to be able to pay its bills.”

… from the September 28, 2006 Nation News article Paying by Land

Twenty years ago we had everything going for us and we blew it. Of course more emphasis on manufacturing and agriculture would have helped stave off some of the problems that we have now. But it was too easy to sell land, especially on the beach, and comments from visitors who claim that they will not come back often refer to the lack of sea views. Hindsight can be 20/20, but with so little agricultural land left (check the Google Earth picture of Barbados), the way forward will be very difficult. Hi-tech manufacturing is a great idea, but our educational system is not geared to man it, and we need venture capitalists and a legal system than can accommodate these industries quickly. It will never happen.

It’s over for the way of life that we have become accustomed to. Live with it. Continue reading


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