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CLICO SCANDAL: Lawrence Duprey’s Wife Bought Yet Another Florida Mansion As The Company Was Failing

Mrs. Duprey Is Also CL Financial Board Member!

Mrs. Duprey Is Also CL Financial Board Member

Mrs. Duprey Owns 4 Florida USA Mansions On The Same Street – Worth Over US$14 Million

At the same time that CLICO parent CL Financial was failing, Sylvia Baldini – Deputy Chairman of CL Financial and wife of big boss Lawrence Duprey – bought a fourth mansion on her Florida street for a cool US$3 million dollars. Yup… Mrs. Duprey owns four homes in Florida.

That sure makes me feel good about Barbados Prime Minister David Thompson handing 10 million dollars to bail out failing CLICO Barbados without hardly a thought. What security did Prime Minister Thompson receive for the ten million dollars? Hey… none a your bidness!

Keltruth Blog has been doing some online research and appears to have come up with a way to identifiy Florida real estate owned by non-residents!

Oh…..!!!! This should be fun. 🙂

Has anyone looked up “Owen Arthur”???

Don’t go to Keltruth unless you want to be even more infuriated…

Keltruth Blog: CLICO: Sylvia Baldini’s Four Multi-Million Dollar Homes In Florida!


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