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In memory of Eva Louise Kemeny Rausing

“Through her endeavours, both with her personal involvement and charitable contribution, Eva and Hans Kristian “saved” thousands of lives – tragically not her own. This is a stark reminder that the illness of addiction knows no social class or gender.”

A message from the Kemeny family

The Kemeny family is deeply distressed by the tragedy of their daughter, Eva’s, death and have seen the widespread worldwide media coverage of her difficulties over the last few days. Eva would have wanted the memory of her life to be used to benefit others facing similar addiction challenges in their lives. The Kemeny family hopes this tribute will be used to draw attention to the tragedy of drug addiction and to generate awareness and financial support for this cause in the future. In due course they will launch a foundation.

American philanthropist, loving wife and mother, who helped countless addicts, and children

By Tom Kemeny, Eva’s father

Eva Louise Kemeny was born on 7 March, 1964 exactly nine months and one week after Nancy and I were married in Goldsboro, North Carolina on 1 June, 1963.

Eva lifted by mum Nancy

Eva was born in the Matilda War Memorial Hospital on the Peak of Hong Kong. Our darling Eva was literally delivered by me and a 16 year old assistant nurse, since the doctor had failed to show-up. When Eva was born, I wrapped her up in a towel, still attached to Nancy’s umbilical cord, and held her up to show Nancy our beautiful first born. Nancy said, “Oh, a boy!” And I said, “Not exactly, what you’re seeing is the umbilical cord.” Thus Eva entered dramatically into our world.

From Hong Kong we moved to Sydney and from there to Milan where her sister, Be, was born. We then moved to Rome in 1967, where Eva attended the original Montessori Nursery. In 1970 we moved to London and Eva first attended Garden House School, and then later Queens Gate, followed by the American School in London. She was an immensely bright, loving but very shy little girl.

We think she started experimenting with drugs in her late teens to overcome her shyness. The drug dependency impacted poor Eva, and her attendance, at Occidental College in Los Angeles.

After attending many drug rehabilitation centres in the USA and the UK, Eva finally recovered in the late 1980’s. Her recovery was strong and, as is customary in the 12-Step Programme, she went around London and the UK sharing her life and experiences to explain that recovery is possible and to give hope and support to others. This became a major defining endeavour in her short life: to help others, especially those with drug addictions. Continue reading


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London Evening Standard fakes news photo of Hans and Eva Rausing in Barbados

Breaking original story: Please credit Barbados Free Press

London Evening Standard’s fake news photo!

News article: Barbados lifestyle is drugs, parties, polo, sex… and more drugs!

According to the London Evening Standard, our island home Barbados is nothing but a nest of wild parties, drugs and illicit sex that is somehow responsible for the death of Eva Rausing.

And then while writer Jane Mulkerrins expands little bits of information into a major story titled “Dark side of paradise… the death of Eva Rausing puts the spotlight on Barbados” the paper couldn’t find a photo of the Rausings in Barbados.

The motto of The London Evening Standard: “No photo? No problem! We’ll fake one!”

So they just PhotoShopped a picture of Hans and Eva and stuck it on a Barbados beach background.

Nowhere in the news article or on the photo does it indicate that this news photo is a fiction. It’s titled: “Tight circle: Hans and Eva Rausing as well as the Kemeneys and Kidds have houses on Barbados”

The real AP photo!

The real photo was taken by the Associated Press and shows the Rausings at Winfield House, London.

Hmmmmmmm…. I wonder what else London Evening Standard faked without telling its readers?


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Shocking photos of Eva and Hans Rausing show what drugs do

UPDATE: Hans Rausing lived with wife’s dead body for up to a week!

£15million mansion “drug den, living in squalor’

“Eva Rausing, the wife of an heir to the Tetra Pak fortune, may have lay dead for up to a week in a bedroom at the couple’s £50m central London home, it emerged yesterday.” The Independent

“It was total squalor. Really messy. You wouldn’t believe they were billionaires. It shows the effects of drugs. They couldn’t look after themselves or their house. They only used two rooms despite having dozens. It’s very sad indeed.” Mail Online

The photos…

Seven years ago…

(Hans & Eva Rausing photo used with permission: Copyright – www.donfeatures.com)

A few weeks ago…

click for large photo

Photos courtesy of Mail Online: The shocking decline of the TetraPak billionaire and his wife.

BFP: Eva Rausing found dead. Husband Hans Kristian Rausing arrested.


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BREAKING: Eva Rausing found dead. Husband Hans Kristian Rausing arrested.

(Hans & Eva Rausing photo used with permission: Copyright – www.donfeatures.com)

Billionaire Tetra-Pak drug addicts have Barbados home, ties

Tetra-Pak heir Hans Rausing is under arrest after his wife was found dead at their home in Cadogan Place, Chelsea, UK.

Heroin, crack cocaine

What a terrible end to wasted lives. They had all the opportunities that money could bring – but they had all the temptations too and they were not able to overcome their weaknesses. They could have done so much good for themselves, their four children, their families, for the world. They lacked nothing material, but they obviously lacked what is important.

Yes, this story is just breaking, and yes, we’re making some assumptions here – but we’re not pulling those assumptions out of thin air. So many people tried to get these two back on the narrow path, but sometimes there’s just nothing you can do. Even Prince Charles gave them a second chance.

Whatever happened, I’m sorry for Hans, sorry for Eva and their children, their families and just sorry for the whole damn mess. God knows some good people tried to help them.

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