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Taking A Break From Zimbabwe Cholera Epidemic: Mugabes’ US$92,000 Weekend Fashion Spree!

What’s The Use Of Being First Lady Of Zimbabwe If You Can’t Buy A US$3,000 Purse Once In A While?

Mrs. Mugabe Assaults Photographer Outside Luxury Hong Kong Hotel

Mrs. Mugabe Assaults Photographer Outside Luxury Hong Kong Hotel

You know how it is… all that cholera and famine is just sooooooo depressing that one must simply take a break from the white colonist oppressors who are causing the national crisis for Zimbabwe. And what better way to prepare yourself for next week’s challenges as a brutal dictator than to visit Hong Kong for a long weekend of shopping!

Budget rooms at the exclusive Shangri-La hotel in Hong Kong are a mere US$3,000 per night – a little more expensive than Sandy Lane, but oh so much closer to the graveyard of Africa. Or, as we call it, “Home in Zimbabwe”.

Yes, Rhodesia used to be called the “breadbasket” of Africa, but that was before. Now is now and things have changed a bit, you know.

But it’s nice that you can still buy a Jimmy Choo bag for a paltry US$3,000.

Now, can we talk about how Barbados can do its part to bail out Zimbabwe? You Bajans must understand that you owe us because, well, you just do that’s all…

Mrs Mugabe assaults our photographer outside her luxury Hong Kong hotel

A Sunday Times photographer has been beaten up and punched repeatedly in the face by the wife of President Robert Mugabe.

Grace Mugabe, 43, known as the First Shopper of Zimbabwe, flew into a rage when she was spotted last week leaving the exclusive Shangri-La hotel in Hong Kong. She has been staying there with her entourage at a cost of £2,000 a day while her country endures poverty, hunger and disease.

Holding a Jimmy Choo-style bag estimated to be worth at least £2,000, and hiding behind Cavalli rhine-stone-framed glasses with a red cashmere shawl over her head, she ordered her bodyguard to attack the photographer, Richard Jones.

While the guard tried to wrestle away Jones’s camera, she joined in the assault…

… continue reading this Sunday Times article link here

Meanwhile, Back At The Ranch…



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Barbados Government Minister Denis Lowe Seduced By The Dark Side

“If he [Prime Minister Thompson] was truly interested in meeting the challenges head-on, [he] ought to have had the courage to dismiss Lowe – and tell the country what compelled him to do it,”

… BLP Opposition Leader Mia Mottley in The Nation: LET LOWE GO! Mia: Minister should have been fired, not shifted

“Does ANYONE know why Denis Lowe was moved from his ministry? I know. I saw the document. Dr. Lowe via FAX asked a contractor how much he was prepared to pay him. What an IDIOT!!! BFP where are your investigative reporters. These jokers in government are behaving as though they do not see themself being in government beyond 2012/ 2013…”

“I am told that Dr. Lowe was scheduled to get his walking papers but Dr. Duguid messed up by going to the NATION ahead of time – remember when there was the front page article stating that Thompson was not happy with Lowe’s performance. This apparently made Thompson do a double take.”

… BFP reader Sad To Say commenting on BFP story link here

BLP Opposition Can’t Push Too Hard Because Of Own Skeletons In The Corruption Closet

This is a fine mess we find ourselves in – with a BLP Opposition that can’t talk too much about DLP Government corruption because of a decade and a half of corruption when the BLP formed the government…

AND… with the David Thompson DLP Government that was elected on promises to act honestly, implement ITAL (Integrity, Transparency & Accountability Legislation) now acting with as much arrogance and dishonesty as their predecessors.

Denis Lowe & David Thompson Promising Integrity Legislation

Lies Before The Election: Denis Lowe & David Thompson Promising Integrity Legislation

Denis Lowe – What Got Into You?

Dr. Denis Lowe didn’t win a seat in the 2004 election but during the campaign and for several years after he called for Integrity Legislation and his Charter for Change to be adopted in Barbados. Then we heard rumours that with the smell of possible victory in the air, some of Lowe’s DLP companions told him to shut up about integrity legislation.

And that is exactly what Dr. Lowe did. We never heard another word from Dr. Lowe about integrity legislation until the last minute cut and paste announcement during the final days of the January 2008 campaign.

Then only a few weeks after winning we saw that like most of the other DLP elected members, Dr. Lowe was now sporting a fine new vehicle and some fine new threads.

And he never spoke another word about Integrity Legislation or his Charter for Change.

Why Was Minister Lowe Moved From Urban Development?

BLP Opposition Leader Mia Mottley knows the reason that Denis Lowe was tossed from Urban Development, but in typical Bajan political fashion she can’t say too much because Thompson and the gang are poised to drop a couple of big ones on Mia and a few others if she starts to name names and get too detailed in the daily bash and shove of politics.

BFP reader Sad To Say has proven his insider credentials a couple of times in the past. He says that Denis Lowe was sacked for foolishly sending a fax to a contractor asking how much he was prepared to pay for a government contract.

Is Dr. Lowe stupid enough to have sent such a fax? Says one of our sources: “Lowe is like an idiot savant. A nice man who is extremely talented in some areas, but has no idea how the real world works. Could he have sent a fax like that? Short answer: yes.”

IF that is what happened, David Thompson is very foolish not to have sacked Lowe completely. If it was something else, then David Thompson is very foolish not to have met the Opposition leader’s comment head on with facts instead of his little dance of words designed to cover-up what did happen.

Either way, something happened and the citizens of Barbados are disgusted that the current DLP government has as little transparency and accountability as the last BLP government.

As for Dr. Lowe, whether or not such a fax was sent by him – we are so disappointed that he traded his calls for integrity legislation for silence and a few material goods.


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Barbados Government Minister Patrick Todd – Outright Lie And No Reporter Had The Courage To Call Him On It

Patrick Todd - Dishonest Barbados Government Minister

Patrick Todd - Dishonest Barbados Government Minister

“We’ve declared assets.”

…Patrick Todd, Minister of State in Education and Human Resources Development lies to Barbados and the world.

Barbados News Media Repeats Sickening Lie From a DLP Government Minister With Not Even A Blink

No, Mr. Todd, DLP Members of Parliament and Ministers in the David Thompson Barbados Government have NOT “declared assets” – as you well know.

You are a damned liar.

As is your Prime Minister and the rest of your DLP crew who promised over a year ago to “declare assets” as a matter of transparency and accountability. And not only did you lie to us about that – it is still legal for government officials like yourself to award juicy government contracts to companies owned or controlled by you or your family members.

Prime Minister Thompson could have changed that with a simple policy order but he has not done so. The reason Thompson won’t change the policy is that the DLP piggies are rolling in the trough and Thompson isn’t going to do anything to make the feast an illegal act.

Well Mr Todd, the Nation News may have a policy of assisting the government to deceive citizens about the total lack of any Integrity, Transparency or Accountability Legislation or policies adopted by the Thompson government, but we at Barbados Free Press assure you that we cannot be bought off by government advertising revenues.

You and your do-nothing “can’t even pass one piece of legislation in a year” government sicken us with your damned lies.

So we’re calling you on this one.



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Should Barbados Burn George Washington’s House?

george-washington-barbados.jpgAdmiral Nelson vs. George Washington – Different Standards Applied

In 1751 at the age of 19 years, George Washington, the future eighth leader of the revolutionary American colonies of Britain, spent two months in Bush Hill House in Barbados with his brother Lawrence. The house was restored in 2006 with the efforts of many under the Barbados National Trust and, as expected, is a big tourist draw that has gained international attention.

Using the same logic of those who oppose the statue of Admiral Nelson in Bridgetown, (and tongue in cheek) I state here and now that I believe the government of Barbados should burn the George Washington house to the ground in an internationally broadcast television spectacle.

Folks want to remove the Bridgetown statue of Admiral Horatio Nelson, because he strongly criticised anti-slavery crusader William Wilberforce and, although he never owned a slave, Nelson expressed support for the institution of slavery as a foundation of the British Empire.

In contrast to Nelson’s verbal support for slavery, George Washington actually owned slaves – hundreds of them. At age 11, George Washington owned ten slaves, and thus was a slave owner when he stayed in Barbados in 1751. When he died, Washington had 316 slaves at his Mount Vernon estate with the ownership of these wretched human beings split between Washington and his wife. Oh yes… Washington also rented 40 slaves from a neighbour.

Nothing Like A Little Walk At Night To Warm The Blood!

And just like the other Virginia slave owners and other big men of the day including Thomas Jefferson, good old Georgy Boy visited the slave quarters once in a while to claim all the benefits of owning other human beings. Female slaves couldn’t say “no” to Massa, and Washington’s late night walks increased his slave holdings in the most economical way. Do a little research if you have any doubts – save your outrage for Georgy-Boy himself, Okay?

bridgetown_barbados_nelson_statueSo what do you say folks? Should the Nelson statute be tossed in the ocean (because arguments about “moving” the statue aren’t really about moving the statue, they are about dishonouring Nelson publicly.)

And if we dishonour Nelson without the same treatment for Washington, aren’t we the biggest hypocrites?

Or should we leave history as history, and instead of destroying or concealing it – explain these two great men in the context of their times, warts and all?

What say you?

Further Reading

Nation News: The Moore Things Change – Admiral Nelson

CNN: Barbados saved home where Washington Slept

Official Website: George Washington House Barbados

Wikipedia: George Washington and His Slaves

History News Network: George Washington’s Slave Child?


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Simon Cowell Spending An Adulterous Christmas In Barbados?

simon-cowell-sinittaDoes Being Married Really Matter Anymore?

Marriage matters or it doesn’t. Why should a man bother? As some comedian once said, “The next time I want to get married, I should just find a woman I don’t like and buy her a house.”

Mrs. Sinetta Willner (otherwise known as Sinetta), her mother and Mr. & Mrs. Willner’s two adopted children will be spending Christmas with Simon Cowell in Barbados. Mrs. Willner is telling the tabloids that she has always been, and is still in love with Mr. Cowell. (Story links here and here)

Mr. Wilner will be in Hong Kong. Mr. & Mrs. Wilner are still married.

Should I care? Should the world care? Does it matter?

And if it doesn’t matter, does marriage matter anymore? Should we just forget about marriage and let the chips fall where they may?

As a still-healthy man who is long past the desire to start a family, part of me says  the days of “shunning” adulterous couples are long, long gone. Yet another part of me says that the big losers in all this dethroning of marriage are women.

Why buy the cow when you can enjoy the milk for free?

Cowell obviously agrees and tells the press he’s just out for a good time.



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Barbados Government Minister Byer-Suckoo Cautions “Not To Get Our Hopes Up” Waiting For Child Abuse Reporting Legislation

Byer-Suckoo As Useless As… Oh, Never Mind!

In a year as a Cabinet Minister, Esther Byer-Suckoo has not created or introduced even one piece of legislation in any of her areas of responsibility. She did not introduce any new regulations or do anything that involved an actual result. Lots of talk but zero action.

blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah - Byer-Suckoo is All Talk, Zero Action

blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah - Byer-Suckoo is All Talk, Zero Action

And just to put it in perspective, Byer-Suckoo isn’t all that different from most of the other Ministers in the DLP Barbados Government. Lots of talk, but very little real action. Very little “doing” that produces an actual result or change in the status quo.

Now Byer-Suckoo is talking again – this time about the Child Care Board being “in the process of developing a national reporting protocol for child abuse.”

Key words here are “in the process of developing…”

Meaning “Nothing done in a whole year. No real action. No results. Wunna hear a lot of talk and nothing else.”

And knowing that ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WILL HAPPEN, Byer-Suckoo tries to cover her own butt by cautioning that nothing will happen…

“I have been cautioned that legal work takes long and I mustn’t get my hopes up but I believe that the work with families and especially children is paramount. . .so I will dare to get up my hopes, regardless of how high those fruit are hanging,” says Byer-Suckoo.

Isn’t that sweet? Byer-Suckoo has mastered the art of sucking and blowing at the same time. Hey… she is all for the children, but nothing is going to happen and it is the fault of those damned lawyers!

Please… will Thompson please fire this do-nothing and put someone in there who will actually make something happen? Ahh… on second thought, Thompson doesn’t have anyone better to replace her so never mind.

And to further the deception the Nation News titles their article New Protocol For Reporting Child Abuse AS IF SOMETHING ACTUALLY WAS ACHIEVED! What liars they are at the Nation newspaper. There was no result. No new child protocol was created or implemented. What liars.

Want a laugh? Think about this: If the Barbados news media refused to report government speeches about “going to do this” and “going to do that” – how many news articles could they print where a government minister showed that something had actually been done?


Barbados Has No Law Requiring The Reporting Of Suspected Child Abuse – And The DLP Government Will Not Create Such A Law!

Byer-Suckoo is talking about creating a “protocol” which is another way of saying that she and the DLP government do not intend to create a law requiring professionals to report suspected child abuse. A “protocol” is without the force of law. Medical and teaching professionals who fail to report child abuse will not face legal sanctions for keeping quiet.

There are certain laws that are now a given in civilised countries. Laws dealing with drinking and driving, wife abuse and child abuse are foundational to protecting innocent people – but successive Barbados governments have failed miserably to enact and enforce these laws.

The Thompson government is no different.

How Do You Change Culture, Performance and Yes, Even Morality? You Change The Law and Enforce It Uniformly – Public Attitudes & Compliance Will Follow

Members of Parliament and legislators in other countries are sometimes referred to as “lawmakers” – a recognition of the importance of political leadership in setting, directing and achieving big-picture strategic goals through making laws. Members of Parliament are not supposed to be “administrators” of government. We have a civil service for that.

Can someone please tell me of one law that the DLP passed in their first year that changed our society in any way? Any law?

OK folks… especially all you DLP supporters. Please… tell us about one law that the DLP passed during their first year that actually changed something in our society in any way.

Over to you, DLP supporters…


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Why Is Barbados HIV Infection Rate 50% Higher Than The Caribbean Average?

“In the Caribbean the infection rate is 1.2% and here in Barbados it’s around 1.8%,”

…Dr Carol Jacobs, Barbados National Aids Commission talking to BBC (link here)

Barbados HIV Infection Rate Is 50% Higher Than Regional Average!

Once in a while we see an interesting convergence of news on the internet and this week it is happening with HIV-Aids news.

First we had the head of the Barbados Family Planning Association saying that medical professionals should not notify spouses if their husband or wife has been diagnosed HIV positive. The vast majority of our readers were appalled at George Griffith’s idiocy and many said so commenting on our article Barbados Family Planning Association Head: If The Husband Has HIV/Aids, Don’t Tell The Wife !

In Barbados, George Griffith thinks that the priority is protecting the man with HIV at the expense of his women partners. In Canada, they just locked up a man with HIV for having unprotected sex. He got 18 years in prison!

Then we had Barbados Government Minister Sinckler having to defend Barbados’s human rights record before the United Nations Human Rights Council’s Universal Periodic Review process in Geneva, Switzerland. Sinckler stated that Barbados would not be decriminalising homosexual acts or distributing condoms in prison “until such time as a full and proper national discourse on the issues can be engaged,

Such time for a national discourse on these subjects being NEVER according to successive Barbados governments – and the DLP Thompson government is no different.

Barbados Free Press long ago addressed the issue of condoms in prison in our article Barbados Government Hypocrisy: Condoms, AIDS, HIV and Dodds Prison. As we said again in May of this year…

The hypocrisy, lies and horse manure being spread by Dr. Byer-Suckoo and the Barbados Government would be humorous – except that real people are going to die because of it.

The truth is that the Government of Barbados does not wish to distribute condoms to the men in Dodds prison because homosexual sex is against the law in Barbados. The government cannot bring itself to distribute condoms in the prison knowing that the rubbers will be used by men for homosexual sex.

Nor can the government bring itself to legalise homosexual sex so that condoms could be made available to men in prison without any legal or political arguments about facilitating criminal behaviour.

That is the truth about why the government will not be distributing condoms to the prisoners.

With such policies, you can expect that our HIV infection rate will continue to be 50% higher than the rest of the Caribbean. The government knows it could do something about it in Dodds Prison but will not. Meanwhile we lock up healthy young men for years with only other men and tell them to control their urges because it would be immoral and illegal for us to give them access to condoms. I mean, our last Prime Minister dropped babies all over the place because he couldn’t control his urges, so how do we expect young men in jail to be celibate?


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Barbados Government Gives $19 Million To Rich Racing Horse Owners As It Pleads For International Funds

Government’s Wealthy Friends Benefit From Your Tax Dollars

A few weeks ago, the Barbados Government of Prime Minister Thompson was bragging that the National Housing Corporation had collected over $600,000 in back rents from poor tenants who are behind. Always one to throw a positive spin on any government in power, the Nation Newspaper titled its article $600,000 In The Bag

“In the bag for whom?” the paper should have been asking.

Easy enough… in the bag for rich racehorse owners called the Barbados Turf Club who were just given NINETEEN MILLION of YOUR tax dollars by Prime Minister Thompson so the big boys can continue to have fun with their hobby horses. (see Government Writes Off BTC’s $19 Million Dollar Debt)

Meanwhile in Miami, Prime Minister Thompson spoke at the Conference on the Caribbean and Central America with cup in hand – telling those developed nations that they had better help the poor people of Barbados. Not to mention that his government just cleared the way to borrow another 1.5 BILLION dollars that YOU and your children and their children will pay for.

And by a strange coincidence (cough, cough) some of the benefactors of this $19 million dollar wad of cash are none other than people who gave money to the Democratic Labour Party’s recent election campaign!

How Was The $19 Million Spent By The Barbados Turf Club?

You only thought you were electing a new government. After almost a year in power the DLP Barbados Government is acting exactly like its corrupt predecessors of the Barbados Labour Party.

So let’s have some transparency from Prime Minister David Thompson – who is such a fan of integrity, freedom of information and transparency. Here are some questions, and I’m sure our readers can help with a few more as the citizens of Barbados attempt to discover exactly how our tax dollars were spent by the wealthy race horse owners of the Barbados Turf Club.

Dear Prime Minister Thompson,

In light of the millions upon millions of tax dollars that have been spent by the Barbados Turf Club, please answer the following questions…

1/ Who owns the Barbados Turf Club?

2/ What assets does the BTC have, and what are its liabilities and to whom are the liabilities owed?

3/ Here is a list of the Board of Directors. How much in cash or other benefits has each person received in the last five years?

The following persons are on the Board of Directors of the Barbados Turf Club:

Sir David Seale – President
Mr. Stephen Walcott – Vice President
Mr. Bruce Bayley
Mr. Duane Burke
Mr. Anthony Da Silva
Mrs. Pamela Marshall
Mr. Luther G. Miller III J.P.
Lord Michael Taylor
Sir Denys Williams KCMG GCM

4/ Are any of the Board of Directors or their families or associated corporations amongst the creditors of the Barbados Turf Club who will be or were recipients of any payments from the BTC in the last five years?

5/ Are any politicians of any party, or their family members or associated corporations amongst the creditors of the Barbados Turf Club who will be or were recipients of any payments from the BTC in the last five years?

6/ How much money in “campaign donations” was received by the DLP in the last five years from any of the Barbados Turf Club board members, or their family members or associated corporations?

That will do for a start. Barbados Free Press readers… give ’em HELL…


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Barbados Family Planning Association Head: If The Husband Has HIV/Aids, Don’t Tell The Wife !

“It is going to take a longer time, I think, and you must allow the counselling process to work, but not entertain any thought of third party notification until your client is ready to divulge that information either with or without your assistance,”…

… George Griffith, Barbados Family Planning Association head and typical “women are playthings” Bajan male, explains why he would knowingly let an HIV-positive husband continue to keep the disease secret from his wife in the Nation newspaper article Let Patient Reveal HIV Status.

Shona of Barbados Free Press Comments…

I cannot tell you how angry I am at George Griffith at this moment. I think he casually plays with the lives of women. I don’t care how he justifies it: if he or any medical professional knew that my husband had HIV and didn’t tell me, no one could contain my fury.

George Griffith is a menace to the health of every woman on this island.

Shona with Cliverton


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Youth Worker: Women In Barbados Not Counseled Before or After Abortion, PLUS… Abortions Provider George Griffith Talks About Profits Being Made From Abortions

“They said they did not get enough information or counseling. They were only given a form to fill out and the abortion was done,”

… Barbados Youth Worker Marcia Weeks talks about the bad experience of women having abortions in Barbados in the Jamaica Observer article Forum calls for definition of lawful abortion

Move ‘Em In, Abort and Move ‘Em Out – The Business Of Making Money Doing Abortions

There is an interesting contrast today between two online articles about abortion in Barbados. First we have a very balanced article posted online at the Jamaica Observer that provides a fair discussion of abortion with all sides having a say.

Barbados Youth Worker Marcia Weeks complains that Barbados abortion providers don’t provide counseling to women contemplating an abortion or to those who have had an abortion. “Just sign here” is how Ms. Weeks describes what happens to many pregnant women who are considering an abortion.

As we and others have pointed out before – when people in the abortion industry make more profits when they abort more babies, it is only natural that they will favour abortion over having the child born alive. Thus “Just sign here”.

Then we have abortions provider and sorry excuse for a failed BLP politician George Griffith writing in the Nation newspaper that even those who “benefit financially” from abortions don’t rejoice. (Nation article here)

Well, the abortion industry may not “rejoice” but they sure do like to market their services! And the more abortions they perform, the more money they make. That’s pretty simple to see even for an abortion cheerleader like Griffith.

And… from the independent observation of a local youth worker, Barbados abortions providers like George Griffith and his staff don’t bother counseling women before or after their abortions. The women arrive frightened, confused and abused. More often than not they have no idea of the size of the child in their womb, and no idea of the ability of the unborn child to feel pain, to sleep and to explore their world.

Nope… for George and his staff it is “Just sign here” as they move ’em in and move ’em out.

No wonder so many women have breakdowns after they have the abortion and then learn the truth about their unborn child.

Oh well – no one can claim that George Griffiths and his staff aren’t efficient! I suppose that is something to be proud of.


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Barbados Freedom Of Information Meeting #1

Our old friend Ian Bourne attended Wednesday’s first FOI meeting and gave a presentation to the committee.

He has a comprehensive report posted at Bajan Reporter link here.

Comments on this thread are off. FOI discussions at BFP take place here.

Comments Off on Barbados Freedom Of Information Meeting #1

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