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Earth Day, Easter and bad consequences of good intentions

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For Easter, Earth Day and Lenin’s Birthday 2011, Cliverton asks:

“What wrong ideas are we still embracing because we love unquestioned dogma and ritual?”

Has mindless environmental religion killed the value of Earth Day?

Welcome to Earth Day, also known for 2011 as Good Friday. The two religious observances fall together this year on April 22nd.

Lest the religious status of Earth Day be contested by current generations, right from the start the day had religious overtones, and it was intended that way. Author Margaret Mead declared “Earth Day is the first holy day which transcends all national borders…” Thirty years after Mead voiced her opinion, the United Nations designated April 22 International “Mother Earth” Day. Think of the Greek Goddess “Gaia” (Earth Mother), read some WWF or GreenPeace propaganda and you’ll get the point.

But like other holy days, the special soon became the norm. Commitment and action gave way to routine and Earth Day became a once a year public outing like Christmas or Easter… or Lenin’s Birthday. Continue reading


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