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Not A Single Chartered Engineer In The Entire Barbados Civil Service!

“Do you know the principal reason why Barbados is experiencing so many flooding problems in 2008?  Perhaps this can help. In the 1970’s there were several Chartered Engineers working in the Ministry of Public Works. Today, there is not a single Chartered Engineer in the entire Civil Service of Barbados. It is a lack of knowledge problem.”

… from Grenville Phillips II’s article Dear New Drainage Minister

Is Barbados A Real Country?

Sometimes you come upon something so absurd that it just stops you cold. Grenville Phillips II’s statement “Today, there is not a single Chartered Engineer in the entire Civil Service of Barbados” did it for me.

Assuming this statement is true (and truly, Grenville is a straight forward person. I’d be very surprised if the statement isn’t 100% accurate) then maybe Grenville has found not only the root cause of the drainage problems, but one of the reasons that Barbados gets taken for a ride every time we construct a major project like the prison, the Oval, the flyovers etc etc etc.

You can bet the people we’re dealing with have a chartered engineer or five on staff!

Not to mention that Barbados lost an entire family in 2007 due to a lack of professional engineering knowledge.

What About It, Prime Minister Thompson?

Mr. Prime Minister… after a year, your government owns the mess. What have you done to ensure that Barbados has professional engineers supervising every design and construction project our country undertakes?

Oh… I see.


Yup… same old, same old.


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