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Reduced bus service targets working poor

When you drive a BMW SUV, you don’t give a damn about bus service for working folks!

“Recently some bus routes were downgraded to a 2 hour schedule. That is fine during off peak hours, but how about every 30 minutes during rush hours? That will certainly help the poor working class and those who depend on the service.

Just an idea for the smart people at scheduling.”

contributed by BFP reader “M”

Time to limit cars & road construction.

Invest in public transit that works

When the bus schedule changes were announced, the government SAID that service would be maintained more frequently “where needed”. That didn’t last long, did it? What the government doesn’t seem to get is that the service has to be there, frequent and RELIABLE before greater numbers of passengers will trust the service enough to rely upon it for work.

We agree 100% with our reader “M”, but we’ll take that much further…

It is time to limit the number of 4 wheeled vehicles per household as Bermuda did years ago. It is time to stop building new roads and to start investing in public transit that works. Two hour bus service is a joke.

You want to empower ordinary working people? You want to give them more money in their pockets? Make personal autos a luxury and not a necessity as they are now.

You want to ease traffic congestion? Don’t build more roads for more cars. Instead, make it easy and affordable to own a scooter or small displacement motorcycle. Take the duty off motorcycles under 150cc and off electric motorcycles and bicycles.

We cannot keep going the way we’re going with the only “solution” being more personal autos on more and wider roads. This madness must stop!


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Can Barbados produce an Electric Cycle for the world?

CameronEV – Electric Vehicles rejects substandard shoddy bikes

Will CameronEV set up manufacturing in Barbados?

We’ve followed the adventures our friend David Cameron for 2 years as he performed real world testing of electric bicycles in Barbados. David’s company CameronEV – Electric Vehicles is based in Ottawa Canada, and every four or five months he arrives in Bim with new technology and bigger plans.

BFP readers followed Cameron’s struggles to make it up Sugar Hill in 2009 and then guffawed in 2010 when he claimed he’d driven 176kms on the island for the sum total of one US dollar. That is, we laughed until we realized he’d done just that. Hmmmmmm… kind of makes the old blue Toyota look like the pig that it is!

We watched with surprise last April as David arrived in Hastings at a certain night spot with a pretty girl on the back and immediately collected a fairly substantial crowd of onlookers who were fascinated with the electric bike. (Clive shifted his attention to the bike too when he discovered that the lady in question was Mrs. Cameron. Hey… nice to see that Clive has some scruples left!)

“There is a cultural shift happening – solo BMW 4×4 drivers are the new smokers.”

Late in 2010, Cameron Industries (Barbados) was born with the goal of helping Barbados to go green – but as we saw earlier this year in March during David’s big test report, the quality of Electric-assisted bikes, well, sucks.

There are design and manufacturing problems with waterproofing of electrical components, corrosion of parts in our salt air and other issues that David can’t seem to solve no matter which supplier he looks to.

The David Cameron solution? Design and build better quality Electric bikes – and build them here in Barbados if possible.

Government MP Stephen Lashley, BlackBerry, BMWs

Dave has plans. Big plans. The world is changing. Economical and reliable personal transportation is part of that change. There is a cultural shift happening – solo BMW 4×4 drivers are the new smokers. It will take time, but eventually conspicuous consumption and waste of energy will be looked at with disdain. Solo drivers of gas-guzzlers are the new smokers.

We have to live smaller. That doesn’t mean living inconveniently or without the freedom and economic benefits that come from access to personal transportation – but we can no longer afford the cost, waste and abuse of resources that it takes to drive a big 4×4 solo for every trip. Even if individuals can afford to drive their BMW 4x4s everywhere, we as a society can’t afford it.

From the website of CameronEV Electric Vehicles

Rejection of Electric Vehicles made in the Far-East, India, the EU and North America; and the way ahead for the future.

Coupled with our research and testing in Canada and Barbados, CameronEV-Electric Vehicles attempt to obtain suitable units has proved to be totally futile from the current suppliers.

In the interests of our clients, CameronEV-Electric Vehicles will not order the units that are available due to the substandard quality of product and manufacturer service available.

The outcome of having no new units for 2011 is a reality.

The way-ahead…. Continue reading


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HELP! Electric Bike needs a charge point at Oistins

We’ve been following the adventures of Canadian David Cameron for almost two years as he tested electric bikes in Barbados. David is back on the island staying in Holetown and he’s going to try to use his electric bike to get to Oistins and back this Friday night.

He needs a charge point at Oistins to top up his bike so he can make it home again. Can anyone help out? He’ll only use 25 cents of electricity and he’d probably be happy to purchase a cutter or a beer if some wonderful person like Marcia will let him plug in to 110VAC.

If anyone can help out, David’s contact info is at the end of the article, or you could put the invitation in the comments section. Here’s his note to us… Continue reading


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CameronEV completes electric vehicle tests in Barbados

by David Cameron

After 18 months the testing of e-bykes (electric bicycles) in Barbados is complete and the results analyzed. The following summary of analysis has taken into account current regulations determined from the Barbados Ministry of Transport.

The 500Watt Canadian versions used for the testing were adequate for majority of Barbados as long as the inclines are not too steep (>12°). The Canadian versions can be used as a mode of transportation for over 75% of Barbados. Continue reading


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Cameron Electric Vehicles aiming to help Barbados go green!

Another Cameron electric-bicycle tour coming to Barbados in October

Barbados and being environmentally green

submitted by: Cameron EV Electric Vehicles

It was grand to see the media treatment regarding Arbor Day.

A Nation News newspaper article on Sep 23, 2010 featuring a tree planting at the Accra Beach Hotel & Spa caught my reading. The article stated that the Accra Beach Hotel & Spa is a ‘certified green hotel’. Investigation of this ‘green hotel certification’ revealed the Accra Beach Hotel & Spa is registered with ‘Green Globe’ for membership and certification. Well done to the Accra Beach Hotel Green Team.

With ten (10) resorts, hotels and guesthouses in Barbados having Green Globe Accreditation it is evident tourists are concerned about the environment.

With the testing of electric power-assisted bicycles (e-bikes) by CameronEV-Electric Vehicles in Barbados, (with three (3) e-bikes and over 2,000 km traveled over the past year) the lack of environmental awareness in Barbados is evident in most places we traveled. Continue reading


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Electric Bicycle test in Barbados: Cost of traveling 176kms: US$1

Canadian supplier calls for Barbados tax exemption for Electric Bicycles

Our friend David Cameron of CameronEV (Electric Vehicles) in Ottawa Canada just completed stage two of testing an electric bicycle here in Barbados.

Last November we reported the first stage of the test where David used an EMoto™ Milano electric bike to roam around the island. Everything worked out fine until the bike couldn’t make it coming up to Sugar Hill. But as one of our readers (John Da Silva) remarked, even that “failure” showed that the e-bike could satisfy 95% of people on 95% of their journeys in Barbados.

David Cameron returned to Barbados in March and was successful with his continuing series of journeys around the island to test the e-bike’s capabilities. Here’s what he wrote to BFP…

The parish of St. Phillips has been conquered.

The red and white Milano e-bike visited the East Point Lighthouse, located at Ragged Point and made it back to town easily.

David Cameron returned the end of March and picked up the e-bike from Demario Cycle World where a customer assessment had been conducted.

Interesting to discover that the price of the e-bike at $5299BBD was considered high. Majority felt they would pay less than $4000BBD for an e-bike. The problem is the only way to get that price is for the government to let electric bicycles (e-bikes) be tax exempt.

The e-bike under test is a true electric bicycle under Canadian and international law. This type of vehicle should be granted a tax exemption.

Again a thanks to the patrons and staff at Buffy’s in Inch Marlow for assistance.”

Barbados transportation policies are unsustainable

As BFP has pointed out many times in the past, our current transportation policy has remained unchanged for 50 years. Our policy is accurately described as more cars on more roads and when those roads become jammed, increase the capacity again to allow more cars… and so on.

Many of our old roads can’t be widened or otherwise improved without destroying houses or doing some very expensive cutting into hills. When they originally laid out Bridgetown they weren’t planning on two ZR vans passing while meeting a bus!

In different and simpler times we had a railway, but that gave way to private autos and diesel powered buses. At a certain population and lifestyle that worked for a while, but Friday afternoons anywhere near the city should convince you that things aren’t working so well anymore.

Using the Toyota 4×4 or BMW to pick up some bread

Have a look around you next time you’re stuck in traffic: most of the cars have only the driver and no passengers. How far are they driving? Why are they taking this particular journey? To pick up some bread? To pick up their husband in the city?

Creep ahead for 10 seconds then sit for 30 seconds. What a waste of time, energy, fuel and money.

Now watch the odd motorcycle or scooter… ZIP! Away they go right past you. 20 minutes later you’re still siting in traffic and the bike rider is hoisting a cold Banks beer, relaxing and thinking about the day.

PM Thompson says "Conserve, make-do"

Times have changed, but people are pretending it isn’t so!

Prime Minister Thompson has been delivering a steady message of conservation and change in lifestyle for the last nine or ten months but many folks haven’t thought about what he is saying in a serious manner. The Prime Minister’s message can be boiled down to this: “Make do with less. Be satisfied with less. Don’t give up on the future, but for now the world has changed.”

The Prime Minister is telling the truth. Things have changed. Our hotels are half full. The tourists we see aren’t spending as they were even last year. Businesses are closing (Goodbye Miles! We gon miss you!)

Many Bajan homes have two vehicles sitting out front. We have to re-think this.

What do you think folks? Could you personally use an electric bicycle or motorcycle as your primary vehicle? If you have two autos in your household, could you make do with one auto and one e-bike?

Let’s hear what you have to say!

(Story suggested and partially written by BFP reader RLL. Thanks, RLL!)

Further Reading

Cameron Electric Vehicles, Ottawa Canada & Barbados

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Barbados Electric Bicycle Experience – Great, until Sugar Hill

Barbados e-bike


David Cameron of Ottawa, Canada commenced conducting a preliminary feasibility study in Barbados with an EMoto™ Milano brand e-bike for his company CameronEV (Electric Vehicles).

The study started with using the Milano e-bike on the South Coast in St. Micheal & Christ Church and expanded Parish by Parish up the West Coast to the Parish of St. Lucy then down through St. Andrew to the Ecolodge – Barbados in Mellowes, St. Joseph.

A distance total of 176km was tested over a five-day period Oct 8-12 ending with the hill coming out of Mellowes up to Sugar Hill proving to be too much for the e-bike configuration under test. The Parish of St. Joseph remains to be conquered by the ‘green’ machine along with the Parishes of St. John, St. George and St. Phillips upon David Cameron’s return in late November/early December.

Amazingly, the electric current cost a total of $2.00 Barbados Dollars recharging nightly and periodically during refreshment stops along the way.

It was very evident that the people in Barbados know how to “Share the Road”. The drivers in Canada and the United States could learn a lot from the Bajan drivers about sharing the road and being courteous. The e-bike maximum speed of 32km/h meant the e-bike needed to be passed on the road and the short horn toot people gave as they passed did make one feel safer.

David Cameron would also like to thank both the establishments that allowed the e-bike to be periodically topped up and the people along the way who asked questions and offered both refreshments and let the e-bike be topped up from their house current. A very special thank-you goes to Grahame & Andrea Reeves-Law of the Ecolodge-Barbados for their assistance and guidance, Champion Wrecker Services for the flat-bed truck service, Mr. White of St. Joseph when the Mellowes Hill proved too much, the patrons at a refreshment stand in Inch Marlow for their wisdom on bicycle licensing, Alfred in Oistins for the bicycle licence assistance, the Blue Moon Guesthouse in Rockley for their assistance and Mr. Jerry Spooner of Spoons Customs Brokerage for the tremendous assistance in getting the study & testing underway.

David Cameron looks forward to returning and completing the feasibility study. All in all, very very positive thus far.



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