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Barbados road deaths: 240% higher rate than UK

Another year without modern anti-drunk driving laws

Be careful out there!

As Independence Day, Christmas and the new year arrive, BFP wants to remind our readers to have fun, but be careful because drunk drivers think that they are “the reason for the season”.

Our friends at the Barbados Road Safety Association recently placed 28 markers at various places around the island to remind us that Barbados is averaging 28 road fatalities a year. We thank them for that valuable service and the good work the BRSA does all year.

And we confess that we loved it earlier this year when BRSA President Sharmane Roland Bowen asked Are the police looking for someone to do their jobs for them?

The BRSA publicity campaigns save lives. Folks see the crosses and slow down. They read about the campaign and plan how they will get home before they have their first drink and maybe grab the car keys from a friend who’s had too much. Who knows how many lives have been saved by the BRSA’s efforts? Maybe even your life or the lives of your loved ones and friends.

But publicity campaigns can only do so much. If we want to change the culture of drinking and driving in Barbados, we must enact modern laws and give the police the tools to protect us. Continue reading


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