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Pet Kidney Failures: Tainted Pet Food Still Killing Pets In Barbados?

“I thought that the tainted Chinese pet food scandal was over, but then two dogs from the same household died within days of each other – both from kidney failure! This happened in Barbados. Later, I was speaking to a friend in Canada, and his sister’s cat had just died from unexplained kidney failure. If your pet was lethargic (without energy), vomiting, and then died from kidney failure it is possible that it may have eaten either melamine-tainted food or possibly a medication like aspirin. (Rat poison (Warfarin) has very different symptoms like bleeding.)…”

… from the Keltruth Blog major article Did your pet die suddenly from kidney failure? Tainted petfood could be the cause.

Keltruth Blog Looks At Tainted Human & Pet Food Ingredients From China

Our friends at Keltruth Blog have published a well researched major article on pet-food deaths in Barbados and elsewhere – along with a look at the poisoned ingredients that made it into the human food chain during the China poisoned food scandal.

Upon reading their article, we have to agree – it is not over yet, folks.

Are any pet foods in Barbados affected? How can you protect yourself, your family and your pets?

Keltruth Blog has some of the answers in a well-researched and easy-reading story LINK HERE.

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Photo: Our sympathies to Aliza Sherman in Anchorage, Alaska who lost her beloved Chewie to a mysterious illness. She blogged about looking after her pet in Chewie’s final days at Cyber Chewie – Caring For A Dying Dog


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