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Bajan Reporter Vows “We Shall Never Surrender” On Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary – But The Barbados News Media Already Surrendered

Barbados Government Sends A Message To Do-Gooder Environmental Philanthropists - Thanks For Raising The Value Of Our Condos!

Barbados Government Sends A Message To Do-Gooder Environmental Philanthropists - "Thanks For Raising The Value Of Our Condo Projects, You Suckers!"

Ian Bourne Highlights Silence Of Barbados News Media

It has been well over a month since noted Canadian philanthropist Peter Allard shook the Bajan sand from his shoes and closed the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary. The sanctuary was not closed for economic reasons…

Unfortunately, developers and their politician friends in both the DLP and BLP want to develop the primarily government-owned lands around the sanctuary and they have fought tooth and nail to prevent the establishment of the proposed Graeme Hall National Park that would have protected the sanctuary and provided some desperately needed public green space on the concrete-jungle south coast. The owner of the sanctuary understandably gave up on Barbados when he found that the new DLP government intends to develop and profit from the Graeme Hall wetlands area just as the last bunch did.

Ian Bourne has some thoughts on the news media’s silence on this debacle in his article – Sounds of Silence from Barbadian Mainstream Media and Gov’t for closure of Graeme Hall Sanctuary: 1 month, 5 days


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