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Nation reporters implement Barbados Free Press suggestions – return to hospital morgue

Friends, it looks like some reporters from The Nation newspaper read BFP’s article Night of the Living Dead in Barbados?

They returned to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital morgue and discovered that the original information they received from the hospital authorities was, how do you say? Oh yeah… bullship.

It turns out that the “high security electronic door” to the morgue needs a special card to get into the morgue, but any escaping corpses only need press a button to exit. Contrary to what the hospital authorities said at the press conference, escaping corpses don’t need an access card to leave.

Just like we said when we criticized the Barbados news reporters for failing to think.

Glad to see that Barbados Free Press could be of assistance to the junior cub reporters at the Nation News!

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Night of the Living Dead in Barbados?

Dawn-of-the-DeadReynzill Scantlebury claims he woke up in the morgue of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital after being declared dead. Not a common experience, fur sure – but not entirely unknown in any country even in recent times.

The QEH originally said “we had no such patient” but later said, “oops, yeah, Scantlebury was admitted.” or some such words.

Then they said that some person with a name “almost” like Scantlebury did die! The Nation newspaper said…

“In that article, Best said the hospital did not have a Reynzill Scantlebury on record, but did have a record of another man who had died, also a Scantlebury, whose first name was close to his and who had Lorenzo as a middle name.” (QEH: Escape from morgue ‘unlikely’)

Yesterday the Queen Elizabeth Hospital took the press on a tour to say could not have happened.

The QEH staff talked about video surveillance of the morgue, but not one of the press asked to see the video tape or for a copy. The press were told that no persons “dressed in white” work in the morgue as Mr. Scantlebury claims.

But the press missed one point – the Barbados Advocate article claims that “Only authorised persons with electronic keys can enter or exit the morgue.”

Hmmmmmm… Are they saying that there is no fire exit from the morgue? That if the power goes off the people are trapped inside without recourse?

Whether Mr. Scantlebury was declared dead or whether he was smoking something he shouldn’t have – it would be nice if Barbados reporters started asking some questions instead of ingesting and regurgitating whatever garbage is tossed their way.

For the full story see Keltruth Blog’s story “Dead” Man Escapes from Morgue?


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