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Barbados government makes support payments for delinquent fathers – Deadbeat dads, slut mothers say “Thanks taxpayers!”

… or a Slut Mother?

Deadbeat Fathers: I shouldn’t have to pay for your children!

Submitted by West Side Davie

A recent news story announced Barbados sets up child support assistance fund and covered Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler’s comments about deadbeat dads during the budget introduction. Sinckler used the politically-correct term ‘parents’ instead of ‘fathers’ but everybody knows that ‘parents’ word is a lie because fathers are never awarded custody of the children by Barbados courts. The few exceptions prove the rule but are usually held up anyway to prove that the system is ‘fair’ when everybody knows it is incredibly biased against men.

The bottom line of the story is that the Barbados government has decided to make support payments for delinquent fathers who cannot be found…

 “This situation has reached a particularly unsettling stage where on a weekly basis several parents who have ventured into the various Magistrates’ Courts to collect payments have had to leave empty-handed as these payments have not been made and Court Marshalls have been unable to locate the delinquent parent. The downside of this is that several of the nation’s children are then left to struggle without basic amenities and supplies necessary for a meaningful existence,” Sinckler said.

He said the persistence of this problem is causing major social dislocation among a particularly vulnerable segment of the country’s population.

“We are satisfied that this matter has reached such an unhealthy state that lack of intervention by Government at this stage will lead to the emergence of a dangerous set of circumstances that will work to undermine the household fabric of the society,”

The DLP government is not responsible for the disastrous societal changes that resulted in an exploding epidemic of single mother homes in Barbados in the last twenty years. There is no one cause for the ‘single mother culture’ and thousands of fatherless homes on this island, nor is this only a Bajan or Caribbean phenomena…


This is just one more instance where Barbados is using tax dollars to perpetuate the destructive single mother culture. Men have been reduced to being nothing but sperm donors and then financial slaves for a few moments of pleasure. Don’t hand us some line once a year about fathers being necessary for the proper development of children, especially sons, when the daily actions of women, society and the courts show them in total opposition to the concept that fathers are important.

Aside from the continuing societal injustices against men, I’m tired of paying for other people’s children. I’m tired of paying in tax dollars, and I’m tired of paying in the reduced quality of life in Barbados. I’m tired of paying in increased crime by fatherless young men who have been taught everything they know by their uneducated, low-class, no-class, slut single mothers… of which there are hundreds and hundreds on this rock if not many thousands. Continue reading


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