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Irish Newspaper: Many Barbados Reds Suffer From Mental Problems Due To Inbreeding!

Today, there are about 400 individuals living in the north east corner of Barbados known as the ‘Red Legs’, due to their ancestors having arrived there as slaves in the mid 17th century; many were wearing kilts and so their legs were horribly burned due to the sun, the stalks of working in the sugar cane fields and by being constantly whipped.

These people don’t mix with anyone else on the island, have a very low literacy rate and many suffer from mental problems. They are tall, fair and blond haired, freckled skin and blue eyes and with names such as Lynch, O’Donaghue, etc. The forthcoming visit of Father Blackett should prove very interesting indeed.

… from the Drogheda Independent article To “Hell or Barbados”

To Hell or Barbados… or to the Mental Hospital!

What started out as a nice little newspaper article about a Barbados Catholic priest visiting Ireland to remember the transported Irish slaves during Cromwell’s invasion takes a nasty turn in the last paragraph. Reverend Father Harcourt Blackett, parish priest of St. Patrick’s Church in Bridgetown, is heading over to Ireland in May – presumably to explain how and why so many Bajans are illiterate and mentally ill.

What do you think, folks? Is there a grain of truth in the reporter’s statement? Should various mixed-race folks demand an apology from the newspaper? Do we need to build a new mental hospital up near Grape Hall? 🙂


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