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When will LIME live up to it’s promises?

Fired BTA Member asks inconvenient questiions

by Adrian Loveridge

It would really be difficult not to have noticed the various mission statements recently put out in the print and electronic media by Cable and Wireless or LIME, including ‘a better greener business’, ‘go green with us’ or ‘go paperless’.

Yet the latest ‘ads’ placed to get your new Directory today, 17th September, (well actually from 19th September), makes absolutely no mention of taking your old directory to the collection point where LIME could have partnered with one of the recycling companies to dramatically reduce the number that will eventually go to the landfill.

While is perhaps too easy to knock the company for its huge declared profits, they could at least effectively implement some of these admirable objectives.

I stumbled across one of their media releases dated 31st October 2008, where among many other ‘promises made in this manifesto’ included ‘calls to LIME’s customer service centres will be answered within one minute’ and ‘no LIME customer will be without the ability to communicate, via at least one of LIME’s services, with their friends, family or colleagues, for more than one day’.

Nearly a year later, having produced almost another US$100 million profit, I wonder if they are any closer on delivering their stated ‘promises’?

From my recent experiences, certainly the ‘promise’ to answer calls to the customer service centres within one minute is a joke.

Unless they mean you will get a recorded message within a minute and then listen to loud music for up to another twenty minutes, and as I did two weeks ago trying to get a human response six difference times in one day.

On August 11th 2009 I queried on LIME’s own customer service section of their website whether our payment had been received through the Eservice facility.

Over a month later I am still waiting for a response.

From that 31st October 2008 ‘manifesto promise’ the then CEO of LIME, Richard Dodd, went on to state ‘I’ve seen too many businesses that are all talk and no action and I’m determined that unlike these companies, LIME will actually put its money where its mouth is’.

Perhaps enough has been said in media releases and its now its time-for-LIME to deliver on the ‘promises’.

Adrian Loveridge
17th September 2009

Here is that Time for Lime statement from a year ago…

It’s time for LIME

Cable & Wireless brings LIME to the Caribbean

Friday 31st October, Cable & Wireless today unveiled its new Caribbean business LIME; Landline, Internet, Mobile, Entertainment – which launches Caribbean-wide on Monday 3 November.

LIME provides a full suite of telecoms services, including; home phone, internet access, mobile phones, ringtone downloads, phone calls via internet, cable TV (in some markets only) and data, networking and hosting services for business customers.

LIME, which operates exclusively in the Caribbean, currently offers services in 13 markets across the Caribbean – from Turks and Caicos to Grenada.

LIME’s aim is not simply to make money for its shareholders, but to improve things for customers and for the communities in which it operates. To prove its commitment to this aim LIME has today published its manifesto for change – a 15 point plan that outlines some of the ways in which LIME will make things better for Caribbean people.

Among the promises made in the manifesto are:

* Calls to LIME’s customer service centres will be answered within one minute.

* No LIME customer will be without the ability to communicate, via at least one of LIME’s services, with their friends, family or colleagues, for more than one day.

* Customers (and potential customers) will not be sold services or products that they do not need – even if that means LIME loses money on a sale.

* LIME will ensure that every child, in the markets where LIME operates, will have access to a computer and the Internet to aid their education.

* LIME will invest $5m in local community initiatives – such as Carnival – every year.

* LIME will publish its financial results – making it clear how much it has invested in the region and how much Caribbean shareholders have gained from investing in LIME.

* LIME will operate a “Caribbean supplier first” policy, ensuring that it invests in the economic growth of the region.

* LIME will provide employment and promotion opportunities for Caribbean residents as a priority.

* LIME will reduce its paper wastage by 15%, as well as introducing a number of other environmental initiatives.

* LIME will commit the time of every colleague – from CEO to cleaner – to aiding recovery efforts in times of national crisis.

Richard Dodd, Chief Executive of LIME commented, “We’re making a promise to the people of the Caribbean that we’ll create a better company for them. Our manifesto pins us down to delivering on that promise. I’ve seen too many businesses that are all talk and no action and I’m determined that, unlike these companies, LIME will actually put its money where its mouth is.

 Continue reading


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Costly Lesson For Caribbean Businesses: HP Hewlett-Packard Products Have No Warranty In Barbados – How About In Your Country?

Second Update: November 12, 2010

First issue: the person involved with the complaint about the HP Printer Warranty as described in the attached letter eventually received satisfaction from HP.

“This has all been sorted with On Line with the help of Public Council, but it should not have been so difficult to contact & get response from HP. My quarrel is with them not On Line. HP only give a 15 day (thats right) 15 days guarantee, the businesses here make it up to whatever, that’s what HP stipulate, you either put up with it or don’t have HP products legally here.”

Given that HP have just opened a new store in Sheraton Centre (nice bit of reporting on that at Barbados Today 11/11/10 edition), does this warranty issue and the 15 day guarantee still apply?

What is warranty and return policy of the new HP Store? If HP wants to leave a comment or send us an email (barbadosfreepress@yahoo.com) we’ll be happy to give it fair exposure right here at the top.

Updated: November 12, 2010

Thanks to BFP reader Politically Tired for letting us know about a proposed settlement in the HP Hewlett-Packard LaserJet case.

Details can be found at the website HP LaserJet Printer Litigation, Case No. CV 07-00667 AG

We’d also like to know if the person in our original story every received satisfaction from HP…

Mark Hurd HP Warranty

Barbados Business Learns That HP Will Not Honour Colour Laser Printer Warranty In The Caribbean

Mr. Mark Hurd
Chairman of the Board, CEO & President of Hewlett-Packard

Dear Sir,

On 25th April I bought a CP1515n colour laser printer from On Line Consultancies here in Barbados SN ********** FOR $*** Bds. After a short time it began to malfunction, I returned it to the retailers on 25th June, they have a 30 day guarantee, then its down to you. A case # was eventually procured & I was told to call 1 800 711 2884 so I could arrange to have the replacement printer sent by UPS within two days. Since then I have spent approximately 13 hours on the phone to HP trying to be put through to the right department, but as yet no luck, I have been put through to people in Canada, US, & Mexico, none of which can help me as they can’t ship to the Caribbean. Your staff at the Caribbean/Latin America # either have the wrong information/not trained/or what? you tell me, I’m at a total loss as to what to do next. Continue reading


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Cable and Wireless/LIME Made Over A Billion Dollars Profit Last Year – A Pity They Didn’t Invest Some Of That In Customer Support

“The past day has heard me screaming loudly and boiling internally at the ostrich called “LIME”. I am reading books on arson as I write. The story in brief, and it’s not the first time. “Catch 22″ has nothing on this…”

… Dennis Jones of Living In Barbados blog considers suicide, arson and a number of other solutions after experiencing the (smirk) “Customer Service” offered by LIME-Cable & Wireless. If you hate Cable & Wireless/LIME because of their couldn’t-care-less attitude to customers, you’ll know exactly what Dennis is talking about.

Living In Barbados Blog: Bredda Jackass Gon’ on Holiday

From the Nation Newspaper article $1b C&W Pie

“(Cable & Wireless) Customer satisfaction in the Caribbean grew by 11 per cent to 78 per cent, lowest customer satisfaction rating of any of the operations listed.
C&W’s Panama operations recorded customer satisfaction of 94 per cent, Macau’s was 95 per cent, while Monaco and Islands’ recorded customer satisfaction of 93 per cent.”


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China’s Solution To Children Killed and Injured By Melamine-Tainted Milk: Arrest Parents Who Talk Too Much

Melamine Poisoned Babies

Melamine Poisoned Babies

Communist Despots Declare “Settlement” – Arrest Victims’ Parents To Prevent Press Conference

Chinese police detained the father of a child who became ill from tainted milk apparently to prevent him and other parents from holding a news conference to complain that proposed compensation for their sick children is too low, a lawyer said Friday.

Dairies announced details of a compensation plan equivalent to $160 million US this week as at least 17 people went on trial for the contamination that killed at least six children and made nearly 300,000 others sick. The milk contained melamine, an industrial chemical that caused kidney stones in children…

…The news conference, scheduled for Friday in Beijing, was called off after organizer Zhao Lianhai was picked up Thursday, said Li Fangping, a lawyer for some of the parents. He said Zhao was being held at a Beijing hotel. “The purpose was to prevent the parents from holding a news conference,” Li said, adding that 10 parents had planned to participate.

The Communist government, which seeks to control what the public sees and hears, frequently suppresses comments about disasters.

The parents “said the compensation was unilaterally set by the companies with no participation from victims’ families,” Li said. “They thought the amount of compensation was quite low.”

… read the entire article at CBC News: Chinese Police Detain Tainted Milk Activist

Look On The Bright Side: If China Mistreats Its Own Melamine Victims, The Country Will Have More Money To Give To Barbados!

Barbados and other Caribbean governments have a new best friend in the despots who run the People’s Republic of China. China has been spreading money around Barbados quite liberally: funding and training our police officers (that’s scary!), our military and Coast Guard and contributing to all kinds of building and social projects. China even gave an all-expense paid trip-of-a-lifetime to Barbados journalists and politicians and their spouses where they were shown the sights and honoured by high government officials.

All our politicians and journalists have to do to keep the money and free trips coming is to not mention any of China’s human rights abuses. So… the Barbados news media and successive BLP and DLP governments keep their subservient mouths shut. Can’t be offending the hand that feeds us, you know!

Sure, we know the Chinese government is brutal with their own citizens, persecuting them for wanting religious freedom, freedom of speech or even wanting a child. Sure, we know the Chinese government kidnaps pregnant women off the street, takes them to hospitals and clinics where they are tied down screaming while an abortion is done against their will – but hey, Chinese women don’t own their own bodies, the government does. To hell with mentioning women’s rights in China if it means we can’t get a free vacation next year too!

As a nation built by slaves and their descendants, how can Barbados ignore the plight of millions of slaves kept by China?

Easy… China pays us to keep quiet!

And yes, we know that China runs slave labour camps where some three million imprisoned Christians and political dissidents are slave-labour for government factories that produce toys, clothing and machine parts at prices that the West can’t match. If the people were enslaved in Africa, that would be one thing, but these are only Asian people so our government and media leaders say  “What’s the big deal?”


Prime Minister Thompson, Opposition Leader Mia Mottley and the professional Barbados news media all agree on one thing:  ignoring China’s slave camps and human rights abuses is a low price to pay for all that money the China sends Barbados – not to mention those free vacations!

Further Reading

CBC News: Chinese Police Detain Tainted Milk Activist

Our thanks to the BFP reader who alerted us to this story. Hey… it must be cold up there in Canada. Come home when you can!

Barbados Free Press Articles

Oct 7, 2008 – Tainted Ice Cream: Barbados Health Ministry Learns A Lesson (Hopefully)

Sept 13, 2008 – Barbados News Media Fails To Cover Major China Story: Tainted Food Deaths

Sept 10, 2008 – China In Crisis: Tainted Milk Toll Skyrockets – Four Children Dead, Thousands Seriously Ill – 22 Milk Producers Involved – Many Countries Banning China Milk Products

Aug 14, 2008 – Hartley Henry Pays The Chinese Back For That Free Trip!

Sept 21, 2007 – Mia Mottley Returns From China With Promises Of Money In Exchange For Continued Silence On Laogai Slave Labour Camps

June 6, 2006 – Barbados Media Forgets Anniversary – China’s Tiananmen Square Massacre

Keltruth Blog Article

July 6, 2008 – Did your pet die suddenly from kidney failure? Tainted petfood could be the cause.


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