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Testimony in New York: American Airlines Barbados flight “primary drug-ferrying route”

American Airlines Flight 1384, the “Cocaine Express”

Who are Victor Bourne’s “criminal connections” in Barbados?

This probably explains why the US Attorney General Eric Holder and a host of other US law enforcement personnel started invading our island in Summer of 2010. Many are still here. They try and act like tourists at Oistins but they stand out like sore thumbs…

Much of the action at Kennedy was centered on American Airlines flights from some warm-weather location, and the primary drug-ferrying route was Flight 1384, a daily flight from Barbados, which for much of the year arrives after dark.

Bourne, a native of Barbados who prosecutors say had criminal connections there, bought cocaine in bulk and arranged for baggage handlers in Barbados to hide it on New York-bound planes, several American Airlines employees testified.

On Boeing 757s, the Barbadian handlers hid the bricks of cocaine among loose bags and freight. On larger 767s, they stowed the drugs in giant containers that were filled with luggage at the terminal and then loaded onto the planes. On Airbus A300s, they found hidden spaces behind the wall and ceiling panels in the cargo hold.

from the San Antonio news article Airline baggage ripe for rifling, and smuggling

Authorities seized US$300 million dollars in profits!

For more background, check out our October 17, 2010 post: Breaking News: Barbadian Victor Bourne, mother Maria Alleyne Bourne, charged in massive cocaine smuggling via American Airlines



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