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BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Boyceterous Catamaran crew member says Barbados Coast Guard caused capsize by pulling too fast, too hard

Barbados Catamaran CruisesBarbados Disaster

In the small hours of Sunday morning, the Boyceterous Catamaran Cruises vessel capsized and sank while under tow by the Barbados Coast Guard. Fortunately none of the 45 to 50 passengers and crew drowned, although we hear that some were injured. One of the tour boat’s engines failed and the boat had been drifting for an hour off the harbour until the arrival of the Coast Guard.

Today a person associated with Boyceterous is telling BFP and anyone who will listen that the boat was not taking on water or sinking until the Coast Guard vessel HMBS Excellence started to tow the boat to the harbour. Our source says the boat was towed too fast and too hard for the sea condition, and that the crew tried to tell the rescue boat to slow down but it was too late. It happened quickly, but not suddenly. The crew and passengers could see what was about to happen. (Bear in mind that BFP is an anonymous blog, getting information from someone who won’t give their name to print.)

50 people on this small boat is too many!

50 people on this small boat is too many!

News accounts and the Barbados Coast Guard are directing the attention and responsibility for the sinking to the crew, and not mentioning that the cause was the faulty towing procedure by the Coast Guard.

Seeing as nobody died there probably won’t be any public inquest or public inquiry, but Barbados should learn what it can and take all steps to prevent it happening again. Because if five or twenty tourists drown next time, that will be a national economic disaster.

We’ve said before (and so did Prime Minister Arthur) that we are not an “enforcement society”. That’s all fine when we are talking about nitpicking folks to death with government regulations – but not so good when we’re talking about having no Building Code, no enforcement of vehicle insurance regulations, and training, standards and equipment for emergency personnel that falls way short of international standards.

Here’s a list of factors that any real inquiry should look at. (MORE SINKING PHOTOS BELOW)  Continue reading


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Bajan Fisherman Safe – But What Really Happened With The Barbados Coast Guard?

“Hi Clive. I thought you might be interested in this article. That is not the whole story. I hope the person who went in search of the fisherman will come forward with what really went down. Barbados fisherman adrift, coast guard can’t be reached.”

A friend is hearing rumours about the situation involving the rescue of Barbados fisherman Anthony Gooding who went missing last Friday. Another friend says that the Barbados Coast Guard couldn’t be reached at one point – as in didn’t respond and nobody knew where the pilots were!

What really happened? This is Barbados so if we can’t find the answer on the blogs, we’ll probably never know the truth.

Nation News: Fishman Found Safe In St. Vincent

Fisherman found safe in St Vincent
Published on: 1/6/09.
ANTHONY GOODING is safe and sound and his family is rejoicing.

The 59-year-old fisherman went missing last Friday after what was supposed to be a “day trip” at sea.

When the DAILY NATION arrived at his home at Marine Square, Goodland, St Michael, his wife Winifred was all smiles as she hung up the phone.

“I just talked to him. They have him in St Vincent and he is safe,” she exclaimed.

Although she did not get to talk to him long enough to determine what had been his problem at sea, Winifred said she believed the boat went adrift with some high tides.

“When I didn’t see him back at home on Friday evening, I went to the market looking for him, and after no one had seen him, I called the Coast Guard.

“They searched but they didn’t find him. After that, an island tour plane spotted him 39 miles off the coast of Barbados and alerted the Coast Guard, so I was glad to know someone had seen him, but when they checked again, they still couldn’t find him. By that time I guess he had drifted,” she stated.

Arrangements are being put into place to have him sent back to Barbados, and a happy Winifred said she could not wait to see her husband back at home.


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