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Disgusting speech by BLP’s Clyde Mascoll: implies dead PM David Thompson was homosexual, gay.

How much lower can Clyde Mascoll go?

I couldn’t care what colour of the rainbow that David Thompson or anyone else is. I couldn’t care if he was gay. Or straight. Or purple.

But if I wanted to call David Thompson “gay” I’d at least have the integrity and cojones to say it while he was alive.

Clyde Mascoll is a pathetic little man.

From The Bajan Reporter…

In Barbados it is claimed one cannot libel the dead, so seeking to what appeared tantamount of capitalising on a cheap Pot Shot at former Colleague David Thompson, the PM who died of Pancreatic Cancer in October 2010, Economist for the Barbados Labour Party – Clyde “Political Quisling” Mascoll – seemed to have implied at least twice that the former leader could have been gay. What bearing does that have on the current Fiscal Crisis which Bajans from all walks of Life are now enduring? The economist needs to stay with money matters…

… Ian Bourne fires a well-deserved broadside at Clyde Mascoll: Barbados Labour Party’s Economist uses cheap tactic of Homophobia on a Dead Prime Minister


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