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Glorious consultations between China and wonderful Barbados friends!

China Barbados Negotiations

Chinese Embassy Held the 4th Regular Consultation with Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade of Barbados

Chinese Embassy in Barbados press release

On February 27, H.E. Ms. Wang Ke, Chinese Ambassador to Barbados and Mr. Charles Burnett, Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade of Barbados co-hosted the 4th Regular Consultation at the Ministry. Mr. David Bulbulia, Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade attended.

The two sides both spoke highly of the achievements of the bilateral cooperation that had been made since the 3rd consultation, and deeply exchanged views on keeping promoting the cooperation between the two countries in the areas of economy and trade, consular affairs, culture, education and international affairs.

Read the Glorious account of the meeting at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China!

DO NOT read the lies of the bourgeoisie Barbados Free Press! They are lies! Lies against the peoples of the great Republic of China and the Wonderful Barbados Homeland!

Pay no attention to these fanciful stories of Chinese slave camps, forced abortions and repression of Christians…  Continue reading


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Barbados Advocate, Nation News, won’t say we borrowed $15 million from China

(Shout out to a reader who sent us the BGIS press release website photo.)

Government press release said “Barbados and China to sign Loan Agreements”

Words matter… That’s why Barbados Advocate, Nation News dropped “loan” for only “agreement”

It’s not journalism – it’s feel-good propaganda designed to make the DLP government look good while keeping the citizens in the dark. Check it out…

Caribbean Press Releases.com says Barbados and China to Sign Loan Agreements

That’s “LOAN” as in “We have to repay our Chinese Massas”.

But the Barbados Advocate says Closer Ties and doesn’t use the word “loan” or indicate in the paper’s entire 300+ word article whether the $15 million has to be repaid.

Then check out $15.7 China deal in the Nation News. Did Barbados sign for a loan? You tell me! The Nation News says that we signed “banking agreements and accounting procedures for the financing”. The words “loan” or “gift” are absent from the article.

Is it a loan? Is it a gift? Why hide it? (He said knowingly!)

Hey… I’m just saying that Bajans deserve better than that from their news media. Doan ya think?

You should check out the Barbados Advocate and Nation News articles at their website and the press release at Caribbean Press Releases.com, but we’re going to reprint all three pieces in full here because you know how it is: the Barbados Advocate and Nation News are famous for erasing history… Continue reading


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New Barbados WikiLeaks – Billie Miller confidential to US Ambassador: “Chinese owe Barbados for the favourable state construction deals…”

Billie Miller implies that Barbados Government Bid Process is rigged to favour Chinese Companies!

China “will continue” to win new construction contracts in Barbados!

You know why the Barbados news media doesn’t cover WikiLeaks

Barbados Free Press asks: “Can we expect a statement from COW or Bizzy Williams on the China construction contracts revelations?”

Every morning we rise ‘n shine, flip on the old PC and head for WikiLeaks first thing to see if there’s anything new about Barbados. We can’t imagine any Bajan journalist not doing that because we know that WikiLeaks has some 261 US Embassy cables sent from Bridgetown and up until April 18, 2011 only 3 had been released.

Maybe we missed some recent coverage in the Bajan oldstream news media, and if so we apologise. If it wasn’t covered, maybe the Bajan oldstream news media should apologise to Barbadians.

The latest release of 16 embassy cables is online now at WikiLeaks Bridgetown Embassy List. There’s only one “Confidential” cable in the bunch, but that’s not to say that the others aren’t important – we just haven’t looked at them yet.

Here’s some excerpts from the April 12, 2006 “CONFIDENTIAL” cable from Ambassador Mary Kramer, talking about some official and off-the-record conversations she had with Barbados Foreign Minister Dame Billie Miller…


“Miller told the Ambassador privately that the Chinese “owe” Barbados for all the favorable deals their state construction company has won – and will continue to win – in Barbados.”

Sugar Subsidies out, Service Industry in

“Ambassador Kramer asked FM Miller to share CARICOM’s vision of a desired future for regional and global trade. The Foreign Minister responded that for over 300 years Barbados has never openly traded sugar.  Her country has always had preferential treatment; sugar has almost always been subsidized.  Miller said Barbados has determined that
sugar is not the way forward; instead, the service industry represents the most promising future.”

Cameras at Airport and Port

The PS for Trade, Samuel Chandler, entered the discussion, noting how security regulation and requirements have added cost to both exporters and governments.  Miller remarked on all the camera equipment at the port and airport, saying, “These are not one-off expenses, they are recurring expenses, but without them one risks the loss of international access for the port and the airport.”

Barbados stifles open discussion with USA

Such a frank and wide-ranging discussion between the Barbados Government and senior diplomats is extremely rare. The Barbadians normally hold embassies at arm’s length, insisting on a rigorous adherence to protocol that stifles open discussion.  Barbados and FM Miller in particular are CARICOM leaders in many areas of foreign affairs, and her views on Haiti and trade likely hold true for most CARICOM members.


Full text of Confidential April 12, 2006 message from US Embassy, Bridgetown

C O N F I D E N T I A L BRIDGETOWN 000637 Continue reading


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Adrian Loveridge and Dennis Jones ask “Why not court the many and close South, Central & North American tourists?”

Two comments recently posted by BFP readers Adrian Loveridge and Dennis Jones question whether Barbados Tourism is paying enough attention to the large markets in the Americas. We’re chasing after the Chinese market which is fine, but why should we be ignoring a substantial market that is much much closer?

Fired BTA Member asks inconvenient questiions

Fired BTA Member asks inconvenient questiions

by Adrian Loveridge…

I am not sure what investment is needed by the BTA to attract economically viable numbers of residents from mainland China to Barbados for the purpose of tourism.

Straight line distance from Beijing to Barbados is 8,772 miles, so a minimum of 17 flying hours non-stop, assuming that we could fill a suitable plane that could fly that distance within permissable crewing requirements.

You would also have to ask (as many people have) WHY they would travel to Barbados, especially with resorts like Hainan Island virtually on their doorstep?

Also WHY any investment to procure tourists from China would be put above our sleeping giant to the south?

South America has a combined population of over 382 million. Add the other 40 million in Central America and its difficult to fathom how we cannot fill just ONE aircraft per week.

Brazil with 186 million persons alone is within remarkably easy reach. Belem, the capital of Para state is just over TWO flying hours away and offers nearly 40 other connecting Brazilian cities.

COPA, the Panama based airline could provide the best one-stop connections into almost every part of South and Central America to Barbados with the single risk of supporting a 98 seater jet three or four days a week flying Panama/Barbados.

I also have to ask the question again.

We are are now just 15 days away from seeing an additional nearly 100,000 airline seats per year flying into Barbados from the United States. So nearly DOUBLE the capacity from a market that has not achieved an annual growth of more than an average of 1.3% over the last seven consecutive years. Put that in perpective and its less than an additional 2,000 seats per year.

Having just returned from six days in the USA, I personally saw no evidence of television or print media advertising of Barbados.

by Dennis Jones & Colin L. Beadon…

Dennis Jones, writer of the excellent Living In Barbados blog and Colin L. Beadon are having a talk in BFP’s Open Discussion section.

Says Colin…

We’d say, we’d better all start learning Chinese. If we want to keep tabs on our possible offshore oil, our airlines, and business in general, the teaching of Chinese better start,…. right away in our schools, and in our newspapers. Or to use an expression in Trini Chinese, we are going to end up with ‘Macafushait’ ,…. meaning ,…. ‘Leftovers’.

Dennis Replies…

A lot of students (~100) are already on scholarships to learn Chinese (Mandarin), I understand from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. That’s a big number relative to the total national and student population. It still begs the question about whether focus on China makes much/more sense than tapping the large and close markets in Latin America and the USA.


You can also check out our earlier article: Everyone Has The Same Idea: Chinese Tourism Will Save Us!


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