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Glorious consultations between China and wonderful Barbados friends!

China Barbados Negotiations

Chinese Embassy Held the 4th Regular Consultation with Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade of Barbados

Chinese Embassy in Barbados press release

On February 27, H.E. Ms. Wang Ke, Chinese Ambassador to Barbados and Mr. Charles Burnett, Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade of Barbados co-hosted the 4th Regular Consultation at the Ministry. Mr. David Bulbulia, Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade attended.

The two sides both spoke highly of the achievements of the bilateral cooperation that had been made since the 3rd consultation, and deeply exchanged views on keeping promoting the cooperation between the two countries in the areas of economy and trade, consular affairs, culture, education and international affairs.

Read the Glorious account of the meeting at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China!

DO NOT read the lies of the bourgeoisie Barbados Free Press! They are lies! Lies against the peoples of the great Republic of China and the Wonderful Barbados Homeland!

Pay no attention to these fanciful stories of Chinese slave camps, forced abortions and repression of Christians…  Continue reading


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Barbados Ambassador to USA and wife highlight China’s repression of Falun Dafa Religion

Ambassador’s wife urges more people to fight religious oppression in China

In a surprising but welcome interview on January 20, 2010, Barbados’ Ambassador to the United States and his wife both made statements acknowledging the repression of religion by the government of Communist China.

In the context of China, the Ambassador’s wife went much further and urged more people to become involved in fighting for human rights and religious freedom.

Ambassador John Beale and Mrs. Beale attended the Wednesday night performance of Shen Yun – a New York based Chinese performing arts troop that uses dance and music to tell the story of the persecution of Falon Gong members by the Government of China. (Shen Yun Performing Arts website here)

After viewing the performance with its message of religious repression in China, Ambassador Beale told an Epoch Times reporter “I think the message is clear, but at the same time it comes across in … a very relaxed method as opposed to being offensive. I think it’s a very good message that they have, and I think it’s extremely well done.”

Mrs. Beale left no doubt where her sympathies are. Here’s part of what was reported in the Epoch Times article Ambassador from Barbados: ‘It’s a magnificent show’

“…I also like the strong messages of the persecution of those who fight for the right to have a religion and to pray to whatever god they want to pray to or for. And that for me came as a very powerful message,” Mrs. Beale said.

(The Barbados Ambassador’s wife) was referring to the dances which featured the plight of Falun Dafa practitioners, currently undergoing brutal repression by the Chinese Communist Party for their beliefs.

 Mrs. Beale said human rights is an issue worth getting involved in:

“The more we can get people involved, I think, the more we can do, to not finish with the problem (because I think we’ll never be finished), but at least to have more people fighting for that, or joining in the forces.”

Mrs. Beale also cited her daughter’s involvement in international affairs and human rights issues and said she would be seeing the Shen Yun performance a second time with her daughter.

FBI Investigates Chinese Consulate for trying to prevent Shun Yen show in Arkansas

Meanwhile, the US Federal Bureau of Investigation is looking into Chinese efforts to block the Shun Yen troop from performing in Arkansas. A news story details how the Chinese Consulate in Houston sent an anonymous letter to an Arkansas theatre where the troop is scheduled to perform again.

Our Support for Ambassador Beale and Mrs. Beale

We at Barbados Free Press have no doubt that the Communist Chinese Ambassador to Barbados will soon voice his government’s displeasure that our Ambassador to the USA and Mrs. Beale even attended the Shen Yun performance let alone made the statements that they did.

We hope that Prime Minister Thompson backs the Beales one hundred percent.

If the Chinese ambassador is so upset that his country is seen to be brutal in repressing human rights, then perhaps he should advise his government not to beat people to death for their religious beliefs.

And while Prime Minister Thompson is talking with the Chinese Ambassador, he might want to ask him why it is that China still runs the world’s largest slave camp system.

Well Done, Ambassador and Mrs. Beale!


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Barbados Human Rights Policy at the UN: Stay silent as despots violate basic human rights – because they might give us money.

Barbados voted for child execution

Barbados Supports Child Execution

The headline is for true folks.

Previously we told you about our country’s votes at the UN to preserve the death penalty for children and our refusal to censure Iran for torture, floggings, amputations, discrimination & violence against Iranian women.

Nope, it doesn’t sound pretty – but that’s the simple truth. Check it out at other sources if you don’t believe us.

You see, Barbados doesn’t believe in voting for any human rights resolution that is “country specific”. While North Korea drives bulldozers over people as a method of execution, and while China kidnaps pregnant women off the streets, holds them down and aborts their babies, and while Iran executes 16 year old girls for having sex (the man only got whipped because unlawful sex is always a woman’s fault in Iran)…

… our representative at the United Nations says “No problem here”. It was explained it to the press this way:

“Based on its principles and its consistent position, Barbados would abstain from all country-specific resolutions. But its position should not be misconstrued as inattention to human rights issues. It was gravely concerned by patterns of abuse and urged all States to engage constructively in addressing such issues.”

You can read the entire report yourself and then decide whether or not our country should be empowering despots. While you’re at it, see if you can figure out exactly what “principles” Barbados seems to be upholding.

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Barbados students forge special bond with imprisoned Chinese pastor – through footballs made in slave labour camps

Government Minister Patrick Todd and students of Westbury School accept gifts from China's Ambassador: Footballs made in China's Laogai slave camps.

Government Minister Patrick Todd and students of Westbury School accept gifts from Ambassador Qiang Wei: Footballs made in China's Laogai slave camps.

The lead in the Barbados Advocate story China’s Gift to Barbados is “Christmas came early for students of Westbury Primary and Wilkie Cumberbatch Primary yesterday morning, when they received gifts of basketballs, footballs, volleyballs and pencil cases compliments The People’s Republic of China in a ceremony at Westbury school.”

The reference to Christmas is particularly relevant considering that one of the products of China’s vast slave camp system for Christians and other politically unreliable people is… Footballs!

Pastor Cai Zhuohua - 3 years in a slave labour camp for possessing bibles.Meet Pastor Cai Zhuohua, who spent the last three years in a slave labour camp making official footballs for the 2008 Olympics. His crime? Unauthorized possession of bibles.

It is outrageous that of this country named Barbados continues to fawn over the Chinese Communists for a few trinkets here and there. Basketballs. Computers. Uniforms for our Coast Guard. Footballs.

Here’s what I would ask of you: Every time you see your children playing with Chinese-supplied sports equipment, I want you to think about how ironic it is that we, as the descendants of slaves, so easily and warmly accept gifts from the country that still maintains the world’s largest slave camp system.

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