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MURDER: Child Care Board ignored 6-year-old’s broken fingers, blackened eye

Child Abuse Murder Barbados

Jahan King – When the Barbados Child Care Board failed to act, what chance did the little fellow have?

The latest from our friend at Focus Barbados tells the story of Jahan King. Poor little fellow was beaten and tortured and more than once when he came to school with serious injuries the school called Child Care Board, and the Board did nothing or worse: sent the child back to the home where he was beaten.

Warning: disturbing photos at Focus Barbados Jahan King: The child neglect and abuse culture in Barbados.



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What happened with the Caribbean Child Sex Trafficking Ring mentioned online by BANGO Secretary General, Roosevelt O. King?

Have the Barbados Police acted upon the Shocking Revelations by community leader Roosevelt O. King?

On August 3, 2009 in a stunning public statement, the Secretary General of the Barbados Association of Non-Governmental Organisations revealed that he has personal knowledge of international trafficking of American girls as young as 14 years old for the purposes of prostitution and making porn movies in the Caribbean.

The BANGO official also stated that he speaks with the girls and the people who are recruiting and trafficking them and that he is flooded with emails, photos and videos from some of the girls being trafficked after they return to the United States.

BANGO Secretary General Roosevelt O. King

Writing under his own name on Barbados Underground, a local blog where he is a frequent contributor and featured author, Roosevelt O. King described how the young girls are brought from the USA to the Caribbean where they are prostituted to local men. According to Mr. King, pornographic movies are made for commercial purposes by the organisers of the trips.

Mr. King says the young girls are lured to the Caribbean with promises of “all inclusive” vacations and that the girls themselves recruit their friends for subsequent annual trips. King states that sometimes the parents offer their daughters for trafficking with full knowledge of what the “vacations” are all about.

On August 3, 2009, Mr. King wrote “Right now, I know of at least three tours going on in the Caribbean; I mean in progress as I write. None that I know of in Barbados this year; all gone to Jamaica.”

Mr. King’s statement clearly implies that the tours visited Barbados in previous years and that he is aware of this. He says he knows some of the girls. He stated that he was aware of sex tours as they were happening – not just afterward.

Did Mr. King alert the police to the sex-trafficking groups? Has he turned over the identities, emails, photos and videos of the children and young girls who are being sold so they can be rescued and their pimps charged?

According to Mr. King…

“I know some of these girls, yes. They stay in touch and I don’t even have to solicit any information from them but it is a cycle. These girls recruit and break-in young white girls to do this thing (incidentally, mothers recruit their girl children too and are proud of it…

When they get back home, they are going to be flooding me with pics and videos of themselves, etc., which incidentally I never save to my computer, so police don’t come; I have no evidence for you.”

… Roosevelt O. King, Secretary General of the Barbados Association of Non-Governmental Organisations writing at Barbados Underground blog on August 3, 2009.

Editor’s note: A photo of Mr. King’s comments appears later in our article. The comments can also be seen still posted at Barbados Underground.

Did Mr. King provide the emails, photos and videos to the police?

Each one of us has a moral duty, and sometimes a legal duty, to stop child prostitution and trafficking in persons.

In his comments, Mr. King stated that the young girls being sex trafficked had sent him emails and flooded him with “with pics and videos of themselves, etc., which incidentally I never save to my computer, so police don’t come; I have no evidence for you.”

Of course with online services like Gmail, Yahoo! or HotMail the photos, videos and emails would not be saved to Mr. King’s computer unless he did so, but they would be preserved in his online email unless he deliberately deleted them. There are also hidden files on computers where copies of photos and emails viewed on the internet are often stored even if the computer user has not downloaded the photos or emails.

Did Roosevelt O. King contact the police at the time and provide the evidence so these child prostitutes could be identified and rescued?

The public deserves a clear answer on this point from a community leader like Mr. King and from our police. We expect that the Royal Barbados Police Force would have commenced an investigation immediately upon hearing from Mr. King or reading his information on child prostitution in the Caribbean and USA.

When children are being trafficked for prostitution, “Don’t want to get involved” is not an acceptable position from anyone, let alone the leader of a public organisation like BANGO that represents citizens and citizens’ groups at various levels before our own Government and Caricom – so we expect that Mr. King did his duty and turned over the emails, videos and photos to the police so the child prostitutes can be identified and rescued.

Police Commissioner Dottin should confirm that Mr. King provided all assistance to the police.

Dear Commissioner of Police Dottin:

In light of Roosevelt O. King’s public online revelations about trafficking in child prostitutes in August of 2009, the public has a right and an interest in confirming that the police were notified by Mr. King and that he provided them with the photos, emails, videos and all relevant information about where and when he met these young girls, who was there and under what circumstances at each meeting.

We believe it is in the public interest for both BANGO and the Royal Barbados Police Force to issue a joint public statement confirming that Mr. King voluntarily approached the police and provided all assistance including the photos, videos, emails and contact information for the child prostitutes.

Mr. King may now regret being as frank as he was during a public discussion at a popular Barbados website, but what he said remains on the public record and cannot be ignored.

Trafficking in persons and child prostitution is an international fight and right now Barbados is being criticised for inaction by the international community.

We expect and demand that BANGO will immediately confirm that Secretary General Roosevelt O. King told the Royal Barbados Police Force everything he knows about this child sex trafficking ring in August of 2009 – especially the identities and contact information of the involved persons which he states he knows. We also expect that Police Commissioner Dottin will confirm that his officers interviewed Mr. King in August 2009, received his emails, photos and videos and acted upon Mr. King’s information to identify and rescue the child and teen prostitutes that Mr. King wrote about at Barbados Underground blog.

Trafficking In Persons Report confirms Mr. King’s general statements

As outrageous as Mr. King’s statements may sound to the naive, everything he says about the business of trafficking in young girls and even parental involvement is confirmed by the Trafficking in Persons Report released in June of 2009 and available on the website of the US Embassy in Barbados.

That June 2009 report criticized Barbados for not complying with the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking and further said…

“Expansion of the tourism industry is fueling an increased demand for commercial sex in Barbados, but the government made no noticeable efforts to reduce the demand for commercial sex acts. Barbados has not ratified the 2000 UN TIP Protocol.”

… from the Trafficking In Persons Report – June 2009 – download PDF here

Also see BFP’s September 9, 2009 article United States Vows to increase prosecution of Human Trafficking in it’s offshore territories

BANGO – Barbados Association of Non-Governmental Organisations

Roosevelt O. King, 
Secretary General – BANGO

Speaking Up – Official Blog of the Barbados Association of Non Governmental Organisations

Read the full text of Mr. King’s statements below or at Barbados Underground

Note: The photo of the sex slave at the top of our article was taken from page 42 of the June 2009 Trafficking in Persons report issued by the US Department of State as introduced by Hillary Clinton.


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Byer-Suckoo, DLP & BLP: A legacy of doing nothing about Child Abuse in Barbados

Updated September 5, 2012 (scroll down for newer items)

Madam Justice Jacqueline Cornelius complains of lack of mandatory child abuse reporting

Minister of Family Stephen Lashley lies to her, pretends something is being done

Folks, the politicians have been talking about mandatory reporting of child abuse for at least ten years that I can remember. About twice a year somebody makes a speech about it and the Minister says something is in the works. Today the Barbados Advocate has the latest steaming pile of cow dung on this issue where Madam Justice Jacqueline Cornelius made the speech, and Family Minister Stephen Lashley gave the usual bullshit reply – lying his head off that something is actually happening when he knows that is a lie. (Barbados Advocate: Lack of mandatory reporting protocol affecting child abuse cases)

That’s been the history of this issue and every time it happens we put the quotes and the story here so Bajans can see the truth: nothing has been done and nothing is being done. It’s all blah blah blah blah and the newspapers faithfully reprint the same story every time.

DLP, BLP government doesn’t seem to matter. Can somebody tell me why we pay these people?

The ongoing lies…

“The protocols are currently being protracted in collaboration with UNICEF, but there is a lot of work to be done,”

Minister of Family Stephen Lashley in the Barbados Advocate, September 4, 2012

“Government is moving to set in place a National Reporting Protocol for the Prevention, Reporting and Management of Child Abuse.” … Barbados Advocate, March 11, 2010

“Government is taking steps to develop a Mandatory Reporting Protocol to assist with the management of child abuse”... Government Press Release, March 3, 2010

“Child Care Board is in the process of developing a national reporting protocol for child abuse.” … Minister Esther Byer-Suckoo in The Nation, December  7, 2008
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Not Again! St. Leonard’s teacher brutally beats boys – Exclusive video at Bajan Reporter

No man would dare touch my son the way this animal was filmed beating these students.

Do these students not have fathers?

I just can’t believe I live in a society that puts up with this kind of abuse, considering our country’s long history with the whip.

If this teacher retains his job after this video is posted publicly, then the Minister of Education should be sacked as well.

The Bajan Reporter: BREAKING NEWS: Barbadian students lashed for tardiness – Another St Leonard’s Teacher brutalises young boys


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Rihanna and Slumdog Millionaire Child Actor: Both Abused, Can’t Break Free Of Abusers

LAPD Launches Investigation Into Rihanna Photo Leak

Chris Brown "Sorry"

“Never ever go back to that man. Once a man hit you it be over. Doan be foolish.”

… BFP’s Auntie Moses gives some advice for Rihanna

Rihanna Back With Chris Brown

Before the very public incident last February 8th where it is alleged that Chris Brown battered Rihanna, there were rumours on a few occasions about Rihanna sporting bruises and then expensive gifts later on.

We hoped that we were not seeing the same pattern of abuse in their relationship that we’ve all seen at one time or another with some couples. When Rihanna’s bruised face appeared on the internet many of our readers commented with their advice and hope that Rihanna would not go back to her abuser.

Rihanna has done just that: run back to the arms of the bully who beat and bit her.

I don’t care if Rihanna started the whole thing. I don’t care if she slapped or hit Brown first. I don’t care if she was going hyper because Brown received a text message from another woman.

A man must not hit a woman. Period.

But like so many women who think that some violence in a relationship is “normal”, Rihanna has returned for more abuse. He’s “sorry”, she’s “sorry”…

… until the next time.

Slumdog Millionaire Child Actor Beaten By Father – Didn’t Want To Be Shown Off

Not A Movie Scene - Child Actor Beaten By Father

Not A Movie Scene - Child Actor Beaten By Father

As usual most of the BFP crowd watched the Oscars on the satellite. I don’t know why, but this one annual event has turned into a big get-together where the girls comment on the dresses and the guys mock the celebrities who have gone to the plastic surgery clinic a few more times than they should have. (Oh those lips! LOL)

This year the attention was focused upon the big winner Slumdog Millionaire that won eight Academy Awards including Best Picture. We knew nothing of the film before the Oscars, but as we watched the clips and saw the children from the slum who had been flown over from India we talked about what would happen to them now.

Now that the ceremony is over. Now that the awards have been won and the money is rolling in. Now that their major usefulness is over.

It didn’t take long. Poor little Azharuddin went back to his home in the Mumbai Dharavi slum – exhausted from Hollywood and the flight back to India. He didn’t want to be shown off to reporters so his father beat him, the photographers photographed it and got a better story than they had hoped for. In North America or maybe even Barbados, the child welfare authorities would have been around just as soon as they saw the photos, but in Mumbai people will merely say that the child is lucky he isn’t a real slave (of which there are tens of thousands in Mumbai alone).

As for Azharuddin, he will continue to live in the slum with his abusive father who has tuberculosis. Like Chris Brown, the father made an apology and an excuse of sorts, saying “I was very sorry I did what I did… I was confused and stressed by my son’s homecoming and I did not know myself for a minute. I love my boy and I am very happy to have him home.”

People Don’t Have To Stay In Abusive Relationships

Most of us can think of a few abusive relationships we’ve seen in our neighbourhoods or workplaces. Many of us have been there ourselves. I can only hope that the very public nature of the abuse we’ve seen will cause some folks to realise that people don’t have to stay in these relationships. They don’t have to take it. Think about that the next time that you see a similar pattern developing with a friend or in the family. That is the only good that can come out of what has been shown in public with Rihanna and little Azharuddin.

Further Reading

People Magazine: Rihanna and Chris Brown Are Back Together

The Sun: Scumdad Millionaire


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Barbados Government Minister Byer-Suckoo Cautions “Not To Get Our Hopes Up” Waiting For Child Abuse Reporting Legislation

Byer-Suckoo As Useless As… Oh, Never Mind!

In a year as a Cabinet Minister, Esther Byer-Suckoo has not created or introduced even one piece of legislation in any of her areas of responsibility. She did not introduce any new regulations or do anything that involved an actual result. Lots of talk but zero action.

blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah - Byer-Suckoo is All Talk, Zero Action

blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah - Byer-Suckoo is All Talk, Zero Action

And just to put it in perspective, Byer-Suckoo isn’t all that different from most of the other Ministers in the DLP Barbados Government. Lots of talk, but very little real action. Very little “doing” that produces an actual result or change in the status quo.

Now Byer-Suckoo is talking again – this time about the Child Care Board being “in the process of developing a national reporting protocol for child abuse.”

Key words here are “in the process of developing…”

Meaning “Nothing done in a whole year. No real action. No results. Wunna hear a lot of talk and nothing else.”

And knowing that ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WILL HAPPEN, Byer-Suckoo tries to cover her own butt by cautioning that nothing will happen…

“I have been cautioned that legal work takes long and I mustn’t get my hopes up but I believe that the work with families and especially children is paramount. . .so I will dare to get up my hopes, regardless of how high those fruit are hanging,” says Byer-Suckoo.

Isn’t that sweet? Byer-Suckoo has mastered the art of sucking and blowing at the same time. Hey… she is all for the children, but nothing is going to happen and it is the fault of those damned lawyers!

Please… will Thompson please fire this do-nothing and put someone in there who will actually make something happen? Ahh… on second thought, Thompson doesn’t have anyone better to replace her so never mind.

And to further the deception the Nation News titles their article New Protocol For Reporting Child Abuse AS IF SOMETHING ACTUALLY WAS ACHIEVED! What liars they are at the Nation newspaper. There was no result. No new child protocol was created or implemented. What liars.

Want a laugh? Think about this: If the Barbados news media refused to report government speeches about “going to do this” and “going to do that” – how many news articles could they print where a government minister showed that something had actually been done?


Barbados Has No Law Requiring The Reporting Of Suspected Child Abuse – And The DLP Government Will Not Create Such A Law!

Byer-Suckoo is talking about creating a “protocol” which is another way of saying that she and the DLP government do not intend to create a law requiring professionals to report suspected child abuse. A “protocol” is without the force of law. Medical and teaching professionals who fail to report child abuse will not face legal sanctions for keeping quiet.

There are certain laws that are now a given in civilised countries. Laws dealing with drinking and driving, wife abuse and child abuse are foundational to protecting innocent people – but successive Barbados governments have failed miserably to enact and enforce these laws.

The Thompson government is no different.

How Do You Change Culture, Performance and Yes, Even Morality? You Change The Law and Enforce It Uniformly – Public Attitudes & Compliance Will Follow

Members of Parliament and legislators in other countries are sometimes referred to as “lawmakers” – a recognition of the importance of political leadership in setting, directing and achieving big-picture strategic goals through making laws. Members of Parliament are not supposed to be “administrators” of government. We have a civil service for that.

Can someone please tell me of one law that the DLP passed in their first year that changed our society in any way? Any law?

OK folks… especially all you DLP supporters. Please… tell us about one law that the DLP passed during their first year that actually changed something in our society in any way.

Over to you, DLP supporters…


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