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Are CCTV Video Cameras Effective In Solving Crimes?

Barbados crime CCTVBarbados politicians and senior police officers have often been heard talking about installing Closed Circuit Television Cameras (CCTV) as as method of deterring and solving crimes. Half the time the politicians talk about CCTV though, I get the impression that they are merely offering the “crime solution idea” soup de jour.

It seems common sense that CCTVs on Bridgetown streets would deter crimes in their coverage area, but would the crimes simply be moved to other areas of the city not under the watchful lens?

And what if we disregard the deterrent effect of video cameras and just consider how many crimes are solved through video cameras…

How many crimes are solved in a year, say, per thousand installed video cameras?

London has more video cameras than any other urban area in the world so they know about this.

So what do you think… how many crimes are solved in a year per thousand CCTV video cameras?

Any guesses? A thousand video cameras on Bridgetown streets… how many crimes per year would that solve?

The answer is… Continue reading


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