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One Caribbean Radio 97.9 HD2 – Great listening for West Indians around the world!

AN OLD FRIEND recently told us that they were doing a little behind the scenes work for One Caribbean Radio 97.9 HD2 out of Brooklyn, New York and suggested we give a listen via the internet. All we can say is Fabulous! What a great mix of music, talk, cricket and the world as seen by the West Indian diaspora.

One Caribbean Radio is the only HD Caribbean radio station in the US and after listening for a week, we’re hooked.

No wonder the station is landing big-name commercial sponsors and growing its audience at a rate that must make some other broadcasters wonder what’s going on.

As many of our readers know, Shona and I (Marcus) are big fans of the Brooklyn Center for the Performing Arts and we try to take in a show whenever the sisters get together in New York. The next time we visit though, we’re going to drop in on the folks at One Caribbean Radio and let them know how much we enjoy their mix.

Amazing how such a simple thing as discovering a new radio station can give you so much pleasure.

I think we’ll throw up a banner for them in the rotation at the top and link to their website. If they want to send us some artwork (say 500wide x 350high pixels – width is pretty well set at 500, but they can vary the height to what they like) we’ll use that but if not we’ll make our own banner for them.

Check out and listen to One Caribbean Radio at their website: www.OneCaribbeanRadio.com



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