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Bajan Canadian Farm Worker – participants raped by the Barbados government

 barbados canada farm workers

High time now that our voices be heard!!!!

by Lance – Canadian Farm Worker

The Barbadian Canadian farm workers need someone to champion their cause because in my opinion we’re currently being ripped off by the Barbados government. The 28% deduction that our home-savings has to suffer at the conversion point first – before we’re ever paid a penny of it at the end of the season – is a brutal and bloodsucking act of government.

I’m also of the opinion that the 25% which is deducted from our gross earnings in Canada for home-saving is way too much! And then to be subjected to a further 28% deduction after it’s converted to the Barbados currency is just wrong man! This is corruption of the highest fashion. It means that our spending power is limited in Canada due to the 25% that’s deducted from our earnings, and then further handicapped after we return home by the additional 28% deduction that the 25% deduction for home-savings has to endure at the conversion point. How can we ever achieve a relatively decent living?

Our home-savings is all we have to sustain us for the 4 months we’re at home without employment. We can’t file for unemployment benefits or the reverse tax credit because they say we’re self-employed! A convenient technicality of government merely to leave us on our own hanging dry without any recourse, while they suck the last penny from us! Continue reading



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Canadian Farm Labour Programme: Bajans still waiting for their home savings

“Dear Barbados Free Press,

A month ago you publish an article about Bajan farm workers in Canada not receiving their holdback money after returning home. I’m still waiting can you please mention this?”

Editor’s Note: Done!

UPDATE: February 23, 2011 Meeting about Canadian Farm labour Programme

We see that the Minister of Labour, Dr. Esther Byer Suckoo, will deliver an address at a February 23, 2011 review meeting of the Canadian Farm labour Programme at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre.

Tongue firmly in cheek, we think that anyone who hasn’t received their “home savings” should be at the meeting and ask the Minister to write a personal cheque to cover it.

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Autonomous11: Bajan farm workers in Canada given runaround by Barbados government

Updated: December 4, 2012

With the news that Canadian, Bajan and other Caribbean government officials are meeting in B’town this week to discuss the Canada-Caribbean Seasonal Agricultural Workers’ Programme, we thought this thought-provoking article should come to the top for a day or two.

Also check out another hard-hitting BFP article:

Abused Barbadian farm workers cheated by Canadian Government program

Original article published January 6, 2011…


Harsh treatment in Canada and Barbados

“It’s repulsive to see that after all these years the Barbadian hard-working Canadian Farm workers, who work laboriously in Canada year after year under the harshest of conditions, still continue to be treated with disregard by the Labour office. It seems like one great hassle after the other when it comes to receiving your home-savings after returning home from the programme.

Year after year these agricultural workers are given the run around when it comes time for repaying these remittances, as though they’re begging for handouts or alms, when it’s their hard-earned money and the only thing they have to go by while at home until the beginning of another work season in Canada. I think it’s high time the Barbados government take their hands off this 25% pay-deduction from the workers…”

Read the entire story at Lance’s Autonomous11 The Barbadian seasonal Canadian farm worker’s dilemma


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