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Weak Canadian dollar brings challenges for Barbados tourism industry


Adrian Loveridge - tourism expert, hotel owner

Adrian Loveridge – tourism expert, hotel owner

It is already more than halfway through the year and this is a time perhaps that our tourism policy planners are focusing on what marketing strategies can be effectively put in place to build on the first quarter increase in visitor arrivals.

As always, it is almost impossible to accurately predict what is going to happen in our global marketplaces and how that could impact on numbers, average stay and spend.

Important issues include the fall in the value of the euro earlier this year and whether this will be further impacted with the eventual solution to the Greek crisis. What effect will the first Conservative British government budget since 1995 have on the disposable income of most Brits? And finally, there is increased speculation about an impending recession in Canada, just at a time we were experiencing improved arrivals and airlift.

Having lived in Canada for some time, I know there is a psychological threshold when the Canadian dollar falls below 80 cents compared to the United States dollar. Naturally, Canadians then start to question whether they are truly obtaining value for money at holiday destination choices. It becomes an imperative to clearly demonstrate that we can offer a competitive product by at least attempting to reinforce component parts of the tourism industry that are more affordable.

While we will never be able to compete with the mass tourism regional offerings like Mexico, Dominican Republic, Cuba and alike, Barbados still has a myriad of more affordable accommodation choices. Of course lodging is only part of the equation, so personally I think there is room for a re-DISCOVER-like promotion specifically aimed at the Canadian market that helps minimise the currency value differential, which include not just restaurants, but attractions, activities, car rental and shopping.   Continue reading


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Canadian Court upholds Revenue Canada – disallows “Barbados Structure”, penalizes Canadian company’s use of offshore Barbados subsidiary.


 Marzen Artistic Aluminum Ltd. v. The Queen (2014 TCC 194)

I’m don’t know much about this kind of thing, but it doesn’t sound good for Barbados. According to our Google Alerts, the tax sector is abuzz with this latest Canadian ruling that runs 80 pages. (download the ruling here – PDF)

Comments from the cheap seats?

In a lengthy set of reasons, the Tax Court upheld all but a fraction of the CRA’s reassessment of the taxpayer, such reassessments having disallowed the deduction of approximately $7.1M of fees paid by the Canadian taxpayer to its Barbados subsidiary. The Court also upheld the imposition of a penalty under subsection 247(3) of the Act…

… from Dentons Tax Litigation blog: Marzen: Artistic Barbados tax plan defeated


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Canadian Parliament to re-examine Barbados ‘tax-haven’

Barbados has no Integrity Legislation, no Freedom of Information, no Conflicts of Interest Rules

We stumbled upon an article in yesterday’s Nation that proves all old can be new again. It must have been a slow day in the news room because the news article TAX ATTACK is based on a blog entry from last August and is marketed as new news.

We don’t doubt that much of the Canadian doubts about Barbados and other “Tax Havens” has to do with our lack of proper regulations and laws respecting Integrity Legislation, Freedom of Information and Conflicts of Interest. How can the Canadian Government protect its citizens if offshore banking centres like Barbados do not have the same controls, rules and oversight as Canadian banks?

There is no secret why Canadian and other nation’s banks like Barbados: our “island time” slackness extends to the rules. The Canadian and European banks can get away with things in Barbados that they wouldn’t dare do ‘over ‘home. Canadian tax law permits money to flow through Barbados in many billions – but without any concommitant requirement for ITAL. (ITAL = Integrity, Transparency and Accountability Legislation)

ITAL was promised five years ago by the newly elected DLP government – but they lied.

Here’s a quote from the real story at the original blog source and the link where you can read it for yourself. How does this impact Barbados? That’s easy: tourism is in trouble and if Canada makes offshore investing difficult for Canadians, you just watch how things go ’bout hey!

“A growing share of Canada’s investment overseas is being channeled by Canadian banks into tax havens.”

“The finance and insurance sector now accounts for over 51% of Canada’s total direct investment overseas, more than double its share from 1987, more evidence that a large share of this money is going overseas to avoid taxes.   The Harper government has lauded Canada’s growing investment overseas, claiming it shows looser foreign investment rules (which allowed numerous takeovers of Canadian industry) have been beneficial, but the actual figures show the reality is quite different.  A large and growing share of this money isn’t going into real capital investments that could ultimately benefit people overseas or in Canada; it’s going into tax avoidance that benefits a wealthy few at the expense of the large majority in Canada and around the world.”

… from the August 16, 2012 Progressive Economics blog by Toby Sanger: Canadian banks use of tax havens keeps growing


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Canadian store collapse brings memories of Barbados cave-in disaster

Where are the men?

Dear Barbados Free Press,

As a Bajan living in Canada I thought you would be interested in the following article from the Toronto Sun newspaper because it made me think about what happened in Bim at the Arch Cot collapse when the police, fire and military dithered for a whole day before venturing into the wreckage. Then they chopped down the apartment wreckage into the hole, without regards to anyone who still might have been alive.

This Toronto Sun article by Joe Warmington points out that people live for over a week in collapsed buildings. That didn’t matter in Barbados and it didn’t matter in Elliot Lake Canada where government prevented rescue teams from entering the building, saying it was “too dangerous”.

Where are the men? Where are those who devote their lives to rescuing others in these kinds of disasters? When the crunch time comes they always seem to fail us.

They always talk about “lessons learned” but never seem to apply those lessons on the next time. The lesson for each of us is that you cannot rely upon the government. You must be prepared to save yourself.

The death certificate for Donavere Codrington says he died two days after the collapse and that fact got short shift at the inquest.

The Sun article says that Elliot Lake will not forget. That’s a lie: yes, it will. Barbados did, Canada will too. Barbados forgot and nobody was held accountable for building on a known cave.

Justice Mottley and daughter Mia Mottley

Nobody was held responsible for removing the prohibition against building on the land. Mia Mottley and her family were involved. They owned the land at one time. Nothing more need be said.

sign me “Never Forget”

Further Reading

Please read the following article at the Toronto Sun: Warmington: Elliot Lake will not forget

Warmington: Elliot Lake will not forget

“It’s just not safe.” — HUSAR leader Bill Neadles.

Was Juno beach safe?

How about Vimy Ridge or Helmand Province?

When would such an emergency rescue mission, which would require bringing in the Heavy Urban Search And Rescue Team (HUSAR), ever have safe conditions?

Only in nanny-state Ontario could somebody decide the working conditions for rescue workers in a catastrophe were not safe enough to do what they are trained, and paid, to do. Continue reading


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Bob Verdun “In deep trouble” – $650,000 judgment for defamation

“Canadian Jury found Verdun acted with malice”

We’re not 100% sure, but it looks like the Bob Verdun in this defamation lawsuit reported in Canadian newspapers is the same Bob Verdun who is a frequent visitor to Barbados and an investor in business and real estate on the island. The Bob Verdun we’ve covered in the past is a Canadian from the Kitchener area, and so is the Verdun in the Toronto Star defamation article. (Now we’re sure because we see Mr. Verdun’s photo on his blog: http://www.bobverdun.blogspot.com/)

“Verdun, who sold his paper to Torstar in 1999, represented himself at the trial.”

(What was that saying about representing yourself? Oh yes: It was  “an idiot for a lawyer and a fool for a client.”)

Could there be two persons from Kitchener named “Bob Verdun”? Sure there could, and we’re just as sure that one of our readers will have the answer! (ANSWERED: It’s the same Bob Verdun)

“One of the largest aggravated damages awards in Canadian history.”

“I expect this will work out but I can’t make any comment,” Verdun tells Law Times. “I am under an interim court order that prevents me from saying absolutely anything about him. I can say absolutely nothing. You can draw your own conclusions. I am muzzled.”

… from Law Times News article Landmark ruling in libel suit

Here’s what the Canadian papers are saying about Bob Verdun and then some links to a few of our past stories. The photo above is from our past story and we stole borrowed it from Ian Bourne at Bajan Reporter.

Somewhere in small town Ontario was a man who also thought he was holding a CEO to account. Except Bob Verdun isn’t a politician or a prosecutor. He’s a former publisher of the Elmira Independent and is now in very deep trouble.

Back in 2004, Verdun had a problem with the appointment of veteran insurance executive Robert Astley to the board of BMO Financial Services, alleging his involvement with the Clarica Life Insurance Company and its role in the development of a controversial Waterloo recreation complex made him unfit for the job.

After denouncing Astley at shareholders’ meetings and in emails to BMO executives — among other places — things turned about as bad as they could for Verdun, the recipient of a prestigious Michener Award for meritorious public service journalism in 1990.

Astley sued for defamation, alleging Verdun’s attacks painted him as unethical, selfish and greedy.

This week, a Toronto jury found in Astley’s favour, awarding him $250,000 in general damages and $400,000 in aggravated damages.

The jury found Verdun acted with malice.

Astley, 65, currently chair of the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, “is very pleased the litigation has come to a successful conclusion,” said Brian Radnoff, one of his lawyers.

… from the Toronto Star Newspaper article Bank director wins $650,000 in defamation suit against shareholder activist

Further Reading about Bob Verdun at BFP

July 9, 2010 – Bob Verdun: Racist? Well meaning but culturally naive? Just truthful?

June 27, 2010 – Canadian investor Bob Verdun accosted by Barbados Boscobel Toll Gang

June 24, 2010 – Bob Verdun lecture Friday, June 25 “15 ways to improve Barbados tourism without spending a penny!”


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Welcome to Barbados. Air Canada deliberately left your luggage at home.

British Columbia couple abused by Air Canada

We’re used to hearing stories of lost and delayed luggage concerning LIAT Airlines (Leave Island Any Time), but we’ve never heard anything like the current news about Air Canada.

A couple from Kelowana British Columbia on Canada’s Pacific Ocean coast flew all the way to Barbados only to discover that Air Canada DELIBERATELY didn’t load their luggage!!!

Their luggage was left off the flight because the aircraft couldn’t hold any more. No one told the couple when they switched aircraft in Toronto, and they wasted several hours looking for the bags before boarding their flight to Barbados. The bags were not overweight or unusually sized: Air Canada “regularly” does this to customers, according to a Canadian CBC article.

In this case the wife’s bag arrived two days later and the husband’s bag arrived four days later, probably just in time to head back from their week’s vacation in Barbados.

I guess there are two morals to the story:

1/ You should always pack your carry-on with the expectation that the main bag won’t ever arrive in Barbados.


2/ You’re nothing but cattle to Air Canada. Get used to it!

Further Reading

CBC News Canada: Air Canada leaves baggage behind intentionally


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Canada probing Barbados Offshore Investment tax losses

Largest Canadian Labour Union calls Barbados “Tax Haven” a “problem”

An article at the Toronto Sun news agency says that a Canadian House of Commons committee recently began probing offshore accounts and tax evasion. Some Canadians are concerned that Canada’s government is “missing out on billions in potential revenue” because of low tax countries. The article names Barbados, Bahamas and the Cayman Islands.

“I was really struck to the extent to which this trend seems to be increasing when we were assured it was less of a problem… This money is not going into investing in real activities and in growing the (Canadian) economy.”

…Toby Sanger, Canadian Union of Public Employees CUPE senior economist. CUPE has almost 600,000 members and is Canada’s largest workers’ union.

This is serious business for Barbados because our national economy and well being are highly dependent upon that offshore investment from Canada. Not only that, our tourism industry is also closely linked with the offshore banking and investment sector. Many Canadians and other tourists who head for Barbados in the winter are coming for their “annual shareholders meeting” that just happens to be scheduled every year in the middle of the coldest winter months.

And don’t kid yourself that it’s about all offshore jurisdictions: Barbados is a big big player in Canadians’ offshore tax strategies. I once heard it said that Barbados is the #1 Caribbean country for Canadian offshore banking and companies. I don’t know if that is still true, but Barbados is big enough that we are squarely in the sights of those who want to curtail the ability of Canadians to pay lower tax rates.

All Hands on Deck!

The Toronto Sun article seems to be a balanced piece that gives both sides of the Canadian debate. There is a side that says offshore banking and corporate centres like Barbados actually benefit the Canadian economy by allowing Canadian companies to be competitive in the world markets.

The danger for Barbados is that in bad times governments can get focused only upon revenues and lose sight of the big picture.

As we’ve seen occasionally in Barbados, governments can raise taxes too much and ‘kill the goose’. Some Canadians want their government to restrict access to offshore banking centres like Barbados, and don’t realize this would harm Canadian industry in the long run.

Let’s hope that our government acts decisively and swiftly to convince the Canadian Government, tax authorities and Canadians in general that both countries greatly benefit from our long standing relationship and the agreements that allow both Canada and Barbados to prosper in the world economy. We are both lesser without each other.

Further Reading

Please read the article at the Toronto Sun, but we’ll reprint it here because sometimes articles go missing in cyberspace and then we have nothing to support our fair commentary. Continue reading


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Canadian Government warns about investing and real estate purchases in Barbados (!!!)

Dear Barbados Free Press,

Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada recently changed the Barbados Travel Advice and Advisories to include the following additional paragraph:

“Canadians interested in purchasing property or making other investments should seek legal advice from appropriate professionals in Canada and in this country before making commitments. Disputes arising from such activities could be prolonged and costly to resolve.”

This change reflects a report circulated at Foreign Affairs earlier in the year.

Also of interest is that Long Beach is still listed as a place to avoid for reasons of crime and personal safety. I understood that the Long Beach rapist/killer was caught, but I don’t know if the continued listing is an oversight or the result of new crimes and information.

Yours truly,



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Son of Barbados shines at the Winter Paralympics – The Lou Gibson story

Seven years ago, Lou Gibson of Langley was out for a morning bike ride when he heard a car pulling up behind him.

He could feel something wasn’t right and took a quick backward glance. That is all he had time for. He was hit.

He remained conscious through the blur that followed, lying on the side of the road, the ambulance arriving, the transport to hospital.

In that instant, his life was turned upside down. The para-Nordic skier in the 2010 Paralympic Games spent the next six months between hospital and rehabilitation at G.F. Strong Rehabilitation Centre.

Emerging in a wheelchair, the Barbados-born athlete then spent a number of years as an outpatient. He lost his job as a truck driver. He lost so much…

… continue reading this truly uplifting story at the Vancouver Sun: Langley sit-skier makes great strides since accident


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Barbados will lead investigation into sinking of sailing vessel Concordia

UPDATE on Concordia sinking:

– Captain says “a miracle” that everyone survived.

– Micro-burst: Ship went from upright to sinking in 15 or 20 seconds before Mayday could be sent. 30 hours in lifeboats

“The ship had gone from sailing upright to being on her side in the water in about 15 or 20 seconds,” William Curry said. “I knew, of course, that the blow to the ship was fatal and that she was not going to right.”

…The gust that knocked the ship on its side came so suddenly there was no time to radio for help before all communications equipment was submerged and ruined. So hope rested on a distress beacon that launched automatically when the vessel capsized.”

… from the AP article Shipwrecked students feared remote death at sea

BFP’s original story below with added video at end…

All rescued after school vessel capsized & sank off Brazil on Thursday

Barbados will be responsible for carrying out an investigation into the rough-weather sinking of the sailing vessel Concordia because the ship was registered in our country. According to Transport Canada spokesman Steve Bone, these are rules even though the ship was based in Lunenburg, Canada and was owned by a Canadian school “Class Afloat”.

A total of 64 crew and students took to the lifeboats and were rescued about 500kms off the coast of Brazil. A Brazilian Navy report says the vessel turned upside down in strong winds and that the survivors were picked up after spending almost 24 hours adrift in their lifeboats.

I can’t imagine what it would take to perform a proper investigation into the sinking, but presumably our officials would have to interview all crew and many of the students. The vessel was built eighteen years ago in Poland and there have probably been changes since then. Perhaps videos or photos from past cruises would be helpful.

The news media says that the vessel had a good reputation for being seaworthy and was seriously inspected last year by Canadian authorities as a requirement to allow the ship to travel between Canadian ports as part of a Tall Ship festival.

In 1996 an explosion on board caused the death of a student en route to Australia. There is no indication in the media as to whether Barbados officials investigated that event.

I presume that Barbados will be responsible for the entire cost of the current investigation as it just goes with the job if our country is in the business of offering itself as a flag of convenience to offshore vessel owners.

Thank the Lord there were no deaths because then we’d really have to pull out all the stops for an investigation and in a worst-case disaster that could be expensive.

Now there’s a question: How much does Barbados receive every year for allowing vessels to use our flag? How many vessels and how much money per vessel? What are the expenses to run such a registration system? And what about vessels that default on payment? What does Barbados do then?

It seems to me that the answers to those questions would make an interesting story.

Thanks to an old friend for sending us this video of the ship and its mission…

Further Reading

Chronicle Herald Nova Scotia: Canadian agency won’t play big role in probe

Vancouver Sun: Canadian ship sinks off Brazil, all aboard rescued

The Globe and Mail: First rescued Canadians dock in Rio


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Barbados Tourism Authority, here’s your chance. It’s minus 40 Celsius in Alberta!

UPDATED: Canadian Blogger Dan Jurak says he’s not interested in sunny Barbados. Says “every chance” Barbados Free Press “will be sued”

UPDATE #2: Canadian Blogger Dan Jurak says “I certainly could (sue) for you slandering me like this.”

UPDATE #3: Take our poll about whether to de-link Dan Jurak’s blog or not.

Well folks… sometimes ya can’t win for losing. What’s that about “no good deed goes unpunished” ???

We’ve removed the winter photo and the headshot we copied from Dan Jurak’s blog ’cause he wrote to us and said there was “every chance” we’d be sued if we left it up…

“Hi, you’ve posted, not linked my photos without permission. I also shoot for stock photo agencies and these photos are a source of my income. If my agencies come across these photos there is every chance you will be sued. I advise you to remove them and link them with appropriate credit.” Dan Jurack

(Well Dan… we did link to both photos and the story on your blog. Note the link in the original story below.)

Then Dan comes onto Barbados Free Press and leaves a comment saying he’s not interested in sunny Bim.

No problem Dan. You can be sure of one thing: we’ll never bother you again by linking to your blog or mention giving you a free trip anywhere. Have a very Merry Christmas!

THEN Mr. Jurak comes back in a second comment and says “I never sued or threatened to but I certainly could for you slandering me like this.”

Original Story as published (now without the photos)

Poor Dan Jurak lives outside of Edmonton, Canada and writes the Alberta Landscape Photo Blog. This morning his post -40 Celsius on the Alberta Prairie was featured by WordPress. The above photo is from Dan’s article and my my my that does look a bit on the chilly side.

I guess the folks at WordPress felt sorry for Dan too!

Here’s an idea for the Barbados Tourism Authority that could be worth some excellent free publicity: Fly Dan and his family to Barbados for free for a week and put them up at the Hilton.

Heck, it’s not like it would cost hardly anything at all. The government (that’s us, the people) own the Hilton and West Jet flies here and they are based in Alberta. If the PM called up the President of WestJet and asked nicely they would probably fly the Jurak family down here for free. The plane is going anyway and there’s bound to be a few empty seats.

Then pump the story in the Canadian news media…. People of Barbados saw Dan’s -40 Celsius story on a blog, felt sorry for him and fixed his family up with a free trip to the friendly people and warm sun, sand and rum of Barbados. Have some big shots meet the family at the airport. Maybe invite them to a fine Bajan meal at the PM’s place.

And to top it off, Mr. Jurak is an accomplished professional photographer and designer and he’d probably be happy to click away in Barbados and tell everyone about it on his blog, Naturally, the Bajan news media and bloggers would follow his adventures in Barbados. According to the news, the Canadian winter so far has been brutal, so maybe some chilly Canadians would be inspired to visit us for a week or two.

And to include the US market where the winter has also been brutal in the past week, the BTA could probably find an American blogger freezing to death in the American midwest and northeast and repeat the whole process. It could even turn into an annual winter event with freezing Yanks and Canucks trying to attract the sympathy of Bajans for the two free vacations.

How about it, BTA? What do you think… worthwhile idea or not?

If so, you can surely contact Dan through is blog.


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Shirlee Smith shares a Barbados family history: Searching through garbage for food in 1940’s Toronto Canada

Family History includes Barbados & Inter-marriage between escaped slaves and Canada’s Native peoples

By any standard, we are an adventurous people. That may be a surprising statement to some who have never been off this rock (and there are many) but anyone who travels knows that you will find Bajans everywhere on this planet. I’m not surprised anymore when I run into a friend of a friend while passing through Dubai, Manila or Japan. We’re everywhere!

That’s not only a modern occurrence. Bajans have been leaving this island for hundreds of years. We all know about the Carolinas and Panama, but here’s a new twist… runaway slaves marrying into Native tribes after arriving in Canada via the Underground Railroad… with descendants searching through garbage in Toronto Canada in the 1940’s.

The Chronicle: From Slavery to Celebrity


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Canadian Police In Nationwide Search For Barbados Murder Suspect Shawn Andre WEEKES – Reward

WARNING - May Be Armed And Dangerous

INTERPOL WARNING - May Be Armed And Dangerous

UPDATE: March 22, 2010

Shawn Andre WEEKES is still wanted for murder, so we’ll leave this up for a few days.

Wanted For Murder In Barbados – Has Ties To Canada

Our thanks to a long-time BFP reader for alerting us to this story. Continue reading


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William Duguid Re-appears In Barbados Parliament – Speaks… but not about his Canada Permanent Residency Application

William Duguid Barbados Canada 3

Has William Duguid applied for Canadian Permanent Residency or not?

Barbados Labour Party MP Dr. William Duguid has been quite prominent in the last few days in and out of Parliament. This flurry of activity was no doubt the result of recent reports here and in the Nation that Dr. Duguid had been neglecting Parliament and his constituents while “visiting family” in Canada. (See BFP’s Dr. Duguid Returns To Barbados – Fails To Address THE QUESTION: Did William Duguid Apply For Canadian Immigration?)

Questions are naturally on people’s minds: Is their absent MP getting ready to pull the ejection handles from Barbados and the BLP? Is he trying to live a dual life between Canada and Barbados so he can complete the little time remaining to receive a full pension? Is it fair that constituents elected a full time Member of Parliament but now have a part-time MP whose focus is wavering?

The island press, Interim Opposition leader Mia Mottley and Duguid himself made things worse instead of better by tap-dancing all around the question of whether or not the Member of Parliament for Christ Church West has applied for permanent residency in Canada.

Nobody in the regular media has asked the question directly of Dr. Duguid or interim BLP leader Mia Mottley.

So how about it, Dr. Duguid? How about some direct and honest communication with the people of Barbados? Frankly, as far as we’re concerned at BFP we’d be prepared to cut you some slack if you were forthright about your intentions, worked hard while you are in Barbados and publicly announce your on-island/off-island schedule.

How about it, Dr. Duguid… Have you applied for permanent residency in Canada? Do you intend to? Do you intend to complete your term?



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Barbados Parlimentarian Dr. William Duguid Moves To Canada – Continues To Collect Salary!

Christmas Comes Early For Dr. Duguid, But Isn’t That Dishonest?

duguid-barbados-christmas-santa.jpgDr. William Duguid has shut down his dental practice and moved his family to Canada, according to an article in The Nation. The dear doctor hasn’t been seen or heard from in months – not in Parliament, not at his dental office, not at his home. Not at his constituency office.

In reverential homage to generations of Bajan politicians, William Duguid continues to draw his salary for representing the people of Christ Church West while he and his family are living in Canada.

BLP Interim Leader Mia Mottley says its not so, but neither did she produce a living, speaking Duguid to talk with the news media – who can’t find him anywhere. And Duguid’s heir apparent, Dr. Maria Agard, says she has no idea when he will be returning from Canada.

That’s ok, Maria – his constituants don’t have any idea either.

duguid_barbados-mp.jpgDr. Duguid Confirmed Violent Internet Threats Originated From Barbados Parliament

As we revealed in an article a year ago…

“Barbados Free Press, Barbados Underground, Keltruth Blog and other Barbados-based blogs have for the last year or so seen threatening comments left by a group of persons who are rabid supporters of the previous BLP government. These threats are serious. There were threats to burn down Mr. Loveridge’s business, and these threats were followed by arsons against his hotel…

Many of the threats came from a computer at the Barbados Parliament that is used by MP William Duguid. This was confirmed by none other than the Secretary General of the Barbados Labour Party, Doctor William Duguid, himself...”

You can read some background on the threats and Duguid’s confirmation of their source in BFP’s June 22, 2008 article COVER-UP: Royal Barbados Police Force Ignores Violent Threats To Businessman


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Searching For Barbados Relatives Of Rawle Lawson Knight

Sword Beach on D-Day: The brave, the frightened, the dead

Sword Beach on D-Day: The brave, the frightened, the dead

My grandfather, Rawle Lawson Knight, who was from Barbados fought in WWII. I know that he was on the front lines, having been shot while in Europe. He met my grandmother, Catherine Phillips in Wales, where she was from, and after they got married, following the war, they settled in Toronto, ON where my father and his siblings were born. I am trying to find out more information myself and since he is now deceased I find it even more difficult to come by.

On a another note, I know that he was quite the cricket player. If anyone can help me find out more about my family I would greatly appreciate any leads you might be able to provide. Thank you!


Posted as a comment on BFP’s article D-Day in Normandy – Barbados Connections


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Prime Ministers David Thompson and Stephen Harper Working With President Obama



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Gunman Holds Hostages On Canadian Airliner In Jamaica


UPDATED, Monday 8:06am: CBC.ca report: Incident Is Over – Hijacker in Custody, Canadian Crew Released: Jamaican Police

Our original story…

Airliner Crew Held Hostage – Shot Fired – Most Passengers Released

A gunman stormed a Canadian CanJet airliner on the ground at Sangster international Airport in Jamaica and is still holding a number of crew members hostage. The incident started Sunday night around 10 PM local time. News reports say the gunmen forced his way through security and charged the aircraft before authorities could respond. Dozens of passengers were briefly held hostage before being released. Although a shot was fired, there are no reports of injuries in the news stories.

There are conflicting reports that two passengers are still being held with the flight crew.

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is coincidentally in Jamaica for a one-day visit.

While the truth is, the situation could probably have happened just about anywhere — it didn’t. It happened in Jamaica, a country with one of the highest murder rates in the world and a gun culture that is even reflected in popular music. If any of our Canadian readers are thinking of a vacation in Jamaica, may we suggest you reconsider that Barbados is a much friendlier and safer vacation place.

For the latest on this story, Google “Jamaica airliner hostage” as we will not be updating this post for a few hours.

CBC.CA – Gunman holds Canadian plane, crew at airport in Jamaica

Sky News – Gunman Holds 7 Hostage In Jamaica


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