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Help Malou win her contest and promote Barbados at the same time

Barbados – Biggest Baddest Bucket List entry by Malou Morgan

The winner travels the world for 6 months to 25 destinations of their choice and blogs, films and photographs everything they experience along the way. This is a huge opportunity to market Barbados globally and I am trying to use this to my advantage.

I have pledged $US 5,000 to the Diabetes Association of Barbados if I win this competition, to raise awareness and support a cause dear to my heart.

I have also reached out to friends who are involved in non-profit organisations & charities around the world, so that I can visit their countries and connect with their cause. If I win, I’ll be featuring their cause, volunteering wherever I’m needed and creating as much hype as possible. I’d like to use this publicity to benefit as many people as possible.

My video on Barbados has received a lot of support so far, but I need to make it to the Top 5 to become a finalist. I’m far from making the top 5 number of votes and I’m therefore asking that you PLEASE share & spread this message to as many people & businesses around the world as possible so that I can make it to the top 5 by March 31st.

Thank you!


Voting is easy:

1. Visit www.voteformalou.com

2. Scroll down until you see the social media box

3. Vote via the social media buttons. Each social media account is a separate vote!

Vote for Malou’s entry here…

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Don’t forget to visit Malou’s blog: Skip to Malou*


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