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“Every black man should come down one time to Brazil… to see how this culture treats you. It’s incredible!”

“Women are noticing that their men are crossing the borders to find happiness…”

“I come down to Brazil. Young lady places a drink in front of me, opens my straw, puts it in my glass and I’m chillin’. Doesn’t make her less of a woman, doesn’t make me more of a man.”

Talk ya talk…

“Upstanding Black Men(with no criminal record) are, for the most part, under-appreciated and undervalued by American Black Women. It’s insane to think that Black Men should have a doomed existence. God is too good for that. Like it or not Black Women, YOU made it this way. Brazil is a Black Man’s heaven on Earth. Good luck trying to get a white man so your “children can have ‘good hair'”, remember all that hurtful talk ‘sistas’? We do, vividly! VIVA BRAZIL!”

“LOL That sounds like a bitter statement.. Don’t hate, congratulate. Why is it that bitter blackwoman always use the gay/downlow card when they see Black men happy without them? But when some sisters date white man and talk about how all us brothers ain’t shit it makes the mainstream media. Talk about double standard. 99.9 of black in America (only in america) are not marriage material. But they have no problem making babies out of wedlock with a bum ass nigga.”

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Barbados wife tries to murder husband’s pregnant mistress with chemical weapons

Cheat on a Barbadian woman? You’ve got trouble!

Sex, lies and chemical/biological weapons…

On the heals of a story involving BLP Member of Parliament Rawle Eastmond’s spurned mistress who went crazy, we woke up to find that another spurned Bajan woman went a little crazy too. The problem is that Betty Bond is a microbiologist and she decided to use her knowledge of chemical and biological weaponry to murder her rival – who used to be her best friend!

Hey boys… thinking of cheating on your Barbadian wife? Time to have a Banks beer and think about what you got. Bajan women tired of all the lies.



Carol Anne Laletta Bond, (known to her family as “Betty”) a native of Barbados, lived outside Philadelphia and worked as a microbiologist. As a federal appeals court succinctly summarized the relevant facts in the case: “Bond was excited when her closest friend, Myrlinda Haynes, announced she was pregnant. Bond’s excitement turned to rage when she learned that her husband, Clifford Bond, was the child’s father. She vowed revenge.”

… continue reading this story at CNN: High court to hear case of woman convicted of chemical weapon crimes


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