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Weather Radar Online thanks to Barbados Meteorological Services

YIPPIE!!! We have online RADAR!

Thanks to acting director Mr. Hampden Lovell and his team at Barbados Meteorological Services, Bajans at home and overseas now have online access to Barbados weather radar images. Ordinary citizens will be able to keep an eye on developing weather and start to make plans and provisions earlier based upon their own needs and assessments.

We expect that online weather radar will drive an increased interest in the weather, especially during the hurricane season. Online access will get everyone talking when there is even the potential of something developing into a storm. That has to be good.

Next Up: FaceBook, Twitter

A few days ago the USA’s National Hurricane Center issued an advisory on a low pressure system developing to the SouthEast of Barbados. BFP wrote a story Tropical Storm Alert Barbados: 30% chance tropical cyclone next 48 hours, and within the next 4 hours we had over 600 referrals from various FaceBook pages as Bajans discussed the potential storm and directed their friends to read the alert at Barbados Free Press. Continue reading


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Tropical Storm Alert Barbados: 30% chance tropical cyclone next 48 hours

National Hurricane Center Alert: December 20, 2010 3:30pm EST

Keep your eyes and ears open for the next few days friends. The “well defined low” to the southeast might, or might not grow into a big boy.

It’s too bad that our Barbados Meteorological Department doesn’t have their Doppler Weather Radar up so we could have a look ourselves. That would keep folks interested in the weather and make for earlier warnings and independent actions by the populace.

Too bad that the acting director, Mr. Hampden Lovell, believes that Bajans aren’t intelligent enough to be given access to raw weather data.

NOAA Hurricane Center: Forecasters watching low-pressure system off Barbados


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Barbados Meteorological Director: Stupid taxpayers don’t need to see Doppler weather radar online

(click for large view)

Another government official tells Bajans they have no right to see what they pay for.

During a recent interview with Barbados Today, the acting director of the Barbados Meteorological Department politely told Bajan taxpayers to stick it where the sun doan shine.

Bajans have been “continually calling” for the Doppler radar of the Barbados Meteorological Department to be accessible via the internet, but according to Mr. Hampden Lovell, the information that Barbados taxpayers are presently able to see online from Martinique radar is the same as they would see from Barbados anyway.

And (says Lovell) without proper training, why… we stupid ordinary folks might misinterpret the data that we see! So, we have to be trained before he could possibly think about letting us actually see the radar information that we pay for.

“Mr. Lovell says Barbados taxpayers can get all the information they need from Martinique weather radar? No problem! Fire Lovell’s ass and his staff – who seem to have forgotten that they work for us, not the other way around.”

…Barbados Free Press co-editor Cliverton after a goodly tot of Mount Gay’s finest.

It’s all sooooooo complex, you see!

Too complex for Bajans anyway. Martinique and other governments put their weather radar information online, but their people are so much more intelligent than Bajans ever could be, so they are allowed to see the data without training. Continue reading


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Barbados digging out, drying out as flood waters drain

Mud, water, more mud!

When we talk about this in a few months, many of us won’t remember the water so much as all the mud. There’s nothing to put you in a mood like shoveling mud from inside your home. Shovels are in short supply. We tried and failed to buy a couple yesterday.

It’s supposed to rain tomorrow (Wednesday) but not heavily. Fortunately a friend’s home is on slightly higher ground and remained dry through the weekend mess. It has become the local hotel for the foreseeable future for a few of us. Good to have friends.

The water went off earlier this evening for an hour but it’s back on. The power is off and on like a trapped politician having to answer a “yes or no” question.

Tired. Everyone you meet is tired, physically tired from cleaning up the mess, not sleeping well or upset from not being able to go home. “Mud, tired” are the two words that define life right now.

Sorry to be on such a low, but that’s life today on this rock. We’re almost done – not back to normal – but almost done the cleanup. Tomorrow will be better.

Photo courtesy of Mark@bgi: Raid or mud doan matter as Barbados Fire heads out for another call. They’re tired too but out they go because they have to. Thanks guys!

More photos and reports from Barbados at Storm Carib


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URGENT! – Where is Barbados’ Weather Doppler Radar Data?

by David G. Brooks

Some of you maybe recall my previous letters in both newspapers a few months back on this subject, however my latest attempt a couple weeks ago, which I will share here now, has not be published – maybe because I got more specific …

URGENT! – Where is Barbados’ Weather Doppler Radar Data?

Several weeks have gone by since my last comment on this subject and no public response from the Barbados Meteorological Office. In fact, I would have to say there seems to be a step back or a retrograde in some respect. The following makes me consider this.

Subsequent to my last comments and a short while after the Ministry of Agriculture launched their new web site – http://www.agriculture.gov.bb – I found that they had included a link to Satellite and Radar Imagery and I followed it only to find that it showed the same radar imagery provided by Martinique and Guadeloupe that has been around for many years.

I also noticed that they had a comments feed or blog available on which I asked about what was going on with our radar, in particular asking…

“How is it Trinidad and Guyana can come and pass us out in the field?” Continue reading


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Atlantic low tracking way north of Barbados – unlikely to grow into named storm.

Does God still smile on Barbados?

It would have been named “Alex” and for a day or so looked like it might develop into a tropical storm and pass over Barbados – but the National Hurricane Center now says that the Atlantic event is weakening and is tracking significantly north of previous estimates.

So we dodged the bullet again. When it comes to hurricanes, Barbados has been so blessed or lucky (take your choice) in recent decades that we Bajans  have grown a little complacent. Our governments have done the same when it comes to providing financial support for disaster preparations. Of late there’s been more talk about storm preparations but I’m not sure that’s been followed up with real actions.

At Grape Hall, we’ll keep praying, but it’s good to put aside some water, food and disaster equipment too!

National Hurricane Center – Atlantic Watch


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Today’s Barbados Theme Song: Listen to the Falling Rain – Jose Feliciano


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