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How government will use Barbados Water Authority smart meters to identify tax cheats

“This is a search on of your private life, showing your personal living patterns everyday – without a warrant. Your information going out to the Barbados Water Authority, the government, the police, the insurance company; to anyone who cuts a deal with the Barbados Water Authority now or in the future.”

Yes, my friends: that BWA smart meter is part of the government data-gathering and analysis system used to identify tax cheats (and for other purposes too.)”

Smart Meters a little too smart?

Back in 2011 Barbados Free Press published Smart Meters are Surveillance Devices – Data already used by police. Since that time there have been dozens of articles by major news outlets about privacy concerns with not only water and power smart meters, but also with the rise of the internet-connected home automation and camera systems.

While the use of internet motion detection / video-camera systems and online home appliances is a choice, the installation of smart meters is mandated by the government.  And what does the BWA and the government do with the data that they collect every second? They do anything they want with that data because there are no laws against it.

Who says BWA smart meters can identify tax cheats? The technology suppliers – that’s who…

Cowater International Inc. and Sogema Technologies Inc. are the two international corporations at the top end of the US$24.7 million dollar smart meter deal with the Barbados Water Authority. The Barbados government says the total cost of the project will be US$58 million dollars.

With subsidies from the Canadian Commercial Corporation, the BWA will install almost 100,000 smart water meters on this rock and the computers and software to monitor, administer and control the system.

Commercial clients are the priority, but eventually every home will have a smart meter too. Every one of those 98,800 household smart meters will supply a wealth of data that can be married up with other data to show patterns of behaviour, associations and reveal information that never would have been noticed before. BWA data will be consolidated with other private and government data sources.  Continue reading


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Rumours about Barbados Water Authority’s new headquarters

Your BFP Editor Marcus reminds everyone: this was sent in anonymously… take it with large doses of salt and let’s see if our readers can add anything, or confirm or deny…

How the new BWA Headquarters will cost triple what we’re being told

by BFP reader Sit? Gee!

Most of what I have to say comes from a very well connected DLP member who is disgusted with what is happening. On Monday there is going to be a ground breaking ceremony for the new Barbados Water Authority Headquarters at Lot F, Pine Commercial Estate, The Pine in St. Michael. Dr. David Estwick will do the honours. Hopefully his ankle holster and pistol will not get in the way of using a shovel.

At the beginning of January, our own CBC was saying that the BWA had previously announced it was hoping to source funds from financial institutions, and possibly from the Caribbean Development Bank to build a new 40 million dollar headquarters for the Barbados Water Authority.

My information is that the source of that financing is NONE OF THE ABOVE.

My DLP friend says that Despite the high level of liquidity in the Barbados banking system the project is a PFI – Private Financing Initiative. Innotech Services Limited is financing the project with offshore money by the Unitrident Capital Corporation. (UCC)

The project originally had a budget of $30 million, but with interest it is now going to be over $100 million dollars of taxpayer money.

“If we had the DLP’s promised Freedom of Information laws and Integrity Legislation, we citizens could know the truth and there would be no need for posts like this one.”

Here’s one for you: My friend says that Innotech Services Limited have possession of the building site WITHOUT A CONTRACT BEING SIGNED!

UCC  incorporated in Barbados 2010/08/11 #33605.  UNITRIDENT   has as its registered address the same premises as Innotech Services at Warrens!!. The sole Director is a William Bruce Kitsch whose address is given as the Turks & Caicos Islands!!! A jurisdiction known for corruption.

It is a SCANDAL that the BWA Project will be financed with capital out of Turks & Caicos or Canada, with a HEAVY future drain on foreign reserves when  the needed capital exists in Barbados.

The project was supposedly put out to ‘tender’. I am told that only one bid was received: from Innotech Services Limited. Other interested parties did not go to the time, trouble and cost of bidding as they were told that the Contract would in any case go to Innotech.

Innotech Services is a Barbados Company, but is 99% owned by a St Lucia IBC and 1% owned by Basil DaSilva Snr, Martin DaSilva and Anthony DaSilva.

The CAIPO file has no Innotech Financial Statements since those for the year ended 31.12.2003. Innotech is a Shell Company with very little in net assets… a few tens of thousand dollars and that was then. Check CAIPO yourself – don’t believe me.

This is part one. I’ll send part two in a few weeks.

Sit? Gee!


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Water main gushes for five days – Barbados Water Authority does nothing

There is a break in the water mains on the road Durants Fairways, in Christ Church. This is just below the Golf Club. Water has been gushing from this break for the past five days. This is a great loss of water. It is also flooding out the area downstream.

I tried for days to get in touch by phone with the Water Authority. It seems they have taken all the phones off the hook, as they just ring busy: even the manager’s phone. I contacted the water resources department, Mr Small on Wednesday June 1st, and explained that no one was at the Probyn St location, due to Industrial Cleaning of the building. He promised to pass the message about the burst pipe along.

Nothing has been done.

This is incredible. The BWA is responsible for fixing these burst pipes, but you can`t even communicate with them!

So, are the people doing any work, or is this just another paid vacation for them?

Is anyone in charge over there?

sign me Totally Disgusted.

(photo for illustrative purposes only)


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