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American tourist: Barbados the best vacation ever! The locals really made our trip.

Dear Barbados Free Press,

I found your blog as I was deciding which Caribbean island to visit.  After much deliberation we landed on Barbados.  Our trip went far and beyond our expectations!  We experienced much of the Bajan culture and it was with no contest the best vacation we have ever been on.  The locals really made our trip, anyone we talked to was extremely friendly and we thoroughly enjoyed getting to know them.

Anyway I made this video of our trip and thought you may want to see it.  Please feel free to use the video however you like, I’m not looking for any compensation I just want to give back to the beautiful island!  I sure hope it helps with tourism because Barbados was incredible.

Best wishes to every Bajan,

Kyle Lawson, Madison, Wisconsin

Kyle’s blog shows how he made his Bajan video – all the tricks and techniques


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New York Times’ Frugal Traveler loves Barbados – because of Bajans

“Bajans treat foreigners with incredible kindness”

“You’ve got one heck of an island.”

Seth Kugel writes Frugal Traveler for the New York Times and he’s more likely to be found sleeping in a low-end guest house than at, for instance, Sandy Lane. We know of him because while he was in Barbados last week he sent a BFP story link to his 77,000 Twitter followers.

His new article is posted at the New York Times and it’s all about his Barbados trip. What a wonderful tribute it is to Bajans and Barbados. As Seth points out, other places have sand and the surf, but it was ordinary Bajans who made last week special for him.

We encourage every Bajan to read what Frugal Traveler says about Barbados. You’ll be proud, happy and reminded that each one of us has the power to make every visitor want to keep coming back to Bim.

Seth also calls out a few names of local folks who showed him kindness.

“we were all waved into the dance party at McBride’s, where a mixed crowd of tourists, Barbadians and Barbadian-American tourists packed the sweaty house.

It was a nice change from my trip to slightly stuffy Bermuda. Both had perfect swaths of white sand lapped by brilliantly, pleasantly warm blue waters. But Barbados also had a vibrant, warm, slightly scruffy local scene to go with them. Add to that the incredible kindness with which this island’s residents  — who call themselves Bajans — treat foreigners, and you’ve got one heck of an island.”

Read the whole NYT Frugal Traveler article Barbados for Hikes, Beaches and a Brazilian Boxer’s T-Shirt

photo: Seth Kugel NYT

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No Starbucks On Planet Barbados – But That’s The Way Jane Shattuck Likes It!

"Planet Barbados? Again? Where the devil did this blog come from?" ... BFP's Cliverton commenting on the day's Google alerts.

"Planet Barbados? Again? Where the devil did this blog come from?" ... BFP's Cliverton commenting on today's Google alerts.

Planet Barbados Bursts Onto The Bajan Blog Scene In A Big Way

barbados-beach-rental-jane-shattuckJane Shattuck obviously knows what she is doing in the blog world. Her Planet Barbados blog has been the subject of a Google “Barbados” news alert four days out of the past ten. For a new blog, this is incredible performance. While Barbados Free Press is usually the subject of multiple daily Google news alerts, we’ve taken three years to get where we are and have almost three million visitors every year. Like we said, Jane is doing something right because her blog is only a month old!

Planet Barbados blog is Jane’s vehicle for promoting a group of Barbados rental condos near the St. Lawrence Gap, but she is wisely doing that indirectly by promoting Barbados and the locale around her rentals as a beautiful and interesting spot for a vacation. Jane is an American who fell in love with a Bajan and Barbados – or maybe fell in love with Barbados and then a Bajan? Her articles are well-written with a friendly style and, like our friend Garry Wynters at The Barbados Blog, are simply the stories of an outsider as they discover all the wonders of Bim for the first time.

Jane is also using YouTube and other websites and tools to widen her reach and to create that synergy that comes from simultaneous exposure on multiple web venues. Besides her blog, she has her condo rental website South Coast Barbados Rentals.com, a page on Vacation Rentals By Owner, and her own YouTube channel. The only obvious omission is a FaceBook or other social networking page, but judging by the work she has been putting into her website in December alone, that is probably planned for early next year.

UPDATE: Aha! I see that Jane Shattuck is also writing Ezine articles online like this one… Barbados – The Six Best Beaches in Barbados

Today’s Planet Barbados piece is a little video Jane put together contrasting a visit to StarBucks with her life in Barbados where she grabs a coffee at the local Shell station.

Jane sounds like a hard worker with lots of ideas and energy. Hmmmm… I wonder if the Barbados Museum could entice her into giving them a voluntary hand with promotion and also to get that historical document scanning project back on track? How about it, Jane?

Click on the YouTube photo to see Jane’s new video at Planet Barbados blog…



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