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Ping Yark’s first 2011 edition: David Thompson connection to DLP UK Chapter money scandal

Former Prime Minister personally funded DLP UK branch

Inquiring minds want to know: Was it really PM Thompson’s personal money going to the DLP’s UK Branch… or did the money come from DLP Party coffers in Barbados?

In December of 2009, Ping Yark, the irreverent UK Bajan newsletter covered the DLP UK Chapter scandal…

“Jaws outside the meeting dropped too when it was revealed that despite all the balls, dinner dances, dances, coach trips and excursions organised by DLP UK down the years – not a single penny in donations has been received by DLP HQ since 1986. Stark contrast to the New York branch it must be said. Dutiful fully paid up members here are right in asking – where did all the money go ? Who had / has it ?”

… from Dec 2009 BFP article: Ping Yark asks – DLP UK Chapter Money Scandal. Where did all the money go?

The DLP wants this story to die, but Ping Yark is having none of that.

Ping Yark’s January 2011 edition follows up and it looks like a cover-up in progress to us too. The newsletter is reporting that David Thompson was personally funding the UK Chapter when the money should have been going the other way.

Now the old DLP UK board members want back in. Wuhloss!

Read all about it and much more in Pink Yark’s January 2011 edition (download here 2.5mb PDF)



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