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Call for investigation into horse death at Barbados Turf Club

Horse’s death “A disgrace to the racing industry”

The Barbados Turf Club’s refusal to allow a racehorse to be saddled in the stall across from saddling enclosure, a practice regularly done by trainers when horses are acting up, resulted in the later death of the animal when it reared and fell striking it’s head on the asphalt on April 28, 2010.

After the fall connections and other grooms and trainers tried to save the animal and waited in vain as the BTC could not get a vet for over 45 minutes and then no vet had anything to give to help the animal.

I hope those who were involved in the decision that caused this poor animal its life do BURN in hell. This was a truly unforgivable decision and a disgrace to the racing industry. I hope the news reporters investigate this matter and give the animal the satisfaction of knowing that its unjustified death was not unpunished and not left without a thorough investigation.

Submitted by BFP reader “Thorn Inside”

Editor’s Note: This article was originally submitted as a comment on our story Since 1845: How many jockey & horse injuries & deaths at The Garrison? The article has been edited by BFP for sentence structure and to remove an objectionable phrase that does not meet BFP’s editorial policies.

Readers are cautioned to remember that this article has been submitted anonymously and should therefore be taken with a little salt just like all anonymous sources and just like all news whether on the TV, radio, newspapers or the net.

(And yes, that includes our own anonymously written Barbados Free Press. Think for yourselves, folks – whether you read something here, at The Nation, CNN, The Barbados Advocate, CBC or anywhere!)

That said, this story from an insider at the Barbados Turf Club makes serious allegations against BTC management and operations. Barbados Free Press will be pleased to print any response from the Barbados Turf Club exactly as received.


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Since 1845: How many jockey & horse injuries & deaths at The Garrison?

Patrick Husbands says Jockeys afraid to ride at The Garrison – Barbados

During a recently called media conference Superstar Bajan jockey Patrick Husbands stated his opinion that the track at The Garrison is “too small”. Husbands stated that the track is dangerous and some jockeys refuse to ride there because of this.

Now folks, Mr. Husbands is probably one of the best jockeys that Barbados has produced in the past 150 years or so – so we should listen carefully when he speaks.

But we should also be aware that Mr. Husbands might not have come forward with this statement on his own and that there might be other agendas afoot from the same bunch of elites that were just given $19 million in public funds by the Thompson DLP government.

Our questions for Mr. Husbands & the Barbados Turf Club:

-How many jockey and horse injuries and deaths have happened at the Garrison since racing began there in 1845?

-How many jockey and horse injuries and deaths in the last ten years? Five years?

-How many are attributable to the “small” track as opposed to the nature of horse racing itself?

-How does the rate of horse & jockey injuries at The Garrison compare with other tracks worldwide?

We look forward to hearing from Patrick Husbands and the Barbados Turf Club on this point.

And even if the track is as dangerous as Mr. Husbands indicates, our position on giving more public money to the Barbados Turf Club is this…

Not one more dollar of public money until the Barbados Turf Club is fully accountable for its operations and finances. You want public money for your race horse operations? Then open the books for public scrutiny and we mean the lottery operations too.

Further Reading…

The winner of the Canadian Triple Crown Award in 2003 and winner of Canada’s Sovereign Award for Outstanding Jockey seven times also said that in the last 13 years he had been trying to encourage some of the world’s greatest jockeys to ride in Barbados, “and I cannot get it [to] happen.”

According to Husbands, most of these jockeys said they felt the Garrison track was “too dangerous”.

He suggested it was purely the influence of Sandy Lane Hotel owner and major racehorse owner Derrick Smith that saw Irish jockey John Murtagh – “one of the world’s greatest” in Husbands’ view – ride in Saturday’s Sandy Lane Gold Cup…

… from The Nation article Husbands calls for new racetrack


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Barbados Turf Club hoping to score more tax money without accountability or transparency

Don’t Ask! Don’t Tell!

You only thought you were electing a new government. After two years in power the DLP Barbados Government is acting exactly like its corrupt predecessors of the Barbados Labour Party.

So let’s have some transparency from Prime Minister David Thompson – who is such a fan of integrity, freedom of information and transparency. Here are some questions, and I’m sure our readers can help with a few more as the citizens of Barbados attempt to discover exactly how our tax dollars were spent by the wealthy race horse owners of the Barbados Turf Club.

Dear Prime Minister Thompson,

In light of the millions upon millions of tax dollars that have been spent by the Barbados Turf Club, please answer the following questions…

1/ Who owns the Barbados Turf Club?

2/ What assets does the BTC have, and what are its liabilities and to whom are the liabilities owed?

3/ Here is a list of the Board of Directors. How much in cash or other benefits has each person received in the last five years?

As of 2008, the following persons are on the Board of Directors of the Barbados Turf Club:

Sir David Seale – President
Mr. Stephen Walcott – Vice President
Mr. Bruce Bayley
Mr. Duane Burke
Mr. Anthony Da Silva
Mrs. Pamela Marshall
Mr. Luther G. Miller III J.P.
Lord Michael Taylor
Sir Denys Williams KCMG GCM

4/ Are any of the Board of Directors or their families or associated corporations amongst the creditors of the Barbados Turf Club who will be or were recipients of any payments from the BTC in the last five years?

5/ Are any politicians of any party, or their family members or associated corporations amongst the creditors of the Barbados Turf Club who will be or were recipients of any payments from the BTC in the last five years?

6/ How much money in “campaign donations” was received by the DLP in the last five years from any of the Barbados Turf Club board members, or their family members or associated corporations?


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Reader Letter: Barbados Turf Club Received Millions, Taxes Up – Nothing For Education

Dear Barbados Free Press,

First let me say thank you for taking the time to read this letter, I have been watching how things are changing in Barbados but it seems to be only helping the government and the rich.

barbados_turf_clubTake for example, on November 20th, 2008, government wrote of a debt of $19.1 MILLION dollars for the Barbados Turf club.

Road tax for all private vehicles jumped from $265.00 to $404.01, larger vehicles $1060.00 to $1600.00. Food prices also went up like we didn’t see that coming.

With this said, Prime Minister David Thompson, decided to raise the student revolving loan from $50, 000 to $100, 000, which after more than a year still hasn’t officially been implemented. I am one of those whose education will benefit dearly from this. However, each time I call the office they say they are awaiting funds, was the government awaiting funds for the turf club also when they decided to write of their debt of $19.1 million dollars to stay in someone’s good graces? I am sure if any other business operating in Barbados owed that amount of money, would have either been shut down or further more they would not have been allowed to accumulate that high a debt in the first instance.

I have also taken the other steps to call the Higher Learning Center (Ministry of Education), which deals with the National Development Scholarship, generally available in May, I was only to be told by staff “Oh dat ent ready yet, call back in June!” The lack of care, customer service, and wanting for this island to be know for its excellence in education and leadership is thoroughly DISSAPOINTING.

The Ministry of Education has continued in the past few years, despite which ever government is in, with NOT helping to nurture persons who wish to further their studies overseas and return to develop their country. This government proved that a $19.1 million write off is much easier, than investing into THE FUTURE OF THE PEOPLE IN BARBADOS.


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